Top 4 AI Novel Writing Software In 2023 (Free Trial Included)

Are you looking for the best AI novel writing software in 2023? Then you have landed in the right place.

Well, you may not believe until you try that an AI tool can write a novel for you. It may seem like some fictional movie from Marvel but it’s happening nowadays.

AI has huge potential to do something which we never thought of before. Still, AI doesn’t have that much potential to write everything on its own but can provide somewhat assistance in your novel-writing process.

Here we are going to explore the 4 best AI Novel Writing software that will be useful for writing novels with your own writing skills.

Top 4 AI Novel Writing Software In 2023

Although there are many other AI tools available here I’ve listed the best tools for 2023. All of these tools come with a free trial.

AI toolsPlans starting fromFree trial
Jasper$29 per monthActivate Jasper free trial
Rytr$9 per monthActivate Rytr free trial
ShortlyAI$79 per monthActivate ShortlyAI free trial
Closerscopy$29.99 per monthActivate Closerscopy free trial

1) Jasper AI

AI novel writing software

Jasper was previously known as Jarvis. Jasper AI or Jarvis is always our topmost choice to write a novel through AI writing assistant Software. Not just for Novels, it also works to generate content for blogs, marketing campaigns, advertisements, and much more.

Jasper AI uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to generate content according to your required intent.

They also take references from previously generated articles and other content. That’s why your content tone never changes with changes in articles.

How to use Jasper AI for Novel Writing?

Jasper AI comes with a simplistic interface. They have 2 options at the beginning where you can either start from scratch or pre-existing templates with different modules.

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Jasper AI has Boss mode through which you can provide a command to Jasper AI like “Write a story about Romeo and Juliet”. Jasper AI will generate a Title and introduction paragraph followed by the content of the story for you.

Here are some books that are written by Jasper AI.

ai novel writing software

Follow these steps to generate a novel through Jasper AI:

Step 1: On the creation page you will get two options Start From Scratch and Blog Post Workflow.

Step 2: We will go for Blog Post Workflow as it’s easier to use. 

Step 3: Provide details about your content in the next tab. If we want to write something Horror then describes it as –

“I want to write a post on the horror story of Mumbai Haveli”

Step 4: You have to provide keywords in the Keyword placeholder below to stuff keywords easily.

Step 5: Jasper AI will generate a number of titles for your post. Just select any one of them or generate more if you don’t love them.

Step 6: In the next step, Jasper AI generates introduction paragraphs for you. If you don’t like them then you can generate more also.

Step 7: Everything is generated up to the Introduction. For further story generate each paragraph individually for more appropriate content quality. You have the option of header and desired length to manipulate and generate according to your requirements.

Plans and Pricing of Jasper AI

Jasper AI also offers a free trial to all users. But here you will get word generation limits. With the free trial, Jasper AI comes with 2 premium plans.

AI novel writing software

Starter Plan

It is the basic plan for Jasper AI with some limitations. Users can generate 20k words per month.

All features are available in starter plans like 50+ pre-existing templates. This plan can be helpful for short content writers like copywriters and Marketing content writers but not for Large-sized content writers like novels and blog writing.

Unlimited users can have access through one account in this plan. The Starter Plan pricing starts at $29 per month.

BOSS Mode Plan

Boss Mode plan is for all bloggers as well as Novel writers.

This plan also you have a 50k words limit on a monthly basis but it’s sufficient for everyone. Users of the Boss Mode plan can have access to Jasper AI Commands.

It will allow you to write anything whatever you are thinking about. Boss Mode comes with all existing features of the Starter Plan also. The pricing of the Boss Mode starts at $59 per month.

2) Rytr

Like Jasper AI, Rytr is also a top name in AI-based content writing. For content generation, Rytr uses GPT-3 AI Model to get plagiarism-free, Unique, and Quality content. 

Rytr provides a clean and clear user interface for desktop as well as responsive for mobile browsers also. It is one of the best AI novel writing software in 2023.

If you want to know more about Rytr, read our detailed Rytr review.

How to Write a Novel through Rytr?

Step 1: Choose a language from all 30+ languages in which you want to generate articles.

Step 2: You can select the tone for your article from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Select content as Blog section content from the list.

Step 4: Enter keywords and whatever you want in the section topic.

Step 5: Select how many different articles you want to generate in Variants. You can select a maximum of 3 variants.

Step 6: Press the “Ryte for Me” button to generate your content within a short time period.

Plans and Pricing of Rytr

Rytr comes with 3 different plans for different categories of users. There all plans costing are cost-effective in the market. Users can make their own plans according to their monthly word requirements.

Free Trial Plan

Rytr offers a free plan for all users. Users can generate up to 5k characters per month in a free plan. You are a free trial user and still, you get access to the premium community of Rytr.

Users have 30+ use cases access, 30+ languages support, 20+ writing tones, and an inbuilt plagiarism checker tool. 

