Top 10 AI Blog Writing Tools In 2024 (Free Trial Available)

Artificial Intelligence software is a program that generates quality content for you. It acts as a writing assistant for different content templates and blogs. 

An AI writing tool automates multiple phases required in processing the target content for marketing and sales purposes, these provide guidance in structure, ideation, tone, and writing styles, generating the content within seconds, through which marketers save their important time to focus on other unique ideas/skills. 

Due to its wide applications, an AI writing assistant can provide potential content, thus making the job of marketers easier, based on different client specifications it sets the right tone and format for every content it generates. 

In today’s modern digital marketing era, AI writing is an essential tool that helps you to scale your business and attain a good amount of audience.

10 Best AI Blog Writing Tools In 2024

Here is the list of the best AI blog writing tools. I have provided a detailed overview, key features, and pricing plans.

Finding the best AI writer software can be confusing, so below are the selected top 10 AI writing software that you must give a try.

1) Jasper AI

AI Blog Writing Tool

Jasper is an artificial intelligence software that generates content automatically within seconds.

Jasper AI writing software uses NLP + AI (Natural Language Processing + Artificial Intelligence) technology to provide users with unique optimized content for their audience, it helps to avoid writing quality content and focus on other parameters to get the best results. 

The reason that most people prefer this tool over other AI common writing tools is due to the quality and the technology that it uses to generate content with advanced features through additional tools available in Jasper.

Using this software tool, you can get assistance in generating various online content formats such as – Social Media, Blog Posts, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website Content, etc.

Features of Jasper AI

  • Creates Social Media Contents
  • Provides 100% genuine quality articles
  • Creates Website content and Blogs
  • Generating YouTube Videos Scripts and Description
  • Formal / Casual Emails
  • Long-form article assistance
  • Provides content frameworks with AIDA
  • Has suitable high conversion templates for affiliate websites

Jasper AI Plans & Pricing

It comes with three plans (Starter, Boss Mode, and Business), the business plans can be customized as per the requirements, this plan is best for large enterprises and agencies that can customize their requirements and pay accordingly.

Features Starter PlanBoss Mode Plan
Price Starting from $29 per monthStarting from $59 per month
Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimited
Long-form writing assistanceNot AvailableYES
Word Credit LimitStarting from 20,000Starting from 50,000
Templates Available48+48+
Input Character Limit400600
Languages Supported23+23+
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
Jasper recipes NOYES
Plagiarism CheckerNOYES
DiscountNOYES (On Annual Plan)
Money Back period5 Days5 Days
24×7 Customer SupportYESYES

2) Copy AI

AI Blog Writing Tool

It is a writing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence founded in the year 2020 in the United States. This tool is best for online digital marketers and businesses or any agencies that need to speed up their quality content and its creations.

It helps to generate user-value content that is essential for growth and increasing audiences. 

At a certain level, the accuracy is required to be verified with important topics like health, home improvements, and well-being content about people/animals. This tool generates efficient, valuable content for your audiences through which they get knowledge and updates. 

It has content optimization tools that help in writing content for different categories or templates, it acts as a multitasking assistant that helps to create multiple types of content.

Features of Copy AI

  • It has Chrome Extension support that helps to generate content on the go via Google Docs / Gmail tools.
  • Multiple language support options
  • Customer support service in all the price plans
  • Additional tutorials and resources to manage the content
  • Multiple content templates 
  • Facebook Group Community Support

Copy AI Plans & Pricing

It comes with three plans [FREE, PRO, CUSTOM], basically, the first plan i.e. free is a trial plan which doesn’t have many features.

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In the pro plan, you get amazing features if you have a larger organization or team, switch to a custom business plan where you can choose your needs based on that the payment will be calculated accordingly.

Features Free PlanPro Mode Plan
Price $0 per Month$49 per Month
Number of UsersOnly 1Maximum 5
Long-form writing helpNot AvailableYES
Word Credit LimitNot Required40000
Templates Available90+90+
Documents ModeNOYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerNOYES
Grammarly IntegrationNOYES
DiscountNOYES (On Annual Plan)

3) Rytr

It is an AI-powered blog writing tool that provides high-quality content for your digital platforms like – websites, YouTube, Blogs, etc.

It is programmed with the latest GPT-3 AI language model that fetches the data and creates unique information for your users based upon the target keywords and content templates that you selected. Furthermore, it has a keyword research accuracy that suggests relevant keywords for your article, which is important to rank on google. 

It’s not a game of keywords, this AI writing software acts as your Digital Assistant to help you in several content creations and suggests valuable content formats for your users so that they can get the most of it. 

