Chatbase Review (2024) – Best Custom ChatGPT Chatbot Builder?

Are you looking for an unbiased Chatbase review? If yes, then you have probably landed on the best page on the internet.

Because in this article I will be sharing my personal experience with Chatbase and will guide you to create your first custom-trained ChatGPT chatbot. With Chatbase you can create chatbots in just a few seconds.

First, we will start by discussing what Chatbase is and who should consider using Chatbase. Then we will look into the important features and alternatives of Chatbase.

So, are you curious to know about this amazing tool? Let’s dig into it…

What is Chatbase?

Chatbase is an innovative and powerful custom-trained ChatGPT chatbot builder. Basically, it gets trained on the information sets you give and provide answers according to them.

chatbase review

It is a great tool for online businesses that need a chatbot to answer all the queries related to the business to their customers.

Chatbase allows you to create chatbots effortlessly without any coding knowledge. So, if you are one of those who don’t have any technical knowledge then also you can build ChatGPT chatbots for your online ventures.

This chatbot builder is designed to understand natural languages and content so that it can interpret users’ input and provide a meaningful response.

Talking about its technology, it is powered by the GPT-3.5 turbo model, and in some plans, it also offers the option to choose GPT-4 model.

Who should use Chatbase?

Chatbase chatbots can be beneficial for many users and businesses. If you are one of those listed below then you should give a try to Chatbase.

Online Businesses – Nowadays many businesses are coming online for better accessibility. For an online business, you require an assistant who could guide your audience and answer all their queries. Chatbase can generate a specially trained chatbot with information about your business.

Website Owners – Want to improve the engagement of your website and provide a better user experience to your audience? Then create a custom train chatbot for your website using Chatbase and embed it into your website effortlessly.

Marketing Professional – If you are a marketing professional then you will be happy to hear that Chatbase chatbots can help you generate leads. It has the option to collect emails from users. Moreover, Chatbase chatbots can also help you in increasing customer engagement.

So, these are some potential use cases of Chatbase. Anyone looking to create a custom-trained ChatGPT chatbot can definitely give it a try to Chatbase.

How to create a chatbot with Chatbase?

Building a custom-trained ChatGPT chatbot using Chatbase is just a matter of a few clicks. Let’s get started creating our very own chatbot:

Step 1: Click on this exclusive link to visit the official page of Chatbase. Then click on the “Build Your Chatbot” button as shown in the screenshot.

chatbase review

Step 2: Then you will see the Data Source section. Here you have to give the information sets based on which your chatbot will be trained.

Basically, here you have to give your business or service information. Four different sources are available for use.

First, we have the ‘Files’ option. In this option, information sets are provided in a PDF file. Write all the information about your business in a docx file, download it in a pdf format, and upload it here.

Next, we have the ‘Text’ option. This section itself allows us to write the data directly.

Then comes my favorite way to add information, that is, the “Website” option. Simply enter the URL of the homepage of your website, and it will fetch all the pages of your site.

The last option is the “Q&A” section. Here you can write the questions and answers by yourself to train your chatbot.

Step 3: Choose the Data Source as per your preference. In my case, I have selected the “Website” option.

In the URL section I have provided the link to my account profile. It successfully fetched all the URLs that are available.

Now click on the “Create Chatbot” button below the URLs.

That’s it, your chatbot is ready. Now you can ask questions, and start conversations with your chatbot.

Chat Interface Settings

Few customization options are available in this chatbot. Here is how you can customize your chatbot:

Initial Massage: By default, the first message of the chatbot is “Hi! What can I help you with?”. You can change this sentence with anything you want.

Theme: There are two theme options available – light and dark. The default theme is light.

Chatbot profile picture: You can upload any image from your local device as your chatbot profile picture.

Display name: Provide a name for your chatbot that will be publicly visible on the top position of the chatbot.

Well, there are many other settings available, you can explore and customize your chatbot as per your requirements.

Embed Chatbot on Websites

Before you start embedding the chatbot on your website you have to change two important settings.

Go to the Setting and scroll up to the Visibility section. By default, it is selected as ‘Private’. You have to change it to either ‘Private but can be embedded on the website’ or choose ‘Public’.

Next, in the Domain section, users have to add the domain name of their website where they want to add the chatbot.

Now click on the “Embed on website” option from the menu. Here you will get two options – iframe code and script code. For WordPress users, there is a plugin of Chatbase that can help to add chatbots without any effort.

Copy any of these codes and paste them into the codebase of your website. That’s it, you have successfully added the chatbot to your website.

