50+ Best AI Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commission [2024 List]

Are you looking for the best AI affiliate programs in 2024? If yes, then you have landed on the best blog post on this topic.

After exploring 100+ AI tools, I have created this list of high-paying affiliate programs.

Earning potential is very high for these affiliate programs.

Nowadays AI tools are becoming very useful, if you promote the right tool to the right people you can generate a good passive income source.

How AI Affiliate Programs are Useful

ai affiliate programs

Why promote AI tools? Well, if you have the same question on your mind then just go through the points mentioned below.

1. Recurring Commission

Unlike traditional one-time commissions for every sale, most AI tools provide recurring commissions to their affiliates.

That means you will get paid as long as your referral uses the product. This commission structure helps affiliates to earn for a long time from a single customer.

Some AI affiliate programs provide up to 50% recurring commission.

2. Automatic Payout

No need to ask for a manual payout when promoting AI tools. Almost all AI affiliate programs provide an automatic payout of confirmed commissions at regular intervals.

Some of them also have criteria of minimum threshold for payout. Once your earning cross that limit you will get paid.

3. Custom Coupon Codes

Most of the AI tools give custom coupon codes to their affiliates. Promote these codes and get paid when someone uses them.

Coupon codes are a great resource for affiliates to increase their conversion rate. As these codes help users to get some discount on their subscription.

Join your favorite AI affiliate program, get a code, and promote it with your audience.

Best AI Affiliate Programs In 2024

If you are in search of high-paying affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions each month, then you can explore the below affiliate programs to join.

Today, there are a lot of modern and trending affiliate programs launching each day. We have listed some recommendations to join that provide you to earn passive income each month.

My all-time favorite AI affiliate programs:

PictoryVideo creation toolUp to 50% recurring commission + $1,000 BonusClick here
AnywordAI writing assistant40% recurring commissionClick here
AdCreativeAI ads generator30% commission + $100 rewards on 10 paid usersClick here

How to Promote AI Tools?

You may already know how to promote a tool if you are an established affiliate marketer. Well, for newbies here are some tips in the infographic:

I. AI Video Creation Tool Affiliate Programs

I have designed this article section-wise. So that you find it easy to get the most suitable tool to promote.

1) Pictory

Pictory.ai is an advanced video conversion and editing tool powered by AI algorithms to convert text/audio content into UHD videos. It can also transform scripts and blog posts into videos that can be used to share on your social media. 

Affiliate commission breakdown of Pictory AI:

  • Standard Affiliate Partner – 20% Commission
  • VIP Affiliate Partner (50th customer) – 30% Commission + 1 year Pictory premium subscription
  • Super Affiliate Partner (250th customer) – 40% Commission + Lifetime Pictory premium subscription
  • Mega Affiliate Partner (500th customer) – 50% Commission + $1,000 Bonus

With its Affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% commissions and a premium account with a $1000 cash bonus, all the payments are made into your PayPal account after 30 days of referral.

Here are the details of the Pictory affiliate program:

2) Synthesia

Create high-quality videos with AI human-like avatars (customizable), and turn your text-based content into 4K, HD videos in a few seconds, you can also edit the captions as well as various elements of the videos through the dedicated editor. 

It supports over 120+ languages, so you can create videos & target global audiences easily.

The partner program of this tool provides 20% commissions for the first year and receives your payment in 30-40 days, through PayPal.

  • URL – https://www.synthesia.io/partners
  • Commission Rate – 20% recurring commission for 12 months
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Payout Threshold – $30
  • Payment Method – PayPal

3) DeepBrain

Transform your written content into engaging talkative videos with AI avatars, DeepBrain is an AI video editing and creation tool that transforms your text-based content into digital videos within a few seconds. 

If you want to create, how-to/training/tutorial videos, you can explore this AI tool that provides you seamless video editing features and custom templates. The partner program of DeepBrain offers a 30% commission and payment is made through PayPal.

4) Colossyan

It is an advanced AI video editing software and conversion tool that can convert all your Word documents, PDFs, and text scripts into videos with AI digital Avatar, you can create customized videos and choose various digital avatars with this AI tool. 

The Colossyan affiliate program offers 25% commissions per sale of the account, and you can receive your money within a month.

