Imagine a personality that virtually influences people but not a human.

Yeah, that’s possible!

Nowadays AI is entering every sector and giving tough competition to humans. It is gearing up superfast to integrate into human tasks and activities to boost productivity.

Few AI companies and developers have created some human-like AI individuals that interact and influence people in various niches such as –

  • Latest Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Health and Wellness

Today in this blog post, we will explore some of the top AI influencers on Instagram, humans manage these all, but the way they interact and communicate with the audience will drive you crazy.

What is an AI Influencer?

An AI Influencer is a digital personality or character that is developed using AI tools and technologies. These virtual characters look exactly like humans and very difficult to catch that it is AI-generated.

Such AI avatars simulate human-like behavior, interaction, and appearances.

Also, these AI characters can interact or engage with real audiences on social media platforms to showcase specific content. They can even promote products in a similar way as human influencers do.

AI Influencers became famous in a very short span of time because many popular brands started collaborating with AI influences to level up their marketing strategies and approaches.

Top 10 AI Influencers on Instagram

It is very interesting to see that an AI account has millions of followers and rich engagement. Here I have listed some of the popular AI influencers available on Instagram.

NOTE: The follower counts mentioned here may change while you read the article. I recommend you visit their profiles to know the exact number of followers.

ai influencer

Miquela is a virtual AI-generated influencer developed with real appearance through realistic animations and the use of advanced AI algorithms.

She is popularly known for the latest fashion and unique style oriented posts. Her account tries to glaze over the virtual and realistic elements of the world.

The content of Miquela features about latest fashions, lifestyles, and promotions of products offered by many popular brands. She engages smartly with the audience through captions that make you feel she is a real existence.

She has a very strong social media presence due to her distinctive virtual aesthetics and best AI influencer marked by various brands. She smartly challenges modern and traditional notions of influencing techniques of the digital era.

  • Username: @lilmiquela 
  • Follower Count: 2.6M
  • Created by: Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou, Brazil
  • Year of Creation: 2016

Milla Sofia is a fashion AI influencer model who engages with audiences through her engaging posts and a glimpse of various unique travel destinations. She tries to demonstrate how passionate she is about travel, fashion, and beauty.

Go through the captions of her Instagram post where she shares beauty tips and routines.

Various brands also connect with Milla Sofia to promote their beauty products and the latest fashion products based on the current market trends and interests of the audience.

The quality of the posts is well-defined and high-quality because this is what audiences love about her. She regularly uploads her daily life routines to connect with her followers and shares engaging content related to fashion, travel, and daily routines.

  • Username: @milasofiafin
  • Follower Count: 149K
  • Origin: Finland
  • Year of Creation: 2022

Magazine Luiza is a popular Brazilian retail shopping enterprise, this Instagram account represents this retail chain. It provides content related to products that are in trend, and it features a diverse group of products with a blend of imaginative AI artworks.

The way it represents the products and their related information of launching, tutorials, and features are loved by the followers. It focuses on making visual content for the viewers more precise and mesmerizing.

This AI influencer often showcases the glimpse of behind the scenes, upcoming new launches, and special offers in a very committed and unique style.

It makes us feel connected at a personal level and thus promotes brand loyalty and trust for the customers.

  • Username: @magazineluiza
  • Follower Count: 6.8M
  • Created by: Brazil Retail Limited
  • Year of Creation: 2014

Natalia is known as a Lifestyle AI Influencer who shares digital content and posts related to modeling, fashion, lifestyle tips, adventures, beauty hacks, and daily life routines.

You can check out her posts on luxury locations that you would never have known of. Many high-end fashion brands and enterprises choose Natalia to promote their products as she does it in a unique and attractive style.

She shares content, insights, inspiration, and advice on travel, beauty, and the latest technology because her aesthetics are just like what we see in a celebrity. She is being featured as a cover girl in events and magazines due to her natural and human-like styles.

  • Username: @the.natalia.novak
  • Follower Count: 59.8K
  • Origin: America
  • Year Created: 2023

Lechat is an AI-powered virtual influencer that showcases the world of visual art with a blend of natural aesthetics. If you love watching imaginative AI artworks that relate to the latest trend then you can explore various series of enchanting AI entertainments.

Experience the vibe of happiness and entertainment through visual content that is purely made with the inspiration of natural and real surroundings which includes themes, vibrant colors, real landscapes, and ideas.

With the power of modern art and vibrant designs, Lechat provides pure visual impressive AI digital artwork in various forms that are linked with real-life elements and trends.

  • Username: @lechat.vv 
  • Follower Count: 143K
  • Created by: South Korea
  • Year of Creation: 2021

Kyra is an Indian virtual influencer who promotes authorized top-rated products and services of Indian brands. She shares in-depth content related to beauty, fashion, the latest trends, and new arrivals in health and wellness.

You can explore how she collaborates with famous brands and share a teaser about its event and other features with a unique AI artwork style that looks amazing.