In General, the common AI tool uses a language model program that helps them to fetch and learn vocabulary, formation of sentences, and certain content rules from the data available on the internet. 

Rytr AI writing assistant is different from its users as it has some advanced program that enhances this working mechanism to generate more quality in the content.

Features of Rytr AI

  • Supports 29+ languages, now create content for your native audiences. 
  • Multiple language tones, choose over 21 tones based on your type of reader.
  • Create content in different templates, Rytr provides 24+ use cases
  • Text editing tools that make the content easier to edit or change
  • Helps to generate SEO meta descriptions for your website, with focused keywords.

Rytr Plans & Pricing

It comes with three plans [FREE, SAVER, UNLIMITED], the major disadvantage is that you can’t get a FREE trial as of now.

If you want to try Rytr AI, you have to subscribe to the paid plans, however, its FREE plan provides general features, but if you upgrade, it changes a lot.

Features Free PlanSaver PlanUnlimited Plan
Price $0 per Month$9 per Month$29 per Month
Number of UsersOnly 1More than 1Maximum 5
Long-form writing helpNot AvailableYESYES
Characters per Month500050000Unlimited
Templates AvailableYESYES [With Custom Cases]YES [With Custom Cases]
Writing Tones Available20+20+20+
Languages Supported303030
Voice CommandNONONO
Documents ModeYESYESYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYES

4) Writecream

It is a time-saving AI writing software that helps you to scale up your online businesses and personal blogs to get maximum profits.

Writecream assists the content that you provide to your users, it enhances productivity by generating valuable content in less time. 

This tool is best considered for use in the content marketing field, commonly used by bloggers and copywriters.

This tool is powered via AI technology that helps to bring more traffic to your social media posts and websites to attain maximum conversions and audiences through its user-friendly AI content.

Features of Writecream

  • Generates trending topic ideas
  • Writes Blog Posts from scratch by using user-provided keywords
  • Custom Icebreakers and Imagebreakers
  • Helps to Generate Video / Podcasts Scripts with Voice-overs
  • Access to Multiple SEO+Copywriting tools
  • Generate Social Media Promotional content or Ads

Writecream Plans & Pricing

It comes with 4 plans – Free plan, Standard plan, Extended plan, and Custom plan.

The Unlimited plan i.e. Custom offers unlimited access to all the features and tools, but there is a limit on 1000 words per month, to create email and LinkedIn icebreakers.

Features Free PlanStandard PlanExtended PlanCustom Plan
Price $0 per Month$49 per Month$69 per Month$29 per Month
Number of UsersOnly 1MultipleMultipleMultiple
Long-form Articles 220+75+Custom
Characters per Month400004000001500000Unlimited
Content Templates AvailableYESYES YESYES [Create Custom Templates]
Icebreakers Available20+200+750+Custom
Languages Supported70+70+70+70+
Podcast Available22075Custom
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYESYES

5) Writesonic

It is a content marketing tool that provides a combination of AI technology that helps in writing and generating unique attractive content. This AI blog writing tool provides several types of content formats and idea topics to scale up your business easily. 

If you own a business that requires digital and promotional content to gain an audience, you can use this tool, it has multiple AI features that help to write the content easily.

You can put your efforts into other external factors to obtain profits, the rest of the Writesonic AI tool will handle to manage your users.

Features of Writesonic AI

  • Generates Tested Plagiarism free content in every format
  • A user-friendly tool, designed to empower quality
  • Multiple content templates
  • Creates high conversion social media contents

Writesonic Plans & Pricing

It comes with three plans [FREE, SHORT FORM, LONG FORM], the Free plan basically is a trial for newbies, the word limits are divided into 4 levels [Premium, Good, Average, Economy] based on this you find fluctuations in features.

Kindly refer to the Writesonic official website to know the word type limit selection.
Features Free Trial PlanShort form PlanLong-form Plan
Price $0 per Month$15 per Month$19 per Month
Number of UsersOnly 1Only 1Only 1
Long-form writing helpNot AvailableYESYES
Words per Month*62503000047000
Templates Available7070+70+
Zapier IntegrationYESYESYES
Languages Supported25+25+25+
Browser ExtensionYESYESYES
Sonic Documents ModeYESYESYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYES
WordPress ExportYESYESYES

6) Peppertype AI

This is another AI-powered content writing software that has multiple tools to enhance the content creation of your online website or business.

This tool uses the GPT-3 language model [this is the latest program language through which AI writings can be generated more accurately without any error or plagiarism. 