However, the rate is not fixed, you can earn more if you refer to more than 100 users.

5) Fliki

Fliki AI is an amazing video editing and creation tool that has millions of premium stock elements for your engaging videos, you can use multiple video editing features and conversions as it’s powered by dynamic processing. 

Through the Fliki AI partner program, you can earn 30% commissions per successful referral, and get a $250 Bonus for 25 users, $500 for 50 users, and $1000 for 100 users. You can expect your payment via Wise within 30 Days.

6) InVideo

Generate high-quality videos in seconds of any format with this tool, with its ready-to-use video templates and multiple inbuilt video editing features, Invideo offers a premium look to the video.

A great tool for social media posts, marketing copies, intro and outro making, presentations, and text-to-image generation.

The Invideo affiliates earn up to 50% commission from the paid referral you make through a unique tracking link. You can receive the payment in your Bank Account after 30 Days.

  • URL – https://invideo.io/make/affiliate-program/
  • Commission Rate – 50% on monthly plans & 25% on annual plans
  • Cookie Duration – 120 days
  • Payout Threshold – No minimum threshold
  • Payment Method – Bank Transfer

7) Flexclip

Creating videos with this tool is much easier than other complex video editing software, as it’s AI-powered, the processing and rendering speed is fast, and the video quality is clear and HD. 

With its multiple customizable video templates, you can create business, marketing, sports, events, and various other videos in multiple formats. With the Flexclip Affiliate Program, you can earn a 35% commission per referral.

8) HeyGen

Create fast AI videos in a few clicks with this tool, HeyGen has an advanced processing algorithm that offers you over 100+ Digital Avatars and premium custom templates, and 300+ AI voice-overs. 

It provides multiple video output-related features and conversion formats with custom elements and scenes of the videos.

It offers creative styles with multiple royalty-free music, through its Affiliate you will receive 25% commissions, they offer multiple affiliate rates if your referral crosses more than 10 users.

9) Animaker

A platform created delicately for beginners to create animated high-quality videos for their entertainment media or social media accounts. It is powered by an HTML 5 engine that provides seamless rendering and performance on any browser. 

Through its Affiliate Partner Program, you can earn up to 20% per yearly subscription and 35% per monthly subscription. You will be provided exciting deals, coupons, and offers to promote to your audiences.

  • URL – https://www.animaker.com/affiliate
  • Commission Rate – 35% on monthly plans & 20% on yearly plans
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days
  • Payout Threshold – No minimum threshold
  • Payment Method – PayPal

10) Vyond

It is a video-creating / editing software tool that creates awesome educational and training purposes videos, it provides required features in a budget price plan and can create stunning animated videos and graphics for businesses and professionals. 

Vyond affiliate program offers 15% commissions on successful purchase of premium plans by your audiences, you can get your amount credited into your PayPal account after a month.

11) Wisecut

Now editing your complex and short videos is now easy with Wisecut smart AI video editing tool, turn your long-form text and videos with AI and get engaging high-quality HD videos within a few seconds. 

With its features like smart backgrounds and scenes with support of over 40+ languages so that you can target your audiences at every corner. Wisecut’s partner program offers a 15% commission per sale, get your earnings in the PayPal account after 30 Days.

II. AI Content Writing Tool Affiliate Programs

Here are some popular AI content writing tool affiliate programs to generate a passive income source.

1) Anyword

The Anyword AI writing tool provides you with high-quality content creation services through its latest AI model and advanced NLP processing technology. This tool can be customized based on your brand’s demand and preferences. 

Anyword affiliate program offers 40% (Recurring per Month) commissions or CPA up to $399. Additionally, your referrals will be offered a 20% discount for the first-month plan & limited words FREE TRIAL. The Payout period is 30 Days through PayPal.

  • URL – https://anyword.com/affiliates/
  • Commission Rate – 40% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days
  • Payout Threshold – $50
  • Payment Method – PayPal

2) Jasper

The Jasper AI is the most successful AI writing tool among professionals, as it offers the ability to generate high-quality articles in a few seconds and provides over 100+ templates.

It is linked with many other famous third-party websites and applications to provide you with seamless content services in one place. 

You will earn 25% (Recurring) commissions, the payout period is within 30 Days, and the amount will be credited in the first three days of each month, through PayPal only.

