5 Best AI Joke Generators In 2024 (Free & Paid Options)

Are you looking for the best AI joke generators in 2024?

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You already know that AI has become so advanced to the point where you can easily create some incredible and spectacular jokes using it!

There are several AI tools available, but you have no idea which one is best for you. That’s why I have come up with a curated list of the best AI joke generators with features and pricing.

Let’s take a look at the compiled list,

What is AI Joke Generator?

A software program that generates jokes using a big database of information integrated into its support system is called an AI joke generator.

It’s like an AI content writing tool but an AI joke generator helps anyone to create a joke for their standup comedy. 

On the other hand, AI writing tools are the best choice for businesses that engage in content marketing & writing process. 

It can help you in generating content for blog posts, landing page headlines, product descriptions, social media posts, video descriptions, and ad copy.

Here you can use AI tools to create content for your comedy videos like Jokes, and other things which are related to bringing smiles to others’ faces.

Top 5 AI Joke Generators In 2024

Well, AI tools search across a vast database of data using its neural networks to find relevant insights that can be used to develop a funny joke.

The following are some of the advantages of AI tools –

  • Most AI content writing tools generate plagiarism-free content
  • It decreases the cost of content writing & gives more effectiveness
  • AI tools can create high-quality content quickly without any grammar errors
  • The AI tools can make your content creation process automated, and it can get smarter with time

Now, let’s explore our list of the top AI Joke generators:

1) ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that was founded & launched by OpeAI which is the American AI research lab on 30, 2022.

Well, this tool can create jokes on a variety of topics and styles, including slang, sarcasm, and others.

Additionally, ChatGPT gives you the ability to design commands that can adapt jokes to various situations, personalities, and even famous comedian voices.

For example, you may create a joke in the style of a well-known comedian like Gabriel Iglesias, and Louis CK.

With the support of machine learning methods, it is possible for the General language model to fully understand input material that is presented in English format and to return a response in the same language. 

The last model strategy that ChatGPT uses to produce funny jokes is the Rule-based joke generator. 

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So, the jokes produced by the Rule-based joke generators are based on predetermined guidelines and patterns.

The software’s one issue is that it only creates jokes that are already available in its database because it doesn’t offer current, up-to-date hummer.

Features of ChatGPT

  • Additionally, ChatGPT can reply to any questions in a conversational way
  • OpneAI’s ChatGPT comes with instant free access to their website
  • The primary use of this software is to generate written content for blogs, and ad copy
  • Using ChatGPT, you can modify the chatbot’s language, tone, and conversation style
  • This AI tool analyses past famous jokes to figure out, exactly what makes the audience laugh while they are listening or reading
  • Also, it can analyze human reactions to understand what elements are necessary for a joke to be humorous.

These are ChatGPT’s features, and while it’s great for writing jokes for your comedy show, it’s most effectively used by comedy content creators, and content writers who want to use ChatGPt as their AI-powered content creator tool.

Plans and Pricing of ChatGPT

ChatGPT typically offers the following 2 plans & pricing, both of which grant full access to ChatGPT:

  • ChatGPT free plan – The full version of standard ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT Plus plan which is priced at $42 per month, & comes with instant access when it’s down.

For $42 per month, ChatGPT also offers a premium service which is called ChatGPT Plus if you want to create jokes even faster and avoid interruptions in service.

However, their pricing is straightforward and affordable, so you are only required to pay for what you actually use.

Basic features such as NLU, premade dialogue flow, and TTS functionality are included in their free plan!

2) Punchlines AI

Punchlines AI is a basic joke generator that takes advantage of the amazing language model created by OpenAI’s GPT-3.

It is an easy-to-use punchlines generator, and you’ll be presented with a variety of creative punchlines in seconds, capable of boosting any comedy performance, and it can add a touch of humor to your social media posts.

To use this Punchlines.ai tool, you have to enter simply some text into the chat box, then it comes with punchlines that are entertaining & funny lines that suit the context you type in the chat box. 

Well, Punchlines.ai has a limit on how many times a person can submit a joke request. I discovered that it took approximately ten submissions, after that you can’t use this tool!

