How To Detect AI Generated Content? (Ultimate Solution)

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In a nutshell, is a renowned AI-detection and plagiarism checker for all types of writing.

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As AI content creation tools have become more widely available, there has been a rise in the demand for AI content detecting tools, and we’re going to explore one of the best AI generated content detecting tools now in this article!

Let’s dive into the content,

Who should use an AI content detector?

I wouldn’t be shocked if colleges and schools soon began using these kinds of technologies to evaluate submitted academic work and essays. 

Here are several companies in the area of digital marketing that urgently want these solutions in order to save money or avoid SEO penalties.

1. Content creation firm

Many entrepreneurs own and operate content agencies that provide content services to organizations of all sizes. 

They typically deal with freelance writers, and it is therefore critical for them to employ an AI content detector solution that is not only inexpensive but also provides API services for them to examine content on a large scale.

2. Website Buyers

Many individuals and businesses all over the world use platforms such as Flippa, Sedo, or Empireflippers to purchase already established websites. To ensure that your next purchase is future-proof, do a website scan to detect AI-written content before making your purchase decision.

3. Webmasters

If you manage a website and engage writers to create content for you, you must determine whether the content produced by your authors is original or generated by AI. 

Simultaneously, if you allow guest authors to contribute pieces, you must verify AI material before posting.

Here, comes into play as a tool for detecting artificial intelligence-generated content.

To summarise, if you want to save time and identify plagiarism in content, use!

Simply put, everybody who creates blog content requires AI content detection technology from Originality AI.

What exactly is Originality AI?

Detect AI Generated Content is an AI-powered tool that can identify if your content is created by AI and includes plagiarism.

This tool is designed for audiences of all sizes, and you can use it to scan specific text or a whole site.

Even if the content written by AI these days appears to have been created by a human, there is software that can still tell whether the content was created by AI or not. This is nicely shown by

If you’re a blogger or content creator, you’re well aware that “Google’s spam guidelines ban content that is “produced automatically without providing anything original or adding adequate value.” 

Google’s systems are extremely advanced, and they will almost certainly learn to detect significantly AI-driven content over time.

That’s why if you’re taking written content from any content writer then check it on an AI detector like OriginalityAi which tells you whether the content is written by AI tools like or not!

Following are some of OriginalityAI’s standout features:

  • It supports all widely used NLP techniques
  • An easy-to-use interface (works on desktop and mobile)
  • API connectivity – When you want, you can enable this option in your tool
  • Discover ChatGPT-generated content with an accuracy score of 94%
  • Website owners can use the website scan feature to determine whether the content was written with the assistance of AI.

How to detect AI generated content via

In order to use this tool, first you need to create to account on!

Step 1: Click on this unique partnership link to be taken directly to the Originality AI Official website landing page, where you can sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Create your Originality.AI account by clicking the “SignUp Now” button at the bottom of the page.

The registration process is really easy and straightforward. To complete the registration procedure, just enter your email address, name, and password on the new page.

This is what the interface looks like right now, and I expect it to be much better by the time you come back in a few weeks:

Detect AI Generated Content

Additionally, provides a Chrome extension that you can use to check for AI-written material on any website, including Google Docs, WordPress, Email, and others. 

However, it also assists in the detection of plagiarism and may end up being a crucial component of your content production.

Let’s look at how to use Originality.AI to scan websites:

Well, click on the New Content Scan button which you can see on the page, & by this you will get a report of content.

You can acquire a report on content by clicking the New Content Scan button that is shown on the page. 

It will show data in the following metrics –

  • AI detection score
  • Plagiarism score
  • Plagiarised content
  • Original content

In this way, you can use Originality.AI to detect AI generated content as well as to check for plagiarism in any article or written content.

Features of Originality AI

OriginalityAI serves as a content analyzer and plagiarism detector for content producers. To avoid Google penalties, you must use OriginalityAI to test the material you write for your website using AI, and then make human adjustments to make it seem as though it were produced by a human rather than an AI tool.

When choosing Originality.Ai above other available options, you should keep in mind the following important aspects:

1. AI Content Detector

The OriginalityAI Content Scanner and AI Detector is presently a simple tool. Just an AI detection score is returned. The score is determined on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 indicating complete freedom from AI.

The best way to use OriginalityAI is to copy and paste sections of your message one at a time.

In this way, you can identify any poor sections and edit them to add new information or reword existing ones. offers a proven 94% accuracy record when it comes to identifying AI-generated content, including ChatGPT and GPT-3.

2. Plagiarism Detector

A plagiarism detection tool is also available from OriginalityAI, and the cost is comparable to Copyscape, the top plagiarism detection tool on the market. 

To test their plagiarism detector, I entered my coupon code article, and let’s see the result:

The result after the scan:

Here you can see the list of websites that the content is matching with. In this case, you can see the URL of my article.

I’m not sure why the overall rating was just 40%, but it correctly identified content piracy.

3. URL Inspection

This new functionality from OriginalityAI will let you easily check a URL or a whole website for plagiarism. 

It is being created to assist website buyers who need to investigate the origin of a site.

You won’t need to manually examine each piece of material for copied text once this capability is ready. 

