Chatbase Lifetime Deal 2024 – Does That LTD Exist?

Are you looking for the Chatbase lifetime deal 2024? If yes, then you have landed in the right place to activate the deal.

Generating content is becoming easier with days because of tools like ChatGPT. Nowadays every website or service is trying to have its own chatbots that are superly intelligent with the help of provided data to them.

Have you ever tried to create such custom-trained chatbots?

Yes! You can create your own ChatGPT chatbots trained on your own data. You are at the right place to know about such a chatbot builder tool named Chatbase.

Chatbase Lifetime Deal

Update: The Chatbase lifetime deal has ended now.

chatbase lifetime deal

Chatbase has some major costs of their own platform but on Appsumo we are getting a one-time purchase lifetime deal. Users will get multiple benefits with this deal of access to Chatbase for a lifetime. 

Users can not stack the plans so when users want to update limitations that can be done with a change of plan. Plans can be upgraded from tier 1 to tier 2. 

Chatbase lifetime deal comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. Chatbase can be embedded on unlimited websites. API access to OpenAI is also provided in the second-tier plan. 

Chatbase Lifetime deal from Appsumo provides all future AI model updates from your chatbots. Right now Chatbase works on GPT-3.5 technology. Multiple files are allowed to upload to your plan.

Features of Chatbase Lifetime Deal

Chatbase chatbots have to be trained according to your data. To train your bot you can upload material in multiple formats like Word documents, PDFs, and other text files.

Not only file uploads but users can also copy and paste the data to train your bot.

Chatbots have different modification modes like Modes of prompt in dark or light themes, providing the option to upload photos. You have the option to modify the text box designs.

Pricing of Chatbase Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo has a lifetime deal on Chatbase with 2 different plans. These are tier plans with One-time purchases. Here are some details of each tier plan and its pricing:

License Tier 1 – $29 (One time purchase)

  • Monthly Message Credit of 1000
  • 10 Chatbots
  • 2 Million in a Chatbots lexicon

License Tier 2 – $159 (One time purchase)

  • Monthly Message Credit of 5000
  • 40 Chatbots
  • 6 million in the Chatbots lexicon
  • OpenAI API key integration for monthly quota tracking
  • Chatbase Logo removed

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  • Enter Your email address in the given input place.
  • After entering the email click on the Unlock My 10% button below it.
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Condition: This offer is available only for new users or subscribers (that is the user who is purchasing any tool from AppSumo for the first time are allowed to get this 10% discount).

What is Chatbase?

Chatbase is a tool that allows you to create AI-based Chatbots which can be educated as per your details and also can be integrated into your websites.

Chatbase is a unique chatbot creator over others as it allows the creation of a custom information-centric chatbot. It’s easy to design the chatbot with your personal customizations according to your brand’s values. 

Multiple features are provided to customize the chatbot with modifications in prompts so that it can be treated with different senses of humor and restrictions on a number of word generations. 

Don’t forget to read our detailed review of Chatbase.

Whenever you are trying to build your own chatbot at that time your major interest was in keeping users interacting and satisfied. Chatbase provides advanced analytical features including collecting and visualizing the user interaction data with messages sent by users, and user satisfaction levels. This visualization of data includes charts and graphs for monitoring patterns. 

Improvements in user experience can be done with improvements in the flow of work on websites. User interaction with a chatbot will automatically generate the flow report through which you can detect the issue and sort them.

Features of Chatbase

Chatbase is an AI chatbot creator, integrator, and trainer tool providing multiple distinguishing features over other chatbot builders.

1) AI-based Analysis of Messages

Chatbase helps to keep track of all user messages and its response from a chatbot. All the messages are analyzed in such a way that message flow, and message problem pinpoints can be tracked well.

If there is some major issue then it will be helpful to track what users are facing right now. Message analysis helps in customers’ communication time and interactions.

2) Customization Options

Chatbase offers several customization options. From changing the chat interface theme to the logo of your chatbot, you can change everything in just a few clicks.

Chatbase allows you to set up the initial message, suggested message, and many more. You can also add the display name of your chatbot.

3) Free Trial Plan

Chatbase free trial is available for all new users. So you can try this chatbot builder with any premium subscription.

In this free trial, you will get 30 free message credits. You can use these credits for testing the quality of the chatbots created by Chatbase. After using the free trial credits you can upgrade to its affordable premium plans starting at just $19/month.

4) Collect Leads

Do you know Chatbase chatbots can help you in lead generation for your business? Yes, that’s true, you just need to activate this feature in the settings of your chatbot.

It allows you to collect information like the name, email, and phone numbers of your customers.

Chatbase Plans & Pricing 

Chatbase comes with 4 different plans. Plans are designed according to usage for users. Have a look at the features of each plan and choose a plan according to your requirements.

1) Hobby Plan ($19 per month)

The hobby plan is made for the hobbyist who wants to try the Chatbase. It has some limitations which can be tried by beginners.

The hobby plan has the following features:

  • 2000 Message Credits Per Month
  • 5 Chatbots Limit
  • 2 Lakh Characters allowed per chatbot
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Upload Multiple Files Allowed
  • API Access to Open AI

2) Growth Plan ($49 per Month)

The growth plan is made for startups. It has increased limitations over Hobby plans.

The growth Plan has the following features:

  • 5000 Message Credits per Month
  • 10 Chatbots Limit
  • 4 Lakh Characters allowed per chatbot
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Upload Multiple Files Allowed
  • API Access to Open AI

3) Standard Plan ($99 per Month)

Standard Plan is the most popular premium plan of Chatbase.

Standard Plan has the following features:

  • 10000 message credits per month
  • 20 chatbots limit
  • 6 Lakh Characters allowed per Chatbot
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Upload Multiple Files Allowed
  • API Access to Open AI
  • Option to choose GPT version (Available GPT-4)

4) Unlimited Plan ($399 per Month)

Those who don’t want any limitations on messages and everything else then can go with the unlimited plan from Chatbase.

Unlimited Plan has the following features:

  • 400000 messages allowed every month
  • 40 Chatbots limit
  • 11 Lakh Characters allowed per chatbot
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Upload Multiple Files Allowed
  • API Access to Open AI
  • Option to choose GPT version (Available GPT-4)
  • Option to remove Chatbase logo and credentials


Chatbase lifetime deals can get expired anytime. Grab this deal from AppSumo as soon as possible. If you are buying this lifetime deal, I will recommend you go for the License Tier 2 plan because the Tier 1 plan has just 1,000 message credits per month.

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