3) Copy AI

Copy AI writing assistant tool offers SEO-optimized content generations with multiple content templates to its users, it also provided a 2000 words trial to let users understand the interface and overall features. 

It also supports third-party integrations to let you surf multiple services on one platform, You will earn a 45% (Recurring) commission for the first year, the payout period will be within 30-40 Days, and it will be credited on the 1st and 15th of each month through PayPal.

  • URL – https://app.copy.ai/workflows/
  • Commission Rate – 45% recurring commission for 12 months
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Payout Threshold – No minimum threshold
  • Payment Method – PayPal

4) Scalenut

Scalenut AI writing tool is equipped with SEO functions and optimizations that provide various AI writing tools, through its performance tracking feature, it provides SEO-optimized content to increase website traffic.

It is powered by an advanced deep AI algorithm to research content on multiple niches to provide you with high-quality content based upon your choice, You will earn a 30% to 50% (recurring) commission lifetime. 

Additionally, your referrals will get a 10% discount for the First Month, the payout will be credited after 30 Days on the last week of each month through PayPal only.

5) Writesonic

Writesonic AI writing tool is an advanced writing assistant tool that provides quick content generation for businesses and websites so that they can concentrate on other activities. 

It helps to generate engaging content to get maximum leads through multiple writing cases and SEO optimizations. You will earn a 30% commission lifetime, and the payment will be credited within 60 Days on the first week of each month through PayPal.

  • URL – https://writesonic.com/affiliate
  • Commission Rate – 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Payout Threshold – $50
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Bank transfer

6) Rytr

With this AI writing tool, you will be able to generate and create content for your websites and eCommerce product stores as it provides engaging product descriptions and review articles. 

If you are a marketer, creator, or professional content developer, Rytr AI can be a powerful tool to create SEO-optimized content with multiple content-assisting features.

It provides 30% (recurring) commissions, credited in 30-40 Days through PayPal & Bank Transfer.

  • URL – https://affiliates.rytr.me/signup
  • Commission Rate – 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Payout Threshold – $100
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Wise, Bank transfer

7) TextCortex

Textcortex is an AI writing tool that delivers AI-generated human-like engaging content with optimal content structure and tone so that it can rank better against other general articles. 

It offers advanced AI SEO optimization on the content that works far better as compared to other tools. You will earn 30% (recurring) commissions for a lifetime, and you will receive the payment in 30 Days through PayPal.

8) Frase

If you prefer to create and generate long-form content in a few seconds, then this AI writing tool is designed and developed for you. It offers overall SEO optimization for your content to rank higher on Google searches. 

The Frase AI tool helps you to create/publish articles, you can also choose to create custom templates with this tool

You will earn a 30% (Recurring) commission lifetime. If you refer above 40+ active customers you get 40% and, by referring your 100th customer, get a bonus of $50. The payout period is within 30 Days in the last week of the month, through PayPal.

9) Longshot AI

Longshot writing tool is developed on the latest AI model that provides fact-checked content, thus it helps to create and generate authentic content quickly for your audiences. 

With its multiple content optimization features and easy interface, you can use it to generate high-quality content on a daily basis. By referring to Longshot, you will earn:

  • 40% for the First 20 Users
  • 50% for 21st to 50th Users
  • 60% above 50+ Users

The Payout Period is 30 Days (The last day of each month) and the Payout Mode is PayPal / Bank Transfer.

10) Creaitor AI

It’s an AI writing tool that offers a simple procedure to generate SEO-friendly optimized content for your websites/products/services, it offers over 70+ customized content templates so that you can generate different content with ease. 

The affiliate program of this tool pays 30% (recurring) commissions, the payment is processed in 30 Days through PayPal.

  • URL – https://partners.creaitor.ai/
  • Commission Rate – 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – NA
  • Payout Threshold – NA
  • Payment Method – PayPal

11) INK AI

Ink AI content writing tool provides real-time writing/keyword suggestions, it offers a decent SEO optimization that helps you to create traffic-attracting content for your websites and social media. 

It offers various content-assisting features that help to create unique engaging content. Ink AI affiliate partners are paid 30% monthly commissions and the amount is credited within a month to your PayPal account.

12) WordHero

Wordhero AI content generation is a platform preferred by most professionals and marketers as it provides various features in an effective price plan, through multiple content templates you can generate various content in just a few clicks. 

