The craze of AI voices is increasing at a heavy speed. People are creating YouTube videos, podcasts, and social media videos using AI voices.

Text to AI voice generation tools provides a streamlined solution for instantly turning the written text into a properly tuned AI voice. Thus it eliminates the cost of human voice artists and expensive voice recording equipment.

I personally used ElevenLabs for some of my projects. All my experience with this tool you can read in this ElevenLabs review.

This AI tool provides some notable features like text-to-speech conversions, voice cloning, voice library, audio enhancer, and much more. We will explore all these features in this article,

About ElevenLabs

Elevenlabs is a powerful AI voice generation tool that supports 29 languages and all diverse accents. It was founded in the year 2022.

With the help of this tool, users can turn written text prompts into high-quality audio. Thus it will help to save more time and paid resources that were required for getting the desired voice quality.

Users can easily choose to enhance and edit the AI voices from a variety of voice styles, accents, tones, and languages to get the desired voice. 

Having this level of hassle-free customization helps creators to generate high-quality relatable AI voices to communicate with diverse audiences across the globe.

ElevenLabs Key Highlights

Elevenlabs AI text-to-voice tool provides a variety of quick services and a handful of resources for various users to grow their online presence.

Elevenlabs AI tool has been developed to provide solutions and services to enhance audio quality and real-time voice generation.

  • Elevenlabs AI tool helps you to convert your written text or scripts into real human-like voices in a single click.
  • It can Generate AI natural human voices in multiple languages.
  • Offers an advanced level of customization to tune and edit the AI voices such as – tone, style, accents, and languages.
  • Clone your own voice and convert it to AI voice easily

ElevenLabs AI Tool Overview

Elevenlabs AI tool is capable of transforming easy to complex scripts and text-based inputs into high-quality human-like voices.

1) Easy-to-use Interface

At Elevenlabs AI tool, you can discover a clean, responsive, and easy-to-use user interface. You can work to convert your scripts to speech as well as edit the quality of the voices directly from your dashboard.

2) Supports Global Languages

Its cutting-edge technology is made to work realistically so that it can output human-like voices in different styles, tones, and accents. It supports almost 29+ languages to target all types of audiences.

3) Voice Lab

Explore a dedicated voice lab from where you can perform advanced customization of the voice.

You can clone your own voice, and you can also find cloned voices of other users in the community. If you like any voice in this Lab you can use it in your project with no restrictions.

4) Deep Customization

elevenlabs review

This AI tool offers a deep level of customization which helps to tune, precise, and adjust the AI voice according to the script. This helps to increase and balance the stability and alignment with the words so that it can give a perfect and well-balanced sound effect.

Pros and Cons of ElevenLabs

Elevenlabs is undoubtedly a useful and modern tool for generating and transforming digital content. Explore both sides of this tool to know how you can plan and prepare.


  • Get advanced customization
  • Over 4000+ ready-to-use AI voices
  • Dedicated Hub for Voice Creation, Cloning, Library
  • Inbuilt multiple speech generation models
  • Enhance Speech-to-Speech Contents
  • Fast Processing Speed


  • No Text Pronunciation Option
  • Full Customization is only available in Premium Plans
  • Long-form Voice Cloning requires 30 minutes of voice recording

How to get started with ElevenLabs?

The user interface of the Elevenlabs AI tool is pretty clean and easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily scroll through all the features and functions to generate high-quality AI voices.

Step 1: Click on this exclusive link to visit the official site of the ElevenLabs AI tool. Then click on the “Sign-up” button located in the top right corner of the menu.

Step 2: Here, you can choose to sign up with your existing Google account or any other email account. After checking the privacy terms, click to sign up and wait for a few seconds to verify your user account.

Make sure to enter your correct email address because it will send the verification code to process your user account.

Step 3: Enter your desired username and select any of the sources from which you heard about this tool.

Choose the desired profile based on your requirements, this doesn’t affect the features and functions.

Here, I have chosen a “Creator”, you can select any of the options you want.