Saver Plan

If you want to upgrade from a free plan then the Saver plan is for you. In this plan, users can generate 50k characters in a month. All free plan features are included in this plan with the extra add-on of Creating your own custom case.

The Saver plan will cost you $9 per month and if you bill it annually then you will get it at $90 for a year. In annual billing, users will get 2 months free from 12 months.

Unlimited Plan

For those who want to write novels or large blocks of content then the Unlimited plan is for them.

Here users will get all previous plan features with the extra add-on of a Dedicated account manager and priority email and chat support. It doesn’t have a limit of generation so we suggest you purchase this plan if you want to write novels or blogs also.

The Unlimited plan will cost $29 per month. If you are billed annually then you will get 2 months free with a $290 per year cost.

3) ShortlyAI

Generating and formatting content according to requirements with commands is the best ever facility provided by any AI-based content writing tool.

GPT-3 open ai’s technology is used by ShortlyAI in their tool. This provides us readable, unique, plagiarism-free content in single clicks. Due to the commands, you get almost all automation in your hands.

Shortly AI is not that much of an affordable tool for everyone but it has the capacity to write like human beings. Their interface is literally minimal and any beginner can also understand it easily.

The most important thing for all novel and blog writers is that they don’t have any credit or limit for content generation.

How to write a novel through ShortlyAI?

Step 1: Two writing options as article/blog and story will arrive on your screen.

Step 2: Choose a story with a story-like structure and for novels, you can also select an article or blog tab.

Step 3: On the next page, you will get the start writing option. Use commands provided by ShortlyAI on the right side of the screen to generate the best novel with this tool.

Plans and Pricing of ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI comes with two different plans and both plans don’t have any limitations. But this is not true as for avoiding bot generation they placed daily basis generation limits.

Free Trial

ShortlyAI offers a free trial without any credit card details requirements. Users can generate 4 times articles or we can say that users can take 4 free trial runs in this free plan.

Annual Plan

Both the plans are almost the same but in the annual plan, just users have to pay on annual basis billing.

The annual plan will cost us about $650 per year and $65 per month. That means you will get 2 months free when you are billed annually.

Monthly Plan

This plan is for those who don’t want to invest all their money at a time or require tools for a single month only. The monthly plan will cost you around $79 per month.

4) Closerscopy

One of the best novel writing AI tools in the market is Closerscopy. They used machine learning and OpenAI-developed GPT-3 technology for language methods.

Closerscopy has a large number of templates to make users’ tasks much easier.

Like ShortlyAI, Closerscopy also works on commands. That means users have 100% access to whatever they are going to write and how they are going to write it.

How to Write a Novel through Closerscopy?

Step 1: Click on the New Project option present on the dashboard.

Step 2: Select New Document and open it.

Step 3: Make use of frameworks and commands to generate whatever you want. It may be titled, the introduction of blog sections.

Plans and Pricing of Closerscopy

Closerscopy comes with 3 different plans. You can bill here annually or monthly. You can get a 30% discount if you are billed on an annual basis.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan comes with all its basic features and tools. Users will get 75 runs on a monthly basis in this plan. It will approximately equal 45k words per month. The Starter plan will cost you $29.99 per month. 

Professional Plan

The professional plan is for intermediate-level novel writers but we didn’t suggest it to novel writers. Blog writers can take advantage of the Professional plan.

Users will get 200 runs on a monthly basis which is approximately equal to 120k words. All features of the starter plan are included in the Professional plan also.

The professional plan will cost around $49.99per month. 

Unlimited Plan

As the name suggests, you don’t have limitations on runs and words in the Unlimited Plan. This account can be used by 3 team members also. Unlimited Plan costs around $79.99 per month.

Can AI tools write good content for novels?

Open AI is the one Artificial Intelligence part that provides a well-established algorithm for text content generation. Content generation is mostly used for marketing content and some copywriting.

AI-based software generates unique and plagiarism-free content from provided details. AI-based content writing tools take the help of Machine Learning for making the content unique as well as making it more relatable to that provided details.

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In short, whatever you provide that you will get as output. If you provide kids’ story titles then it will generate novels for kids. If you provide romance in keywords then it will generate novels with a romantic background.

AI makes your work easier but according to whatever details you provide it will work, not on its own.

Usually, now all AI-based content writing tools come with GPT-3 Technology. This technology will help in writing the best human-readable articles. Content generated by these tools is not 100% correct. You have to modify and edit content generated by those tools according to your own. 

GPT-3 Technology requires more power for operation and that’s why the cost of these AI-based Content writing tools plans is really not affordable for everyone.


AI writing assistant tools are in demand nowadays. You can use these tools for any writing purpose.

If you really want to write a novel but don’t you have that much creativity and command of your writing skills then you should definitely use an AI novel writing software. These tools can also help you write faster.

I highly recommend you to go for Jasper because the output generated by this tool is unmatchable.

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