Text based exclusive features like tone, error, and style detection can enhance the writing style to create engaging content. Wordhero affiliates get 30% recurring commissions per sale and the payment is made within 60 Days in USD, through PayPal.

  • URL – https://wordhero.co/partners
  • Commission Rate – 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Payout Threshold – $100
  • Payment Method – PayPal

13) Article Forge

With advanced AI and ML combination writing tools, you can create unique plagiarism-free genuine content with the latest SEO optimizations for your website and social media content. 

Article Forge provides quality content generation through its seamless integrations, you can use it very easily and perform all your tasks in one place.

The affiliates get 25% commissions per referral, and you can receive the payment within 30-50 Days in your PayPal account or Direct Bank Transfer.

14) NeuronWriter

This AI is basically an AI text-based optimization tool that provides optimized content and suggestions to rank your article in Google search engines, it offers an advanced content editor that helps you to input content assisting and ideas to enhance the tone. 

It also provided content management and content generation ideas so that you can create quality articles for your audience. The Affiliate program offers 30% commissions per sale and the payment is in USD.

15) Headlime

It is an AI content tool that provides over 1000+ content templates and generates unique content for businesses and websites, it offers attractive landing page creations with multiple language support options. 

Through Headlime Affiliate program, you can earn 20% commissions per referral and your payment will be credited within 30 days of each month, in USD through PayPal.

16) Texta

Text AI content generation tool is excellent in generating e-books and marketing copy content as it offers exclusive editing features and bulk handling of content creations. 

Features like the latest content suggestions, corrections, tone checkers, content optimization, and inbuilt third-party content enhancement services provide engaging valuable articles for the website. The affiliates are paid 30% commissions on one sale, and the payout is made within 60 Days through PayPal.

17) TextBuilder

A fully automated AI tool that creates long-form content/blogs with images and graphics through its powerful GPT version that can generate up to 100 blogs at once, you can even integrate it with WordPress to organize your articles easily. 

It provides scheduling of the articles to post along with automated backlinks relevant to the article, through its affiliate program you can earn up to 30% to 50% commissions, and you can get your payment in PayPal or Stripe.

18) Linguix

Linguix AI is an automated content creation platform that provides researched and unique content. With the inbuilt Linguix writing assistant, you can improve your writing skills, with its multiple language support options you can generate high-quality engaging text content easily. 

The affiliate program of Linguix provides 20% to 30% commissions per referral and payment is credited each month in your PayPal account.

  • URL – https://linguix.com/affiliate
  • Commission Rate – 20% to 30%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Payout Threshold – $25
  • Payment Method – Bank transfer

19) Kafkai

The Kafkai AI content generator tool generates SEO articles such as blogs, emails, product descriptions, tutorials, etc. It provides an inbuilt keyword research technology that automatically suggests and equips the target keyword contents for better ranking results. 

Kafkai Affiliate program provides 50% commissions per referral made to your audiences, and you can avail your payment in a period of 40 to 50 Days, through PayPal.

  • URL – https://kafkai.com/en/affiliate
  • Commission Rate – 50%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Payout Threshold – $100
  • Payment Method – Bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer

20) Neuroflash

This AI-based content writing tool avails the use to enhance and improve their skills in content generation and research. It helps to generate unique, engaging content for your audience through its NLP ML algorithms. 

It offers various other writing features to improve the health of your article to rank it even better to get maximum traffic, you can earn through its affiliate program up to 35% commission per referral, and you can expect your payment when your limit crosses over EUR 100.

III. AI Website Builder Affiliate Programs

Want to promote tools that use AI technology to build websites? Then you can consider the tools listed here.

1) 10Web

Create / Edit a hassle-free professional online website to increase your visitors and sales, get AI images and content for your website, and add custom pages and responsive designs, it also offers premium widgets to add more functionalities to your websites. 

With the Page Booster feature, you can load your website at the very next moment. The 10Web partner program provides a 50% affiliate commission for the first year, later the rates can increase, and your amount can be credited within 30-40 Days to your PayPal account.