Step 4: Once your sign-up process and profile are completed. You will straight over land to the main user panel of Elevenlabs from which you can start your text-to-speech conversion instantly.

In this interface, you will get two functions:

1. Text to Speech: You can select this option, and type out your text or upload your desired text scripts in the provided section, once your script is ready. 

You can click on the settings to choose the desired languages in which you want your audio. Below the settings, you can also choose the desired AI voice model based on your context.

You can customize the AI voice to adjust and modify the desired sound and speech effects on your scripts.

2. Speech to Speech: If you want to enhance and modify your existing speech, simply upload it to the panel, or you can record it directly.

Elevenlabs will automatically optimize and adjust the speech tunes and styles based on the context.

You can even change and adjust the voices through the dedicated customization option available in the dashboard.

Step 5: By default, while signing up for a user account for the first time, you will get active with the “FREE TRIAL” plan.

Here you will get up to 10,000 character limits and up to 540 seconds of supported speech files to check the features and text-to-speech quality output.

In the FREE plan, you can generate up to three custom AI voices with standard limitations as provided in the plan. You can expect voice quality to be basic which is sufficient to use and share on various social media platforms.

If you want standard high-quality voice outputs then you can upgrade your plan to premium versions.

Key Features of the ElevenLabs AI Tool

ElevenLabs provides numerous features and customization to enhance the audio creation process.

Below are some interesting features of ElevenLabs for which it is dominating the market of AI voice generation.

1. Create AI Voice in 29 Languages

Generally, it is seen that most of the AI voice tools don’t provide multiple global language support. Not even the quality of the supported languages is up to the mark.

Keeping these factors in mind, the developers of Elevenlabs have focused on bringing global language support. For each language, there is an option for proper customization of quality and accent.

This allows users to target the desired global audience to reach maximum engagement and traffic.

2. Multiple Speech Model

Elevenlabs supports different models for AI voice generation. It has a total of 4 models that you choose based on your content requirements.

All the models are designed and developed to generate the desired speech outputs.

1) Eleven Multilingual V1

Use this model to generate text-to-speech simultaneously in multiple languages at once. In this model, you will get only up to 9 supported languages in which you can generate AI voices.

2) Eleven Multilingual V2

Through this speech model, you will be able to generate basic speech through your text scripts in multiple languages.

If your script is general and not so advanced, then you can use this model to generate speech in your desired language.

3) Eleven English V1

This model is specially designed to provide high-quality AI voices in English with professional tunes, styles, accents, and pronunciation.

 You can generate advanced English speech through this model for educational or tutorial purposes.

4) Eleven Turbo V2

Through this, you can generate basic speech with general quality. This model is made for short purposes in which you can generate only standard text-to-speech files, you can expect some errors but overall the quality is useable.

3. Online Text Reader

Feeling tired of reading out long-form text and PDF files, upload them to Elevenlabs and choose the desired language. It will fetch all the text and read out all types of text-based files.

Thus, this will save time and effort to read and go through the important terms and facts.

You can use this tool to read aloud – Emails, PDFs, Docs, TXT, etc. in various languages and save its recording to listen whenever you want.

4. AI Voice Cloning

You can now clone your own voice and convert it into a professional voice, with the help of AI Voice Cloning which clones your voice with just a sample of a few seconds of audio.

You can convert and customize it into multiple accents and languages to target global audiences.

This is the most advanced feature provided by Elevenlabs because most of the AI voices are common and are used by several creators already. You can now clone your own voice and customize it accordingly to generate your 100% original content.

How to clone your voice and convert it into an AI voice?

Here I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial for cloning voices using the ElevenLabs AI tool:

Step 1: Selection of Voice Model

ElevenLabs offers two types of Voice Cloning models based on your needs and preferences. It has an “Instant” & “Professional” model based on which you can select which one you want.

Step 2: Sample Uploading

You will be required to upload your voice samples. Make sure to record in a quiet environment so that it can identify each word, tune, and style of your voice.

For the “Instant Voice Model” a minimum of 60 seconds of voice sample is required based on which it will generate your AI cloned voice.

