10 Best AI Tools Directory to Browse and Submit AI Tool

AI can make our day-to-day tasks easier.

With the help of AI tools, you can complete any task much faster. But we all know how difficult it can be to find the best AI tool.

Finding the right tool for your needs requires lots of effort and research. To overcome this problem there comes the use of AI tools directory.

These directories contain thousands of AI tools listed category-wise and contain reviews and ratings from people who have used them. Just with a few clicks, you will get many AI tools based on your requirements.

Here I have listed my top picks AI tool directory that you should explore.

What is an AI Tools Directory?

In general, a directory is something where we can store and manage files in an organized manner. Now, let’s take a close look at the AI tools directory.

AI tools directories are online platforms containing a huge collection of AI tools of all categories. You can find thousands of AI tools for different purposes on one website saving you time in finding tools manually. 

Every day new tools are added to these directories so that users can access the latest and trending AI tools. Many directories use newsletters to inform visitors about newly added tools.

These platforms also offer the feature to Search tools, suppose you search for “AI homework tools”, it will show all the listed tools related to homework. You can search by category, tool name, features, etc.

10 Best AI Tools Directory with Features

Several AI tools are launched every day, so finding the perfect tool for our needs is getting difficult. We have to browse through several sites and reviews to find a good tool.

There comes the use of an AI tools directory, we can find all the tools in one platform. We can look at the features, pricing, and comparisons with other tools on the same platform.

Here are the top AI tools directories you can check to find the perfect tool for you:

1. Futurepedia

ai tools directory

Futurepedia remains at the top of our list because of its popularity and huge collection of AI tools. It contains over 5500+ AI tools for different purposes in 66 categories.

You will find all the newly added tools, categories, and search filters right on the homepage of this website.

With over 800K+ monthly visitors, Futurepedia is one of the largest directories for AI tools. If you own an AI tool you can submit your tool to this site for instant traffic and gain real users.

This platform does not accept NSFW (Not safe for work) tools. That means you can not submit any dating or romance related tools. 


  • There is a separate section for news that provides all the latest news about artificial intelligence
  • You can add favorite tools by clicking on the bookmark icon
  • If you add your AI tool to Futurepedia you can earn a verified badge. It helps in gaining trust among visitors
  • It offers a newsletter option to inform users about the latest AI tools
  • Once you submit your tool to this platform it will be listed throughout the Fututepedia site, anyone can access it from the search bar
  • Several lifetime deals and discounts on AI tools are listed on a separate page

2. Toolify

best ai tools directory

Toolify is another popular platform for discovering the best AI websites and tools. It has a huge collection of 7500+ AI tools in over 220+ categories for various tasks.

This AI tools directory has multiple language support so that you can choose your preferred language.

On the homepage, there is a search tab by which you can search AI tools simply by entering any keyword. There are separate sections for new tools, most saved tools, and most used tools.

Below each of the listed tools, there are one or more tags to help users about the use cases of the tools. You can also see the Similarweb traffic of the tool and the most used country.


  • AI apps of Google Playstore and Appstore are listed separately
  • It offers a feature to search tools based on their launch month. You can also browse tools by alphabet
  • Google Chrome browser extension is available
  • You can explore the most used AI tools with their monthly traffic powered by Similarweb
  • Toolify has a section for ranking of AI tools based on month, categories, regions, and source

3. OpenTools AI

OpenTools is a unique AI tools directory that offers a chatbot like ChatGPT to help users find the perfect AI tools based on requirements.

Suppose you have given a prompt to the chatbot “I want to remove background noise from my podcast”, it will show you all the AI tools that are capable of doing this task. A few suggested prompts are also available there.

The database of OpenTools AI is updated every 15 hours to give you access to the newly released AI tools.

When you click on a particular tool listed here, you will get a short description of the tool and its use cases. You can also directly share the tool on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


  • OpenTools has 3 min daily newsletter related to AI. Currently, they have 30,000+ subscribers
  • It allows you to add your favorite tools in a separate section, you must log in to add your favorite tools
  • You can get help from the chatbot to find the best AI tool for your needs
  • This directory allows to filter AI tools based on pricing and categories 

4. Find My AI Tool

The name of this directory itself suggests that it can help you in finding the right AI tools for your specific requirements. It has a huge collection of 1500+ AI tools.

This directory can be a helpful resource for businesses and individuals with having interest in AI development because it has a collection of programming libraries, frameworks, and SDKs for creating AI applications.

For every AI tool, the platform provides information on the features, benefits, and limitations to guide users in making the correct decision.

If you own any AI tool you can use this directory for collaboration and promotion of your tool.


  • This directory helps you to save time and effort by finding the relevant AI tool
  • You can get to know the Pros and Cons of each AI tool
  • A separate section for “AI short videos” to browse videos related to AI tools
  • AI mobile applications, Chrome extensions, and APIs are also listed in this directory

5. AI Top Tools

AITopTools is one of the largest AI tools directories with over a collection of 10,000+ tools of different categories. They regularly update their database and add all the latest AI-powered tools.

It has a very clean user interface making it easier for users to navigate. In the ‘Explore’ section of this directory, you can check the top 100 AI tools, the best tools by category, and free AI tools.

For each AI tool, there is a short description of the tool, features, and use cases of the tool. Real user reviews are also available, so you can read them before choosing any tool.


  • Detailed descriptions of every tool are provided to help users in understanding the tool
  • Real user reviews are very helpful 
  • There is a newsletter option for weekly AI tools, news, updates, and insights

6. Future Tools

Future Tools is another platform to explore and find popular AI tools with a database size of over 2500+ tools while writing this article. The platform has a clean and easy-to-use interface to navigate between the tools.