  • URL – https://10web.io/affiliates/
  • Commission Rate – 50% recurring commission for 12 months
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days
  • Payout Threshold – $200
  • Payment Method – PayPal

2) Durable

This AI website generates a custom website in just 30 seconds. It’s powered by the latest and advanced multicore algorithms that can work faster in creating unique codes for the website to make it look responsive and amazing. 

Durable provides easy to create website editing dashboard and reliable hosting with domain and website analytics. Its affiliate partner program provides 25% revenue per sale, and you can transfer your amount into your Bank Account or PayPal Account.

3) Weblium

Through Weblium you can develop and customize your website according to your requirements, it generates multiple website types and pages such as (Custom Pages / Online Product Store / Landing Pages, etc.

It provides ready-to-use responsive website design to make it look premium for your audience in the first impression. Weblium affiliate partner program provides 10% to 50% commission rates depending upon the sale you provide, all the payments are made within a month in your Bank Account.

4) Framer

Framer AI web builder provides a variety of website building elements with faster hosting and responsive design, creating simple SEO pages, and custom design bars such as sidebars, top, and badges. 

Framer also provides page effects and quick navigation, premium plugins to make your website look elegant and professional.

The Framer partner program offers a 50% commission per subscription you refer to, and you can receive your earnings in your PayPal account.

5) Unbounce

This AI website builder tool provides exclusive marketing tools with dedicated landing pages for your services and products. Create responsive web design layouts with SEO-ready templates and multiple customizations. 

You can earn 20% commission with the Unbounce affiliate program, you can avail your payment through PayPal or Stripe account since the plan offers a 14-day trial, and you can receive your commissions in 60 Day period.

  • URL – https://unbounce.com/partner-program/
  • Commission Rate – 20% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days
  • Payout Threshold – No minimum threshold
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Stripe

IV. AI Chatbots Affiliate Programs

AI chatbots are trending tools, and people are looking to create custom chatbots for their businesses. Let’s see affiliate programs in this category.

1) Chatsonic

Chatsonic is an AI chatbot that is developed to perform certain tasks beyond the limitations of ChatGPT, it is created on the latest GPT-4 Model and uses advanced NLP + ML technology to generate user responses faster and relevant to the topic. 

Chatsonic partner program offers a 30% recurring commission per referral, along with promotional deals that will be available to share with your audiences, you can receive your payment within 60 Days in your PayPal account.

  • URL – https://writesonic.com/affiliate
  • Commission Rate – 30% recurring commission
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days
  • Payout Threshold – $50
  • Payment Method – PayPal, Bank transfer

2) Smartbot

Now automate your conversations for your audiences 24×7, Smartbot is an AI chatbot that provides personalized customer interactions and experiences, through its exclusive omnichannel experiences, this AI bot delivers exceptional customer responses relevant to the query. 

Through this AI Smatbot, you can build your custom AI bot for your website visitors, integrate it with your websites, and track its performance.

Smatbot partner program provides 20% commissions per sale and an additional 30% cash bonus after completing more than 10 referrals, you can expect your payment within the last day of each month.

3) Chatbase

It offers chatbots that are powered by modern AI language models that provide smooth and seamless customer interactions, their learning behavior and research pattern help to design an automated customer interaction and query solver. 

You can also customize it according to your website preferences, you can track each performance through its insights report.

Chatbase Affiliate Program provides 20% recurring commissions for 12 months and is subject to change, you can receive the earnings in USD through PayPal after a month.

4) CustomGPT

It’s an easy to set up bot for your website to assist your daily visitors, it is powered by the latest GPT-4 model, supports fast integration, and provides amazing customer experience and interactions. 

You can also use this AI bot for specific topic research apart from customer engagements, through its partner program you will earn 15% commissions per referral for two years, after that, the rate will increase, and you can receive the payment in 30 Days through PayPal.

5) Easy-Peasy

An AI chatbot that runs on natural language processing and on the latest GPT version to provide you with updated answers, Marky generates images and text-based assistance for your audiences. 

Through the Easy-Peasy affiliate program, you can earn 30% commissions per sale, and you can receive the amount in USD through your PayPal account after 40-50 Days.

V. AI SEO Tool Affiliate Programs

Performing on-page SEO is becoming very easy with the help of AI tools. Affiliate programs of such tools are mentioned below.

