We are living in an era where content and information are available in abundance. With just a simple click we can gather knowledge on any topic using AI tools like ChatGPT.

Artificial Intelligence has entered all the content domain including text, images, and videos. Those content creators who learned to use AI in their content generation process are very smart because AI can do many human jobs more efficiently.

This blog post will give you a detailed knowledge of AI content analysis and some of the important applications of AI in content analysis.

You will also get to know about some AI tools that can help you in content analysis. So, without any further delay let’s dig into it.

What is AI Content Analysis?

AI Content Analysis means the use of AI algorithms and techniques to check or examine the various forms of digital content such as text, images, audio, and videos.

It runs a program through the help of AI to understand the structure and pattern of the contents, it extracts the detailed information and analytics of the content by examining processes and gathering the overall sources of information.

In text-based content, AI content analysis refers to the automatic scanning and examining the generated or written articles to pull out meaningful information.

Natural Language Processing [NLP] plays a key role in text-based AI content analysis. It helps to understand human languages and provides the necessary information to guide the algorithms so that they can categorize, extract, and recognize the patterns.

AI Tools For Content Analysis

Here I have listed some of the useful tools that can help you with AI content analysis.

GrammarlyThis is one of the best tools for correcting grammatical errors and sentence construction while writing.
ChatGPTAI conversational chatbot, you can ask it anything and get valuable responses.
Jasper AIIt is an AI writing assistant tool that is perfect for copywriting and content writing works.
Originality AIOriginality is an AI content detection tool, it can check any content to identify whether it is written by AI or human writers.
FraseIt is one of the best AI tools for creating SEO-optimized content for better ranking.
Pictory AIThis is a video content optimization tool. You can create, edit, and repurpose video content with this tool. 
Predis AIAI-powered social media tool for creating short videos and creative images.

Top 5 Uses of AI in Content Analysis

Content analysis is an easy task if you know the proper use of the AI-powered tools. Here I will discuss some of the AI content analysis techniques.

#1. AI Content Detection

The growth of AI writing tools and chatbots is tremendous.

There are thousands of AI tools available in the market that generate high-quality content in just a click.

You can’t distinguish AI-generated content and human-written content just by reading.

Here comes the need for AI content detection tools, which analyze the pattern and flow of the content to detect text written by AI.

For instance, I am using ContentAtScale to detect content written using ChatGPT. You can use the free version of the tool where you can check up to 2500 characters in one go.

In the image below you can see some texts generated using ChatGPT:

Now I will copy the text and paste it into the ContentAtScale AI content detection tool. Let’s see whether it can detect the ChatGPT content or not.

ai content analysis

The tool has detected the AI content successfully.

For cross-checking, Now I will check my own writing in Content At Scale:

It has shown that my writing “Passes as Human”. This way you can do AI content analysis for automated generated content.

NOTE – AI Content Detection tools are not 100% correct, sometimes they provide inaccurate results.

Who should use AI content detection methods?

Anyone working with textual-based content on the internet should use this method to verify the originality of the content.

  • If you are working with content writers then you should analyze the content before using it and check if it is AI-generated.
  • Blog owners should check the articles before publishing.
  • Content marketers, copy editors, and writers should use AI content detection.

Overall, you can find the authenticity of the content by analyzing it for AI content detection.

#2. Improving SEO

Businesses can use the power of AI in their SEO strategies to improve their online presence. After the outburst of AI tools the Search Engine Optimization techniques changes a lot.

Now there are different AI tools for both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, the tasks previously done manually by people. 

The SEO process became cost-effective and faster with the proper use of AI.

From keyword research to link building, AI can help you with all the SEO activities. Some AI software can analyze your audience and prepare a list of keywords according to their behaviors.

How to Use AI for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is very important for any online businesses and websites to grow their visibility organically. Here are several ways you can leverage AI in SEO:

i) Keyword Research

A successful SEO campaign starts with keyword research and this can be done easily using AI. They use their advanced algorithms to find the most relevant and impactful keywords for online businesses.

Imagine AI as a smart helper – that helps you find the perfect keyword to improve your online visibility.

Improving existing content is also very effective with AI tools, they can scan any web page available on the internet and find new ranking possibilities for that page.

If you are in the SEO field you must be aware of the importance of Long-tail keywords in ranking. You can find such keywords from any broad term by using AI SEO tools.

ii) Competitor Analysis

If you own any online business, it is very important to know what your competitors are doing to grow their businesses. This will help you to identify the market trend and audience preference.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI) one can easily do competitor analysis in just a few clicks. 

However, doing this task manually can take hours of hard work.

AI SEO tools can analyze competitors’ websites, for which keywords they are ranking, and what makes their business successful. All these give you a proper idea of what to do to make your online presence better.

So, smartly use AI for competitor analysis and stay ahead in the online game.

iii) Content Optimization

Making your content easier for everyone to read is a crucial task to grab audience interest. AI understands what readers like to read and what they don’t!