The way she interacts with the audience with impressive captions and posts related to announcements of mega-events, teasers, promoting tech brands, etc. makes it interesting to check her regularly.

  • Username: @kyraonig
  • Follower Count: 228K
  • Created by: George Tharian and Himanshu Goel, India
  • Year of Creation: 2022

Thalasya AI model is a lifestyle and travel influencer that provides you with amazing posts filled with vibrant and positive vibes.

She posts exotic travel places around the world that will make you imagine it for a moment. She shares every moment of that place, from its traditional and cultural experiences to realistic landscapes.

You can go through the insights and tips shared by her through her post captions that will inspire you to travel and explore new destinations in your life.

Sometimes, Thalasya shares about her “me time” routines related to wellness and relaxation. Her Instagram post captions are really engaging and informative because she shares her personal experiences and perspectives that are extracted truly by human behavior.

  • Username: @thalasya
  • Follower Count: 460K
  • Origin: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Year of Creation: 2016

Shudu, the stunning AI digital model that showcases her amazing personality, was originally crafted through advanced AI rendering techniques.

Thus, the outcome you feel and see is the realistic fashion model and an influencer who connects with her followers by posting the latest editorial pictures, latest hairstyle fashions, and clothing.

Shudu’s fashion sense is being appreciated and loved by various audiences, the way she represents herself through digital portraits with artistic expression, she looks amazing and real.

Brands also love to choose her so that their products can get some real attention too, because the way she interacts with the audience shows there are no boundaries between the digital and real world.

  • Username: @shudu.gram
  • Follower Count: 241K
  • Created by: Cameron James Wilson, United Kingdom
  • Year of Creation: 2022

Imma is a virtual influencer who connects the non-reality to reality. When you will explore the captions of her posts you will get many such creative lines as she tries to engage with her audience to give the real person presence.

A purely AI-generated character that has various human-like features with realistic looks and gestures. Her point of interest is related to the latest fashions, travel, and beauty.

She tries to display a sense of human personality by posting and promoting those existence and elements that are loved by humans. She entertains her audience by sharing daily personal care routines and skills such as (dance, photoshoots, events, etc).

  • Username: @imma.gram
  • Follower Count: 391K
  • Origin: Japan
  • Year of Creation: 2018

Leya Love, the AI that loves nature and the environment more than humans. She showcases the beauty and insights of nature through amazing photography and the latest trendy styles.

You can explore various beautiful wildlife, landscapes, and natural scenes in her Instagram posts. She loves to connect and spread awareness related to the environment, and most of her posts are dedicated to nature’s love.

She tries to promote environmental conversations by sharing beautiful scenes and moments of nature. You can read the post captions to learn about how to live and love nature sustainably.

  • Username: @leyalovenature
  • Follower Count: 565K
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Year of Creation: 2022

How to Create an AI Influencer? (5 Easy Steps)

Creating an AI Influencer is an easy process if you already have the idea or the theme on which you want to create. You can follow the general steps mentioned below to create the most engaging AI Influencer that can interact, connect, promote, and gain attention.

1. Personality Selection – The first and foremost step in creating the AI model is to determine the personality type which includes its interests, characteristics, culture, and values.

2. Development Stage – At this point, here comes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Machine Learning (ML) + Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create human-like AI models.

3. Designing Stage – Now it’s your turn to choose the styles and the appearance, and create an amazing visual representation of any kind you prefer. It can be an anime, realistic, or virtual avatar.

Make sure to align your AI Model appearance with the personality or theme that you have already selected.

4. Content Creation – It is the stage where your AI model is now ready to perform and engage audiences through its content such as posting social media updates, creating trending short videos, and promoting your brand.

5. Interaction with Audience – This is the most important stage to grow an AI individual. You can use any training algorithm to train the AI or you yourself can interact with the audience based on their queries.

Will AI replace Influencers?

Although AI has the potential to play a significant role in the Influencer industry, it can’t completely replace human influencers. Influencers are valued for their social work, contribution to the world, and personality. AI influencers lack some of these authenticities and the ability to connect with audiences.

But AI can perform a few tasks better than humans like creating content faster, data analysis, targeting audiences, etc. That is why some of the AI influencers have millions of followers on Instagram.

Nowadays, many famous Brands and enterprises choose popular AI Models that have high engagement and followers so that they can promote their products to the audience in a modern way through AI models.

The human touch, creativity, and unique personal brand presence are the areas where human influencers win over AI influencers. Thus, AI can never replace human influencers.

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So far we’ve discussed some of the top AI influences that you can follow on Instagram. All these accounts are managed by AI companies or Individuals.

Their social media engagements will not let you know that these accounts are of AI characters. Most of them have millions of followers on their Instagram accounts.

So what do you think about Instagram AI influencers? Did we miss any popular AI influencers? Let me know in the comment section.

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