10 Awesome AI Blogs You Must Follow to Learn Artificial Intelligence [2024]

Looking for the best AI blogs to learn about modern technologies related to artificial intelligence?

Blogs are great sources to update yourself with the latest news and information. However, it is difficult to find the perfect one because many blogs are built just to generate revenue. That’s why I prepared this article to list the top AI blogs that provide genuine information on Artificial Intelligence.

You can refer to these websites for regular updates and to enhance your skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. You can also learn about other advanced technologies that are highly in demand and integrated with most software products.

So, let’s start exploring the top and trending AI blogs in 2024:

best ai blogs

Open AI is known popularly through “ChatGPT” an AI tool that transformed the entire process of digital activities and applications. It serves as a hub for sharing various insights and updates regarding the latest developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This AI blog can guide and give updates related to AI Technologies, the latest AI research, and various other AI topics. It is one of the most valued AI blogs that covers and demonstrates basic to advanced information related to AI.

Topics covered by Open AI:

  • Knowledge of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer [GPT] models
  • Ethical Information related to AI and its development
  • Artificial Intelligence Researches 
  • Knowledge of Natural Language Processing [NLP] 
  • Machine Learning & Algorithms
  • AI Applications [Uses in Healthcare, Robotics, Education, etc]

If you want to learn AI models and the latest AI technologies, you can follow this blog and join the global AI community.

You can connect or collaborate with AI enthusiasts, thus Open AI blog provides an all-in-one central resource to get updated knowledge and information related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

If you don’t want to miss the latest information and updates related to Artificial Intelligence, then this AI blog can be your great companion. It will provide you with various coverage on AI and its future technologies that will be launched.

You can explore comprehensive guides and updates regarding AI stuff, as well as you can also refer to the tested case studies of AI technologies to know how they work and how they can be implemented in the future.

This blog provides interactive videos and illustrations so that you can experience an advanced way of learning and understanding. Explaining detailed instructions on current as well as future AI products and models.

Topics covered by The Verge:

  • Updates on future AI technologies 
  • News and updates on Artificial Intelligence
  • Analysis and reviews related to Artificial Intelligence
  • Tech Visions with reference to Artificial Intelligence
  • Reviews of practical applications powered by AI and ML
  • Ethical Aspects of AI and ML

So, whether you are a newbie or a professional, The Verge AI blog can provide you the top-tier knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and its applications, with all the aspects covered under one domain.

Overall, The Verge blog is one of the best platforms to engage you with the latest stuff and reviews of Artificial Intelligence.

A dedicated blog totally managed and crafted by Google, the popular search engine that is now working with AI models developed by its own researchers.

You can check out the Google AI blog to get information related to AI that upgraded the modern technology and its working.

You can browse and get various news related to AI stuff and its upcoming new models that can perform digital activities better than humans. The Google AI blog provides a premier platform for Artificial Intelligence insights and updates so that you won’t miss any latest information.

You can also browse to get updates on future integrations and new AI model launches made by Google to revolutionize its overall user experience. Get the latest information on how this model will help to make the simple tool more advanced and powerful.

Topics covered by Google AI blog:

  • Get the latest AI News and updates 
  • Reviews of practical applications powered by AI
  • Projects of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Launches of new AI models developed by Google
  • Social impacts of AI technologies 
  • Safe and responsible AI practices in the technology field

It acts as an authentic source to deliver diverse AI knowledge and information which is contributed and developed by various AI experts and researchers. Get valuable insights and future visions of AI through this blog.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can follow the Google AI blog to get regular updates on AI technologies, models, algorithms, and techniques. Explore a dedicated AI community to interact and get the latest information as well as applications of AI.

This AI website is the best platform for beginners, who want to upscale and learn AI skills and tools. It provides a dedicated course and guidance on AI technologies and tools with interactive learning schedules and assistance.

With each personal interactive session, you will be able to tackle all your doubts and master the deep learning of Artificial Intelligence modules, programs, algorithms, and structures linked with machine learning.

Get the ultimate understanding of concepts, terms, and mechanisms of Artificial Intelligence with industry experts. They will guide you basic facilities and knowledge required to learn and build quality skills in the world of AI.

Topics covered by Analytics Vidhya:

  • Tutorials on Machine Learning & Data Science with Analytics
  • Computer Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence and its technologies 
  • Data Visualization & Deep Learning
  • Career and Skill Development in Artificial Intelligence 
  • Concepts of Language Models
  • Practical Assignments and Projects on AI

Therefore, Analytics Vidya is a famous website that provides well-structured guidance for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, where individuals can gain deep knowledge and tutorials along with dedicated community support.

Through its wide range of quality resources such as courses, blog posts, tutorials, and webinars, it aims to provide the best knowledge in data science and AI.

It is a diverse platform from which individuals can learn, develop, practice, and use AI technologies for their business needs or personal uses.

AWS by Amazon provides courses, services, tools, and tutorials all under one hub which is delivered by experts and experienced professionals related to their domain.

It provides dedicated solutions and business services with the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts to enhance digital and automated activities to reduce human efforts.

Topics covered by AWS Machine Learning:

  • Get Knowledge in Business Cloud Computing Services
  • Learning Concepts of Database and Storage
  • Deep Learning in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Language Modules and Networking
  • Dedicated Developer Tools based on Machine Learning 
  • Concepts on Cloud Security and [IOT] – Internet of Things

It is the widely-used cloud computing destination powered by Amazon. It allows individuals and enterprises to provide cloud computing operations, storage, and online resources integrated with AI to provide quick operations and tasks.