However, after trying out this tool, it is clear that Punchlines.ai is a dependable & trustworthy AI tool to create jokes, but the quality of jokes depends totally on the input you give.

Features of Punchlines AI

  • Well, It is an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool
  • This tool comes with instant free access but with some terms
  • You need to be smart about the choice of humor you want while using this tool
  • The Punchlines.ai tool was polished using 10 thousand late-night comedy monologue jokes.

Since this software has a free access plan, there are some restrictions on its use! 

You only need to hit the create button once every hour to start getting fresh jokes or punchlines but keep in mind that this tool comes with limited tries.

This is one of the best AI Joke generators in 2024, but it has limited features & is less effective.

The best thing about the Punchlines.ai tool is that it’s a free joke generator tool which means you don’t have to pay any money to use this tool!

3) Easy-Peasy AI

Easy-Peasy AI is a content generator that uses artificial intelligence to help you in writing blog posts to write ad copy.

This is a premium tool which means you have to pay money to access it, & this tool comes with a limited free trial that offers a free joke generator template.

Easy-Peasy AI tool can produce hilarious jokes in a matter of seconds using its cloud-based capabilities, all you have to do is to hit the button and give the best input.

Apart from this, it has several templates that allow it to quickly develop short content; also it is capable of breaking content blocks so that a performer constantly should have a stock of jokes.

Another best feature that I appreciate about this software is the ability to automatically generate text instantly.

So, Easy-Peasy AI comes with a lot of features such as AI image generators, Chat with A (GPT-4), AI transcription generator, Paragraph writer, Linked Post Generator, landing page copy generator, etc.

Features of the Easy-Peasy AI

  • This is a multi-language AI tool, you can get content in other languages
  • This tool comes with a free trial where you don’t need to enter credit card info
  • It is easier to create long-form content with this Easy-Peasy AI writer tool
  • Along with a jokes generator, this is an AI-powered content-writing tool
  • On the top, it has a tone selection feature that can add emotion to content
  • This tool comes with a total of 90 plus templates and supports over 35 languages 

These are the features of the Easy-Peasy AI tool, and I can say that it’s the best paid tool for coming up with new jokes for your comedy show, and it’s most effectively used by comedy content creators.

Plans and Pricing of Easy-Peasy AI

Commonly, Easy-Peasy.ai offers a total of four plans that is Free plan, Basic plan, Starter plan, and Unlimited plan, and comes with annual & monthly payment options.

The best part is that all plan of Easy-Peasy AI comes with a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Following are the 4 plans & pricing of Easy-Peasy AI:

Free plan which costs $0 per month, and comes with features such as 3000 words/month, 80 plus templates, content summariser, and no credit card needed to start free trial.

Basic plan costs $4.99 per month if billed annually & it costs $5.99 per month! This plan offers features such as 10k words per month, GPT-4 supported chat, 80 plus templates, and access to 25 AI images/month.

Starter plan – costs $8 per month if billed annually & it costs $9.99 per month! So, this plan comes with features such as 25,000 words/month, GPT-4 supported chat, 100 plus templates, 50 AI images/month, and a long-form editor.

Unlimited plan – costs $20 per month if billed annually & it costs $28 per month! This plan offers features such as unlimited words per month, unlimited audio transcription, access to 250 AI images per month, API access & priority support.

According to my research, their Starter plan is best for you which costs $8 per month if billed annually, and this plan comes with a lot of features such as 25,000 words/month, GPT-4 supported chat, 100 plus templates, 50 AI images/month, and long-form editor.

With the Starter plan, you can generate a total of 25 thousand words per month which is enough for any content creator! 

Keep in mind that their all plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can buy their plan without worry, after using if you don’t like it, then you can request a refund!

4) Chatsonic

Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot platform which is founded by the well-known AI writing tool Writersonic, and this tool can be used to generate jokes.

This tool uses a natural language processing model to understand the data input given by the user.

There is a lot of information in Chatsonic’s database, including various kinds of jokes which can be of different genres, so you can use it to generate jokes with topics or categories.  

By the way, the Writersonic team developed a Chatsonic tool that can help you to create jokes, and it is now the No.1 AI writing tool in the market right now! 

You should have to know that Chatsonic has partnered with Google Search to offer relevant & real-time information.