On the homepage, you will find all the listed categories and a checkbox before each category. When you click on a checkbox it will show the tools under that category.

Each AI tool has a short description of its important features and pricing model. You can get an overview of the tool by reading this description.

An ‘Upvote’ option is there for each tool so that users can vote for their favorite tool. It also shows the number of upvotes till now.


  • When you click on a tool, you can find all the popular alternatives to that tool
  • Like other directories, there is a separate section for the latest AI news and articles
  • You can directly share tools on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tools are manually checked before being listed in the directory

7. AI Scout

AI Scount has an extension and diverse collection of 1600+ AI tools to explore. This list gets updated daily and adds the newly launched AI tools.

It is designed with a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it easier for users to browse, search, and discover AI tools for their needs.

It offers a chatbot like ChatGPT that can help you find the right AI tool. Suppose you have given a prompt “AI tool for homework”, it will show you all the AI tools that are capable of helping with homework.

AI Scout also creates custom AI tools for businesses, so if you need an AI tool for any purpose you can contact them.


  • ScoutBud chatbot saves time in finding the perfect AI tool
  • You can post reviews of any tool listed in this directory
  • Its exclusive newsletter gives insights on AI tools, prompts, and news related to AI


TAAFT stands for There is an AI for that, it is one of the biggest AI tools directories having a database size of over 10,000+ tools for 2,500+ tasks. The monthly user of this directory is 2M+ and increasing day by day.

The platform has a unique interface with a custom search option that shows the number of searches today. From that number, you will get an idea about the popularity of this platform.

On the homepage itself, you can see the just launched tools and featured listed tools. Tools are also listed based on their launch month and year.

When you click on a tool listed on this platform, you will find a small description about the tool which is generated by ChatGPT. You will also find some reviews, pros, cons, and faqs related to the tool.


  • The tasks tab shows all the categories with the number of tools for each category
  • AI tool owners can submit their tools on this platform for just $199 and boost traffic
  • TAAFT has a very active community forum for asking queries
  • You can join them on Discord which already has 1200+ active members

9. AI Tools Directory

The name of this directory itself says it all. This platform has a collection of all the tools that can be helpful for small business owners, bloggers, researchers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers, and marketers.

AI tools directory has a very simple and clean user interface. You can discover tools by the name, category, and pricing model. 

Like other directories, it also provides a small description of all the tools mentioning their features, uses, and advantages. Direct social sharing options are also there.


  • Great place for AI businesses to grow as there is an advertisement option available
  • AI tools can be searched based on their pricing model – Free, Freemium, and Paid

10. AI Tool Hunt

This directory consists of 7100+ AI tools in 150 categories while writing this article. Tools and news related to AI are added daily in this directly to provide you with the latest information.

You can use your Google account to Sign in to this directory. After creating an account you can add favorite tools to your account.

The best thing about this platform is it shows the Semrush ranking of each tool. You can also read the features, use cases, and alternatives for each tool.


  • Listing an AI tool on the homepage of the AI Tool Hunt directory requires $120 for one month
  • It offers a ChatGPT plugin that can help you find AI tools by chatting with ChatGPT
  • The AI News Hub contains a collection of all the trending news related to AI and it is being updated daily
  • You can search AI tools based on the tech used in developing the tool

Benefits of AI Tools Directory

The AI tools directory is a platform of newly launched AI tools and all the types of AI tools available to use. This type of platform offers various advantages because it acts as the centralized asset or resource for Artificial Intelligence tools and software.

Nowadays to find the right tool, the AI directory tool is commonly used among the users to browse the variety of AI and gather information about the upcoming new launches.

1. Centralized Data

The Artificial Intelligence Directory tool provides hassle-free access and a set location for creators and users, from where they can discover a variety of AI tools according to their preferences and requirements.

Not only tools, the AI directories also provide new software launches, platforms, and frameworks. Thus it makes it easier for businesses and individuals to find the right AI-powered essentials for their purpose.

2. Saves Effort and Time

With the help of the AI tools directory, many businesses and individuals can save their precious time in finding the right tool. Through this single platform, they won’t have to research and visit various external websites.

The AI tools directory provides a streamlined, structured list of AI tools according to the niche along with its basic information. Through this, you don’t need to perform heavy research to find the relevant tool for the specific tasks. 

3. Categorization to Find the Right Tool

AI directories provide AI tools according to their features, functionality, type, and its application. You can find the right tool by browsing the category easily to match the specific requirements and needs. 

Because finding a suitable tool gets easier when it is presented in a responsive and organized way. AI directories are now becoming popular these days for many small to large businesses and creators. 

4. Reviews and Feedback 

You can also find the true and genuine reviews of the AI tools, the AI directories also involve honest ratings received by the AI tool users so that it can provide transparency of their functionality and performance. 

After knowing the insights and user ratings, it becomes easier to choose and find a suitable AI tool for the purpose can create outstanding content for the audience. Through feedback and public reviews, it gets easier to trust and give it a try. 

5. Promotion Opportunities For AI Developers

The AI tools directory provides golden opportunities for AI developers and relevant organizations to launch and showcase their AI tools to get sales and audience reviews. Thus it helps them to enhance the functionality to improve their tools. 

Directories provide a dedicated platform to engage their new tool with the audience who visit to find the latest tool to improve their efficiency and save time. Developers here can submit their AI tool for launching and can get amazing opportunities to earn great revenues.

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If you have an interest in exploring the latest AI tools then you should explore these directories. Not just AI tools, you can also get up-to-date with the trending AI news.

AI tools directories are like a library for tools powered by AI, where they are stored in an organized manner.

There is also an opportunity for AI business owners to submit their tools to the top AI tools directory and grow their customers.

Do you have any queries about these best AI tools directory? Then don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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