This AI writing tool gets a working understanding of the owner, and automatically uses the recommended settings or preferences required to generate the content. Apart from the GPT-3 model, it also has a Machine Learning program that helps to generate content more human-friendly and easy for the readers. 

Select your relevant or required writing templates and describe your own keywords, wait for a few seconds and your genuine valuable article comes on the screen.

Features of Peppertype AI

  • Communication & Campaign Planning Management
  • Customizable Branding with Templates
  • Multichannel Marketing & Campaigns
  • Comes with NLP [Natural Language Processing]
  • Reporting Analytics & Statistics
  • Workflow Management system
  • Social Media Integration for Instant Sharing
  • Access Control / Permission
  • Brand & Content Management

Peppertype AI Plans & Pricing

It offers three plans for the users [STARTER, GROWTH, ENTERPRISE] plans, you can also enjoy a glimpse of Peppertype AI with the FREE Trial plan, but this is available only for a limited period of time. You have to check the official website in order to take the trial plan.

You can add multiple team members in any of the below plans, the cost per member goes on a per-month basis. Here $35 per month is the cost of the Starter Plan, if you want to add a new member, it costs $70 per month.

Features Starter PlanGrowth PlanEnterprise Plan[Customizable]
Price $35 per Month$199 per MonthBased upon your tool selections
Number of UsersOnly 1Maximum 5Unlimited
Long-form writing AssistanceNot AvailableYESYES
Words per Month5000050000 per UserUnlimited
Templates Available20+20+YES [With Customization]
Advanced Parameters YESYESYES
Multiple Languages SupportedYESYESYES
Access ControlNOYESYES
Documents ModeYESYESYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYES
Collaboration & Result SharingNOYESYES

7) Anyword

This is a copywriting tool that comes with Artificial Intelligence technology that helps to guide businesses to create unique quality content by suggesting high-ranking keywords that provide authentic information about the product or on a particular topic. 

Anyword comes with predictive model technology for AI copywriting, it helps to provide maximum traffic and high conversions to the affiliate and eCommerce websites. It has an A/B testing feature that permits customers to forecast the effect of keywords on a product’s sales by using its Predict Performance sales report, which describes the score of the product. 

This Predict performance helps to reduce the product testing costs and other resources which are required in the sales. This AI tool helps to increase the work functions through its multiple marketing-ready templates available to provide positive results and sales. 

It also has brainstorm word variations and phrases feature through which users can generate trending ideas for their startups easily. It has a platform that helps organizations target their marketing goals by using the Anyword AI writing language model technology.

Features of Anyword

  • Predictive Performance Score for Products
  • Preset Keyword library with custom keyword inputs
  • Quality text suggestions
  • Generates Content promotions for Higher-Conversion
  • Custom Editing tools for Writing
  • Ads Account Integration

Anyword Plans & Pricing

It offers three plans for the users [FREE, BASIC, DATA DRIVEN] plans, you can select any of the plans for trial without any credit card information.

Features Free PlanBasic PlanData-Driven Plan
Price $0 per Month$19 per Month$99 per Month
Number of Users111
Long-form Editing AssistanceNot AvailableYESYES
Words per Month10001500030000
Multiple Templates AvailableYESYESYES 
Blog Post WizardYESYESYES
Languages Supported1 [US-ENG]1 [US-ENG]25+
Predictive Performance ScoreNONOYES
Documents ModeYESYESYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYES
Landing Pages ManagementNONOYES

8) Copymatic

Copymatic AI blog writing tool is a content creation & generation software program available online, it also runs on the GPT-3 language model, this language model is now widely implemented by other famous AI writing tools because this technology is the latest that researches content/keywords accurately and displays a high-quality article to the user within seconds. 

With its multiple content templates, users will be able to generate SEO-optimized content for their websites or blogs. The graphic interface of this software is much easier to understand as compared to other AI writing tools. 

Features of Copymatic

  • Have the latest templates with customizable variations
  • Content can be translated into 108 different languages
  • Copymatic gets periodic updates
  • Data is Safely hosted in the cloud to access quickly
  • Generates SEO meta descriptions for Blogs or Micro Niche Websites

Copymatic Plans & Pricing

It has two pricing plans [STARTER & PRO], you can avail of a FREE trial on both the plans and you can get 4 months of free subscription when paying yearly, this offer is valid on both the pricing plans.