AWS is a key platform where you can learn, get insights of new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies commonly used in cloud computing industries.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], the user-friendly AI Blog where you will get access to the latest AI news and its related updates.

You can browse guides and information on the latest technologies involved in the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning elements. It even provides updates regarding the latest research, innovations, and discoveries in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Explore the in-depth insights and updates of Artificial Intelligence with well-structured resources in the form of articles and videos. You can join their community to stay connected with other professionals in this field.

Topics covered by MIT:

  • Provides Regular Updates related to AI and its research
  • Guidelines and Instructions on Generative AI 
  • Concepts on Robotics, Space, and its Exploration with AI
  • Concepts on Machine Learning
  • Latest Developments in Health Care Sectors through AI

MIT blog provides insightful updates and news on AI to different individuals and academic communities. You can explore in-depth quality articles that will give you interactive guides and updates on research, new launches, and current projects related to AI.

All the content is formulated via authentic sources and related subject experts so that you can get true and genuine knowledge.

A perfect online platform for a better understanding of Machine Learning basics and its related applications. You can explore a variety of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer programming related information to advance your level of skills and knowledge.

It provides recent research, updates, and tutorials on advanced machine learning algorithms to provide deep learning of concepts and codes of AI and ML.

Also, it has a dedicated individual course on ChatGPT from where you can get the latest information and future updates on the tool easily. Not only this, you can even explore a variety of dedicated e-books for different learning modules and applications related to AI.

Topics covered by Machine Learning Mastery:

  • Concepts of Algorithms and Models in Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and tutorials in PyTorch and Keras
  • Computer Visions and Coding
  • Basics of Time and Neural Net Time Series
  • ChatGPT Updates and Tutorials
  • Natural Language Processing [NLP] 
  • Generative Adversarial Networks

A perfect resource for professionals to enhance their understanding and proficiency in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Coding Algorithms, and various other latest concepts.

Overall, it provides quality education materials, tutorials, and guidance for beginners to professionals so that they can learn Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning concepts.

A right pick to explore the latest updates on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, concepts on Deep Learning, Programming Codes, Future Technologies, etc.

You can browse tricks, techniques, and tutorials on the latest technologies and software products that are interlinked with AI & ML.

It has a team of experienced professionals who provide genuine and quality education as well as updates on different concepts, codes, and modules of AI.

Topics covered by Towards Data Science:

  • Concepts of Data Science and its related tools
  • Knowledge of Neural Networks 
  • Deep Learning Basics 
  • Concepts and Updates of AL & ML
  • Information related to Data Visualization and Analysis

It is best recommended to those who have a keen interest in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer coding. The all-in-one publication for beginners and professionals to gain basic knowledge related to the above topics.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to never miss an update on Artificial Intelligence. Thus, it serves as the best platform for getting valuable knowledge of concepts, ideas, and techniques related to AI & ML technologies.

This AI news platform provides updated information on Artificial Intelligence, Future Technologies integrated with AI, and similar information about new project launches.

It also offers free AI courses and tutorials on multiple topics such as Artificial Intelligence and its basics, Machine Learning, and Concepts of Algorithms that are used in Machine Learning.

You can explore individual categories related to AI tools, language models, and updates on Artificial Intelligence topics.

Topics covered by Mark Tech Post:

  • Information and Concepts on Large Language Models 
  • News and Updates on Artificial Intelligence and its related tools
  • News and Updates on Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning Course with Python 
  • Python Programming Course
  • News related to AI research, Language Models, AutoML & Robotics

It provides related articles, reviews, and tutorials on various tools powered by AI and you can even explore comprehensive guides on Machine Learning.

Thus, it’s surely a valuable source for those individuals who want to make their career in future technologies and looking for regular updates on future developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is another one-stop solution for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Language Models and Advanced Technologies interlinked with AL & ML.

You can instantly join their newsletter for regular updates and information on trending topics related to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It covers almost every topic and updates on various modern technologies along with quality tutorials and certification courses.

You can even browse cheat sheets, projects, live webinars, and events related to AI. You can go through the official publications provided by professionals of KDnuggets to explore updates, news, and key tutorials on the latest AI technologies.

Topics Covered by KDnuggets:

  • Updates and Information on AI, ML, Programming Codes, Language Models Data Engineering, Science & Analytics
  • Certification & Master Courses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Data Science & Analytics 
  • Cheat sheets on SQL, Python, and various other computer coding languages.

It also has a dedicated section that provides relevant job opportunities and listings. Interactive conferences are conducted to share valuable information, and updates on the latest technologies.

Overall, it offers a diverse range of quality knowledge and information that provides foundational concepts as well as the latest advancements made in the field of AI and Data science.

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Final Thoughts on Best AI Blogs

Artificial Intelligence is a trending and rapidly evolving topic. To stay updated in the industry, you need to follow a few blogs and websites that provide genuine information on AI.

That’s why I have prepared this article on the best AI blogs where you can learn about Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and trending technologies. I recommend you bookmark these blogs to get instant access and keep you updated with the latest news.

Well, If you think I should include any other AI blog in this list then write it down in the comment section.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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