AI can check your website’s content and images to make sure they are correct, clear, and align with your reader’s interest. Thus, making your content more appealing.

You can save time and boost productivity by integrating AI into your content optimization process.

#3. Grammar Checking

Imagine writing a blog post in your own language without worrying about grammatical errors and sentence corrections.

Sounds interesting? Yeah, you can experience this writing process.

All you need to use the Grammarly tool and add its extension to your Chrome browser. Grammarly can help you with spelling correction, punctuation, and any grammatical errors.

Here are some advantages of using an AI grammar checker tool:

  • AI tools can help you to fix spelling mistakes in your words. When we type any sentence it automatically corrects our typing mistakes.
  • It makes sure that the words are put together in a sentence making the writing sound smooth and clear.
  • These tools can also help you with new word suggestions. If there is a word that fits even better, then the tool will ping you to use it to make your writing stronger.

In simple terms, an AI grammar tool is essential for anyone dealing with textual content to make it correct, clear, and ready to impress!

#4. Text Expansion and Summarization

Those who are in the content writing field can relate to how difficult is to complete a paragraph when we run out of words.

I often feel the same while writing any article! Sometimes I don’t get any idea what to write or how to conclude a sentence.

Here comes the use of AI in text expansion and summarization.

Suppose you have written a sentence but are not satisfied with the word count of that sentence. You want to make the sentence large. In such case, just copy the sentence and paste it to any AI text expansion tool then see the magic.

Let me show you how you can use ChatGPT for text expansion.

Similarly, you can use AI for text summarization. 

To get the information of any article you don’t need to read the entire article. AI tools can read the article and will show you all the important information of the article in simple terms.

Basically, you will be getting the information of a 1000-word article in 100 words.

See the screenshot below of how ChatGPT helped me to summarize a paragraph.

All these text expansion and summarization are possible because of the Natural Language Procession (NLP) capabilities of AI tools.

#5. Repurposing Content

Content repurposing is basically creating any new content by utilizing your old or outdated content. 

Repurposing can be done to both text-based content and video-form content. 

You can take the help of AI in content repurposing which will save you time and improve your online visibility. I recommend you read our article on the best AI content repurposing tools.

How can AI help in repurposing content?

There are lots of strategies for repurposing content to boost your online presence without working for new content. Here are a few of them:

1) Blog post to video

If you want to create any video from your existing blog post, you can easily do it with the help of AI tools like Pictory. 

All you need to do is enter the URL of your blog post and it will fetch all the information of the article. You can also add any sentence that you wish to add to the video.

There is also the option to add AI voices and music to your video. Adding your own voiceover to the video is also possible.

This Blog post to video is best for bloggers who want to embed videos in their articles.

2) Blog Post to Social Media Post

This is another interesting application of content repurposing. You can create social media posts using the information from blog posts and increase the visibility of your business.

You can create tweets, Facebook posts, reels, etc using the power of AI tools.

3) Long video to short video clips

It is a video content repurposing technique. Here, if you have any existing video you can reuse it by creating short engaging video clips from it.

You must have seen this type of repurposing in a YouTube podcast video. Interesting parts of a podcast are converted into 20-30 second videos and uploaded as YouTube shots.

I personally use Pictory AI for that purpose, it automatically summarizes the key points of a long video and creates short engaging video clips.

Advantages of AI Content Analysis

It offers several benefits in various domains by providing enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and analysis. Refer below to learn the common key advantages of AI in content analysis.

1. Scalable Approach in Content Analysis

Through the help of AI, you can get a consistent approach to analyze various forms of content. Because they can easily handle large amounts of data to provide consistent and reliable analysis from which you can easily get necessary and valuable information.

2. Fast Data Processing

Since AI has advanced algorithms to work with, that’s why it works super quickly to analyze a large amount of data to extract the highlighted information during the content analysis.

Once the data is processed, it gets ready to show the required information to examine it as per the preferences. If it’s done manually, this takes a lot of time.

3. Identifying Content Sentiments

AI can easily detect the sentiments expressed in an article or in a piece of text, this helps to understand the tone of the article (positive/neutral/negative). Through this, you can frame the desired strategies and changes to get the desired results.

4. Content Modelling and Categorization

AI can help to organize the topics and contents of different variations and themes. This can help to handle large datasets of archives, customer support tickets, and various other daily based articles, it creates a streamlined process to retrieve valuable information.

5. Content Prediction Analysis

You can get predictive analytics by understanding the trends and patterns of the data, with the help of AI. Many individuals and businesses use this to understand customer behavior patterns, issues, and future demands.


I hope you get a clear idea of how AI can help us in content analysis saving our precious time and effort. Artificial Intelligence is like a superpower that you can use in any domain to simplify any task.

AI content analysis is very useful for online businesses to get insights and valuable information from any content piece using the power of AI.

From editing a video to understanding any image, there is an AI tool you can use. And the application of AI in the text-based content is limitless.

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