Due to its close relationship with Google, it is able to create a lot of jokes for any topic you search, and that’s why Chatsonic becomes one of the best AI joke generators in 2024!

Features of Chatsonic AI

  • This tool uses the NLP model, machine learning model, and Google search to offer you interesting jokes.
  • It makes research more enjoyable because of its intelligent search suggestions
  • Due to its close relationship with Google, it is able to create a lot of jokes for any topic
  • Chatsonic may be integrated with any web app & services with their simple API
  • It is a fantastic AI tool for anyone who wants to quickly create hilarious jokes.

All of these are Chatsonic’s features, while this tool can be perfect for content creators & stand-up comedians, and major businesses should avoid using it!

Plans and Pricing of Chatsonic

However, Chatsonic plans are reasonable & entirely customizable, to get started with Chatsonic visit their official website writesonic.com/chat!

As a result, Writersonic typically offers three paid plans which include free access to Chatsonic & Botsonic, as follows:

Free Trial Plan costs $0 per month – This plan comes with features such as 1-click WordPress export, AI article writer, 100 plus templates, and free access to Chatsonic, and Botsonic.

Pro Plan starting from $12.67 per month – This plan has amazing features like brand voice, Botsonic, complete article rewriter, AI image generator, and priority support.

Enterprise Plan – This is a customizable plan, and it includes all features which are available in the Pro plan, and to get this plan you have to contact their sales team.

I recommend their Pro plan which costs $12.67 per month if billed annually, and it comes with extra features such as Botsonic, Chatsonic, AI image generator,  API access, and the best jokes generator tool!

Well, Chatsonic did significantly better than ChatGPT at responding to a question with detailed & real-time information.

5) Jasper Chat

Well, Jasper Chat is a content-generation software that may help you create a variety of content types such as blog articles, jokes, punchlines, Facebook AIDA copy, product descriptions, and ad copy.

This is an all-in-one software that offers you to generate any type of comedy content! 

In a nutshell, Jasper is a fantastic AI content writing tool with over 52 short and long-form templates. 

No matter if you’re creating a real estate listing, an e-commerce product description, a Facebook ad copy, a blog post, or anything else, Jasper can help you out with content that is created to convert a person to a buyer.

You can ask Jasper AI to generate anything you want from jokes to punchlines using their amazing & smooth user interface. 

The best part is that Jasper Chat comes with support for over 29 languages which allows you to communicate in your native language and you will get all responses & jokes in that same language.

Features of Jasper Chat

  • Jasper Chat comes with free plagiarism tool & offers 50+ copywriting tool
  • It offers support for 29 languages, which means you will get jokes in 29 languages
  • It can give you data up to 2021, which means you don’t have real-time jokes
  • Jasper Chat generates useful and original content in a couple of seconds
  • Additionally, it offers very accurate word, sentence, and paragraph translation into a variety of languages.

The Jasper Chat dashboard is exceptionally user-friendly, with the goal of breaking barriers between people and AI through amazing conversational chat interaction.

Plans and Pricing of Jasper Chat

So, Jasper Chat comes with 3 plans which offer various features according to their pricing, and three plans are as follows:

  • Creator plan costs $39 per if billed annually, & regular price is $49/mo
  • Teams  plan costs $99 per if billed annually, & regular price is $125/mo
  • Business plan- To get this plan, you need to contact their sales team.

So, I recommend their Creator plan which costs $39 per month if you purchase on an annual basis, and this plan comes with a number of features such as unlimited words generated by AI, 50 plus templates, 50+ knowledge assets, and browser extension.

Conclusion – Which one is best for you?

According to my research, Chatsonic is one of the best AI joke generators, which gives you real-time jokes more than any other tool. But if you are looking for a free tool then you can go for ChatGPT.

Chatsonic cutting-edge AI features such as content creation and AI image generation can also help you create hilarious jokes and memes.

I recommend their Pro plan of Chatsonic which costs $12.67 per month if billed annually, and it comes with extra features such as Botsonic, Chatsonic, AI image generator,  API access, and the best jokes generator tool!

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get started with Chatsonic right now, which is the most powerful and one of the best AI Joke generators and comes with additional features! 

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