Features Starter PlanPro Plan
Price $29 per Month$49 per Month
Number of Users11
Website GeneratorYES [Coming Soon]YES [Coming Soon]
Word Credit Limit1000Unlimited
Multiple Templates AvailableYES [50+]YES [50+]
Access to all AI featuresYESYES
Long Form AI WritingYESYES
Languages Supported25+25+
WordPress Plugin YESYES
Documents ModeNOYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
Sentence RewritingYESYES
Plagiarism CheckerYES [Up to 3000 words]YES [Up to 10000 words]

9) Shortly AI

Shortly AI comes with GPT-3 based technology that provides multiple types of quality content for your readers or audiences. Another amazing thing about this tool is that you can make necessary changes to the article on the go itself, you don’t need to save the file again. 

This tool helps in generating multiple contents with its keyword research strategy that creates valuable information in the article and displays you within seconds.

Features of Shortly AI

  • Generates optimized content for blogs and websites
  • Creates a high conversion of social media posts & Ads
  • Unlimited word credits in every pricing plan
  • Human-friendly AI technology that provides value in the contents
  • Can also generate video and YouTube scripts
  • Content generated is verified before appearing on the screen

Shortly AI Plans & Pricing

It has two pricing plans [Annual & Monthly], Shortly AI comes with a simple pricing plan for its users, there is not much difference in features, you can opt for any of the suitable plans.

Prefer to go for an Annual Plan if you are a large team or own an enterprise, this plan provides a FREE 2 months of access to the Shortly AI tool.

Features Annual PlanMonthly Plan
Price $65 per Month$79 per Month
Number of Users11
Power CommandsYES YES 
Word Credit LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple Templates AvailableYES YES 
Access to all AI featuresYESYES
Long Form AI WritingYESYES
Multiple Languages SupportedYESYES
Documents ModeYESYES
Project Folder LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
Social Media & Ads AssistanceYESYES

10) Scalenut AI

Scalenut AI tool is a leading article writer or copywriter tool powered by Artificial Intelligence technology that enhances the quality of the articles through its well-defined content structures and keywords placement strategies that help to gain maximum audiences to achieve positive profits for your blogs and websites. 

It has a user-friendly tool structure that helps users to generate content for their websites and social media posts. Scalenut is integrated with many external software tools which help in content writing and SEO to provide high-quality articles quickly. 

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The user is required to enter a simple keyword on which he/she wants to generate the content, after providing some basic instructions, scalenut automatically starts its work and generates authentic & plagiarism-free content through which you can gain high traffic and increase your audience easily.

Features of Scalenut AI

  • Helps to Suggest target keywords
  • Content Breakdowns for Optimization
  • User-Intention Understanding Analytics
  • Dedicated Google Chrome extension
  • Cruise Mode (Generate Automatically)
  • Generates High-conversion affiliate articles

Scalenut AI Plans & Pricing

It comes with 3 plans [INDIVIDUAL, GROWTH, PRO] plans, on every plan you get additional features that help your content to get a quality check and required correction on any devices.

It also supports multiple users, if you are a large team, you can add a user to the Pro Plan, by paying $49 per user. 

A special 60% promotional discount is running live, visit the official website to know more about it. A FREE trial is not available in this AI writing tool, but the prices are minimal, choose best based upon your requirement.

Features Individual PlanGrowth PlanPro Plan
Price $29 per Month$79 per Month$149 per Month
Number of Users112+ [Add $49 per User]
Long-form EditingNot AvailableYESYES
Words per Month100000UnlimitedUnlimited
Multiple Templates Available40+40+40+
Custom AI SettingsNOYESYES
Multiple Languages SupportedYESYESYES
Topic ClusterNO30100
SEO Report530Unlimited
Documents ModeYESYESYES
Plagiarism CheckerYESYESYES

Final Verdict: Which AI Blog Writing Tool To Choose?

Always try to research things thoroughly, before making a final decision. Although this buying guide article on AI writing software has definitely provided you with a lot of information, at last everyone has their personal needs. Choosing the best AI writing tool will depend upon your best needs. 

AI blog writing tool can be an unexpectable game-changer for digital marketers and content creators who want to try a new way of bringing value to their audiences. With the suitable tool, you can create quality content that will help your business for growth, this way you can save your precious time and will utilize it for other essential requirements for your businesses or websites. 

Many copywriters are switching to this AI tool to generate the best content due to it provides the best structure and understanding native language. It’s not just limited to content management, it can also handle your innovative ideas and describe the best solution to implement.

Hiring a content writer can be a costly investment in respect of the AI writing tools, a major advantage of AI writing assistants is that they can handle and generate multiple contents within a specific period of time & can manage other editing tasks required for the content as well. So in this way, your cost and time both can be saved for future requirements of your business.

You can try a glimpse of AI writing tools, and select those which are offering a FREE trial plan, this can help you to understand the tool and its working.

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