Features of Chatbase

Chatbase is launched quite early in the market of custom-trained chatbots. It offers some exciting features. Let’s start exploring them:

1) Collect customer emails

Well, one of the notable features of Chatbase is its ability to collect customer emails. This feature can help in the growth of leads and boost the conversion rate of your business.

Collecting customer emails has multiple advantages you will have a target audience for your marketing campaigns, build personal communications, and follow-up.

Customer emails will help your business stay connected with your targeted customer base. Occasionally you can send them business updates, promotions, and deals directly to their inbox. This feature will definitely help you to grow the customer base of your business.

2) Powered by GPT-4 technology

You may probably know that GPT-4 is the fourth generation of OpenAI’s foundation model. It is the most recent version of the GPT series by OpenAI. This advanced language model has the ability to produce exact human-like responses and engage with the audience.

Where most of the AI tools function on the GPT-3 technology, Chatbase is one step ahead of them. Chatbase chatbots can understand the emotion behind your customer queries and provide a relevant answers.

But GPT-4 is not available in all the plans of Chatbase. Only the Standard plan and Unlimited plan have the option to choose GPT-4. By default, Chatbase uses GPT-3.5 turbo for your chatbots.

3) Safe and Secure

Chatbase is developed with privacy and security in mind. The content you upload to train your chatbots is hosted on secure AWS/GCP servers. It uses some strict privacy protection protocols to make user information confidential.

Chatbase is a reliable custom chatbot builder and because of its commitment to privacy, it is gaining the trust and confidence of users.

4) Customization Options

Chatbots of Chatbase are provided with many personalization options. You can design the chat interface, edit the initial message, provide a suggested message, and much more.

It can also be easily customized to reflect your business identity through personalized greetings, matching the color with your brand’s color, and even setting the chatbot profile picture with your brand icon.

These customization options help to enhance the user experience and build a strong connection between the chatbot and your business audience.

5) Multiple Integration Options

If your website is hosted on WordPress then you will be happy to hear that Chatbase offers WordPress integration to seamlessly use chatbots on your website. Once this chatbot is integrated, it can interact with your website visitors and also can do real-time communication.

Chatbase also offers a plugin for WordPress users to embed chatbots directly into your website in just a few clicks. You just need to upload the information about your website in a pdf file and get a custom-trained chatbot for your website.

Users also get a chance to integrate Chatbase with Zapier. Zapier is a popular automation tool that makes it possible to connect with different web applications. This integration allows chatbots to transfer data and communicate with other applications.

Well, Slack and Shopify are two other popular integrations of Chatbase that are coming soon. Hopefully, these two integrations will start very soon.

Plans and Pricing of Chatbase

Chatbase can create a real-time chat assistant for your website that will be available 24*7. The best thing about this tool is its affordability.

Chatbase offers 4 premium plans designed to meet different needs and requirements. To access the full potential of Chatbase you can choose any of these premium plans and start creating your chatbot.

Let’s have a look at the overview of four premium plans available:

1) Hobby Plan

Basically, the Hobby plan is the entry-level premium plan that provides all the necessary features that anyone needs to create a custom ChatGPT-trained chatbot. You can create up to 5 chatbots in this plan.

Features of this plan:

  • Users will get 2,000 message credits per month
  • Create up to 5 chatbots for your websites
  • Allow 2,000,000 characters for each chatbot
  • Embed on unlimited websites
  • Get API access

Talking about the pricing, this plan will cost $19/month for choosing monthly billing and $190/year for the annual billing system.

NOTE: I will recommend you choose the annual billing cycle because you will get 2 months free subscription in the annual billing.

2) Growth Plan

The Growth plan some additional benefits and upgraded experience. The Growth plan is best for those business owners who require more flexibility and optimize their chatbot performance.

Features of this plan:

  • Everything in the Hobby plan +
  • Users will get 5,000 message credits per month
  • Create up to 10 chatbots for your websites
  • Allow 4,000,000 characters for each chatbot

The Growth plan of Chatbase comes at $49 per month for monthly billing and $490/year for yearly billing.

3) Standard Plan

The standard plan of Chatbase has the option to choose GPT-4 technology for your chatbot. By default, Chatbase is powered by GPT-3.5 turbo technology.

Features of this plan:

  • Everything in the Growth plan +
  • Users will get 10,000 message credits per month
  • Create up to 20 chatbots for your websites
  • Allow 6,000,000 characters for each chatbot

The pricing of the Standard plan is $99/month for monthly billing and it will cost $990/year for the annual billing cycle.

4) Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan is the top-tier plan of Chatbase, it is designed to meet the requirements of large organizations and enterprise businesses. This plan also has the option to choose GPT-4 technology.

A remarkable feature of this plan is the option to remove the “Powered by Chatbase” mark in chatbots.

Features of the Unlimited plan:

  • 40,000 message credits per month
  • 40 chatbots
  • 11,000,000 characters per chatbot
  • Choose GPT-4 (optional)
  • Remove the “Powered by Chatbase” mark

For monthly billing this plan comes at $399 per month and for yearly billing this plan will cost $3,990/year.

Extra message credits (Add-ons)

Well, once the message credits of your current plan get exhausted you can get extra message credits add-ons. For 1000 add-ons message credits you have to pay $7.

This particular feature allows the flexibility of usage without worrying about the message credit limits of your active plan.

Suppose you have subscribed for the Hobby plan where you are getting 2,000 message credits per month for 5 chatbots, so if these message credits exhaust you can easily get Add-ons subscriptions.

Chatbase AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Currently, the Chatbase lifetime deal is live on the AppSumo platform. The pricing of this deal is starting from just $29. It is a great deal to experience the power of Chatbase at an affordable price.

License Tier 1 – This plan will cost you $29 (One-time purchase). The features that are included in this plan are:

  • 1,000 message credits per month
  • 10 chatbots
  • 2,000,000 characters per chatbot

License Tier 2 – This Licence Tier comes at $159 (One-time purchase). The features of this plan are listed below:

  • 5,000 message credits per month
  • 40 chatbots
  • 6,000,000 characters per chatbot
  • Remove the “Powered by Chatbot” mark

You can definitely try any of these plans as per your requirements. I will recommend you to go for License Tier 2 where you can create up to 40 chatbots.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is also available in the Chatbase AppSumo lifetime deal. So you can try out this deal risk-free.

Pros and Cons of Chatbase

Chatbase is very helpful for people searching for custom-trained chatbots builder, but it also has some downsides. So, let’s explore the pros and cons of using the Chatbase:


  • Simple user interface and affordable for all
  • Free trial for all the new users
  • Supports GPT-4 (OpenAI’s latest model) in the Standard and Unlimited plans 
  • Customization options are available in the chatbot
  • Training data are stored in a secure GCP/AWS server
  • For WordPress users, there is a plugin and integrations available
  • They offer API to interact with your chatbots


  • None of the plans offers unlimited message credits per month
  • Only the Unlimited plan has the option to remove the “Powered by Chatbase” mark

Alternatives of Chatbase

If you are looking for alternatives to Chatbase, then you should explore this section.


Botsonic is launched by the Writesonic team, which is one of the most popular AI writing assistant tools. Botsonic is powered by GPT-4 model that does not require any coding knowledge to create a chatbot.

It is a custom train ChatGPT chatbot builder that is trained on your custom data. Botsonic can help you to create chatbots in just 2 minutes.

CustomGPT ai

Well, another alternative to Chatbase is, as the name suggests it is also a custom ChatGPT chatbot builder. It is costlier than Chatbase pricing starting from $49 per month.

FAQs on Chasebase Review

I have listed some frequently asked questions related to the Chatbase review and provided the answer below. You can have a quick look at them.

What is Chatbase?

Since you are reading this Chatbase review I am sure you are aware of ChatGPT. Basically, Chatbase helps to create ChatGPT chatbots that are specially trained on your provided information and data.

Does Chatbase offers any free trial?

Yes, you can click on this link and activate the free trial of Chatbase where you will get 30 message credits for 1 chatbot.

How Chatbase message credits works?

In the GPT-3.5 turbo model, for 1 response from the chatbot, you will be charged 1 message credit. And in the GPT-4 model, you will be charged 20 message credits for 1 response. So, better use the GPT-3.5 model to save message credits.

Is there any Chatbase coupon code available?

Unfortunately, there is no active coupon code for Chatbase. But you can choose the Yearly billing cycle to get 2 months of free access to Chatbase.

How many languages are supported by Chatbase?

Chatbase supports almost 95 popular languages. So you can start creating your chatbot without worrying about language.


Overall, Chatbase is an affordable tool for creating custom-trained ChatGPT chatbots for online businesses and website owners. I personally liked its WordPress integration features.

You can also try Chatbase free trial for creating your first ChatGPT chatbot where they allow you to create 1 chatbot absolutely free of cost.

Chatbase has several use cases like generating leads, increasing user engagements, driving more conversions, customer support, and much more.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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