1) Surfer

Surfer SEO AI cloud-based tool is an SEO optimization software that provides organic traffic through its on-page analytics feature, this gives comparable data on the SERPs, it provides and optimizes the page that needs to rank itself above others. 

It helps you to boost organic traffic to your web pages to increase your conversions in order to earn good revenue. The Surfer partner program offers 30% commissions per sale and the payout is made via PayPal after 45 Days or up to 2 months.

2) MarketMuse

It is a content optimization / SEO AI website that provides you a detailed analysis of your websites, lets you understand your strategies against the other competitors, it provides period audits and suggestions to rank higher in the SERPs to get the maximum visitors. 

Through, the MarketMuse affiliate program, you can earn up to 25% referral commissions per sale, all the payments are settled within the last working days of the month, and you can receive the money in your bank account or PayPal.

3) Frase

Frase AI SEO is a smart SEO and content optimization tool that functions by providing the best SEO research and targeting the organic keywords which can provide higher CPC, through its AI content writing feature you can create your SEO-friendly article in just a few seconds. 

Frase Affiliate program offers 30% commissions each month, if you refer more than 40 users, you will be upgraded to 40% commissions per subscription, not only this, you will get a $50 cash bonus on referring your 100th user, payments are made via PayPal after a month.

4) LinkWhisper

LinkWhisper is an internal linking SEO tool, basically, it focuses on building high-ranking relevant internal links while you create articles, it finds suitable links that help to rank higher on Google search. 

Internal linking is a major factor in the SEO optimization framework through this tool this task becomes easier. With its affiliate program, you will receive a commission of 30% per sale in your PayPal account after each month.

5) Outranking

Now generate automated SEO content with a smart SEO plan provided by Outranking SEO AI tool, it helps you to create trending topics that can deliver you maximum traffic and revenue, through its content optimization it automatically ranks webpages on Google search to increase website visitors. 

Outranking affiliate program offers 25% commissions per sale, you can receive the payment in your PayPal within 30 Days.

VI. AI Voice Generator Affiliate Programs

Now, let’s explore some AI voice generation tools affiliate programs.

1) PlayHT

Turn your text-based contents and scripts to high-quality audio format, through this tool, it provides multiple language support along with multiple conversion formats. Its AI voice cloning detects and creates the same audio that can be used in further audio. 

PlayHT Affiliate program offers a 30% recurring commission per sale of the paid plans, you can receive the money in your PayPal account after the trial period is over i.e. after 45 Days.

2) Murf

An AI voice developer tool, which provides human-like voices through its AI voice conversion technology made for various users like, product developers, reviewers, marketers, podcasters, etc.

Not only AI voices, but you can also add other media elements (music, image, videos) to make engaging content in a few seconds.

Murf AI affiliate program provides 20% commissions per referral for 2 years, after that the rate can be increased. You may receive the payment in PayPal or Stripe after each month.

3) Speechify

It is an AI text-to-speech reader tool that converts written text-based contents into audio files, it is available for users in multiple formats such as Application / Chrome Extension. 

This reader tool converts texts into simple audio in your customized language, with speed adjustments. The partner program of this tool offers you 50% commissions on the sale within 30 Days in your Bank or PayPal account.

VII. AI Ads Generator Affiliate Program

This type of tool can create a highly-engaging ad for your business in just a few clicks. Explore some affiliate programs in this category.

1) AdCreative

Create high-focused conversion advertisements for your social media powered by AI, get an amazing Ad design with greater CTC rates, and simply describe your advertisement’s details and target audience.

It provides real-time performance analytics to track the activity of each Advertisement. With the AdCreative affiliate program, you can earn 30% commissions and after a successful referral of more than 10 users get a cash bonus of $100, and get all your payments in a PayPal account each month.

2) Predis

The Predis AI is a mixture of Canva, ChatGPT, and Hootsuite which creates multiple content formats like images, ads, videos, and content. It is made to enhance your brand image and to provide social media presence. 

Earn up to 50% commissions per sale with the Predis Partner Program, and get all your earnings into your PayPal account each month.


These are some trusted and high-paying AI affiliate programs that you can promote to your audience.

The best thing about promoting AI tools is there is comparatively low competition because most of the tools are newly launched.

And, as an affiliate marketer, it is a great chance to earning. Choose a few tools from this list according to your niche and start promoting.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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