4. Easy to use APP access

OriginalityAI can be integrated into your own software or platform to improve productivity and achieve more in one place. It’s a terrific method to save time by checking for plagiarism on the move.

5. Team collaboration, and work supports an infinite number of users. 

Use OriginalityAI collaboratively to track the originality of all authored and submitted work if you have a team of writers or editors. 

This will enable you to make sure that every piece of content satisfies your standards for originality.

6. Detection of AI-written content

It’s not just about plagiarism, but also about AI-generated text. The tool assists you in determining whether or not any content was generated by ai technology. 

This is especially handy if you want to identify whether the information was created by a person or not.

The following sorts of AI-written content can be detected by

  • The OpenAI GPT-2: Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 2 models are used to translate text, answer inquiries, provide summaries, and generate content to a specific standard.
  • GPT-J: EleutherAI launched GPT-J as an alternative to OpenAI’s GPT 3
  • GPT-3: It is an OpenAI-developed natural language processing tool that can create human-like text
  • ChatGPT: This is a customized version of GPT-3 that is designed specifically for producing chatbot talks.

An example of OriginalityAI’s AI detection report is shown below:

I enjoy how an AI text generator can help you generate ideas, titles, outlines, meta descriptions, rewrite the text, and more. This tool can support you in producing high-converting copies in a shorter amount of time.

At the time, Google considered auto-generated content to be spam! That is why you must develop original material created by humans rather than AI content creation tools such as Jasper AI and ChatGPT.

Plan & Pricing: What is the pricing of

The pricing for Originality.AI is really affordable, as I previously stated. They bill in credits, with each credit costing one cent ($0.01). 

If you’re looking for an OriginalityAI discount, you may use the code BLOGGINGFIX to save 25% on your first 2,000 credits.

For one credit, 100 words can be checked for plagiarism or AI content; if you opt to check both, the number of credits required for the scan doubles.

The details are as follows:

  • $20: 2,000 credits
  • $50: 5,000 credits
  • $100: 10,000 credits

A single 2,000 word article from an SEO content writer may cost $400! As a result, purchasing credits through OriginalityAI is a relatively small cost for nearly all content creators.

Even though charging per word arguably would have been simpler, understanding the credit system is still rather straightforward.

Why it is crucial to identify AI-generated content?

AI-generated content is created by a machine. AI content frequently refers to written content such as blog posts, marketing copy, and articles.

AI content producers require some human input, such as a description, prompt, or parameters. The input could be a term, phrase, or brief paragraph, depending on the text generated by the generator.

The goal of AI-generated content is to eliminate the need for human interaction in content creation. Marketers may employ AI-content generators to automate or program any expensive or time-consuming part of the content marketing process.

However, identifying AI-generated content is critical now since Google has stated that AI-generated content is spam for us!

That is, if you developed content using AI technologies such as Jasper AI, Google will not rank your article if they discover it was written by an AI tool.

For this reason, you should add a human touch to any form of written content so that it appears to have been produced by a content writer rather than an AI tool.

What are the Pros and Cons of

This tool’s benefits and drawbacks are all listed here:

Pros of Originality.AI:

  • It is quite simple to use because you simply paste your content to generate a score
  • Simple-to-use UI, premium community, and dedicated email support
  • According to the data from Originality.AI, the AI Content detection capability appears to be extremely accurate
  • The pricing is quite low, with OriginalityAI costing $20 to find AI-generated text with up to 2000 words.

Cons of Originality.AI:

  • There is no grading feature, and there is no live chat help
  • The tool does not disclose which parts of your content were detected as AI
  • There are no pricing and plan options like other brands, such as three different types of plans, thus they have fixed pricing as a credit model.

Finally, I don’t believe OriginalityAI’s disadvantages surpass its positives, especially when considering its low pricing.

FAQs about AI-Content Detector

The following are the frequently asked questions related to how to detect AI generated content easily with –

What exactly is

For content producers, is a plagiarism and artificial intelligence-based content detector.

Is there a lifetime offer from

No, Originality.Ai does not provide a lifetime deal, but you can use the Originality.AI promo code to get a 25% discount at checkout.

Where can I find the Originality.AI discount code?

Yes, there is a unique discount code BLOGGINGFIX for 25% off, however, you are not required to apply it. Simply sign up through this link, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Is it possible to get a free trial of

No, this product does not provide a free trial; instead, you must acquire a premium subscription.

How to detect AI generated content using

It’s simple; first, register a new account on the platform, and then begin identifying AI generated content by scanning sites.

Should I make use of an AI detection tool?

Yes, if you publish anything written by another content writer, you should use an AI detection tool to see if your content writer is using an AI tool.


This article is all about How to Easily Detect AI Generated Content using!

Not long ago, AI seemed like something from a remote futuristic world. In the modern day, content generators are a popular addition to any marketer’s technology stack.

The key to getting the most out of AI content generators is to use them when your team is in need of assistance.

That’s where AI writing tools excel, whether it’s creating a large number of product descriptions or coming up with some original title concepts.

AI content creator technologies such as Jasper AI have the ability to improve your marketing initiatives!

So, what are you still waiting for? Get this advanced AI content detector and piracy detection tool.

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