For the “Professional Voice Model” a minimum of 30 minutes of voice sample is required. Once you upload this, you can use your cloned AI voice in up to 29 different supported global languages.

Step 3: Sample Audio Verification

Once you have uploaded your voice, it will run a quick audio verification. It checks whether the voice is original and is uploaded with the minimum standard required for AI voice cloning.

Step 4: Generate AI Voices

Once the verification is completed, you can now choose your cloned voice and use it in your speech or any digital files. You can even customize the voice and change its accents, tones, and styles.

5. AI Voice Library

Depending upon your requirements and use cases, you can find relevant AI voices that are traditionally developed and shared by members like you.

ElevenLabs provides a dedicated community to contribute your unique voice so that other creators can also get benefit from it. 

You can find suitable AI voices through advanced filter options that let you find the most relevant voice samples based on your requirements.

6. AI Dubbing Studio

You can now transform any audio from its default language to 25+ supported global languages in just a single click without changing the basic characteristics and style of the original file.

This feature is developed for dubbing videos in multiple languages.

AI Dubbing Studio analyzes the audio and identifies the language used in the video. It finds the speech and translates it into the desired selected language while keeping exactly the same accent, style, and tone.

Once the file is converted, you can re-use it to target the global audience easily without any heavy outsourcing on dubbing. Elevelabs AI Dubbing studio keeps the file original and authentic.

7. Long-form Voice Generation

Elevelabs provides a dedicated workspace where you can set up and create, translate, and convert long-form (video/audio) files by uploading them into multiple supporting formats.

With complete control under you, get advanced customizations and preloaded elements to edit or enhance speech.

You can manually adjust the duration of pauses between the speech, and recreate it multiple times until you are satisfied with each fragment. All your projects will be saved automatically with the last changes.

Contribute Your Voice to Earn with ElevenLabs

Did you know? You can earn rewards and payouts by uploading and sharing your professional cloned voice so that it can be used for other creators in their content.

Elevenlabs offers a decent reward you can earn via your voice.

Elevenlabs has a voice library that contains more than 4000 unique natural voices shared by various creators, you can also contribute your unique creation and when someone uses your uploaded cloned voice, you will be rewarded.

You can share as many voices as you want, but it should be well-recorded in a quiet environment. When it gets cloned, Elevenlabs automatically optimizes the quality, accent, and style.

The more you upload, the more your rank will get higher and the more you will get cash rewards! You can track the performance via its analytics dashboard.

Use Cases of ElevenLabs Tool

The voices generated by ElevenLabs sound very real and can be used for many use cases. Some of the use cases are mentioned below:

1. Gaming and Streaming Content

Elevenlabs provides amazing character-like voices that exactly match its accent and style. You can create a personalized gaming character voice without any extra resources.

You can adjust and customize the generated AI voices based on the character theme and styles to suit their character.

2. Videos

You can create customized voices for your video content. Enter the script, and generate high-quality AI voices that match your content and sound like a professional human voice.

You can even use your own voice in the video content by using the speech-to-speech model in Elevenlabs.

3. Audiobooks

Want your Audiobooks to be an instant success with perfectly toned voices that are recognized by the majority of the audiences?

With Elevenlabs Text-to-Speech models, you can transform and create a new vibe in your scripts by converting them into speech.

You can search for relevant voices based on the theme of your story. This tool has a large variety of voice libraries for each category, so select and customize it accordingly.

4. WordPress Blog to Audio

Elevenlabs is integrated with WordPress to convert its article [short+long] form, into spoken audio instantly. It automatically analyzes the theme of the content and language used, thus the conversion process becomes much faster.

This way, you can convert your entire blog article into audio and upload it to various other social media platforms to engage more traffic.

5. Presentation Voiceovers

You can now generate an entire voiceover or a speech of a presentation. Just paste the script of your presentation and select the desired AI voice.

You can generate slide-wise scripts and transform them into speech for each slide individually.

6. Professional audio for YouTube video

Want stylish and professional audio for your YouTube videos? Stand out from the competition with modern audio and speech for your videos.

Simply upload the video script and choose a professional voice-over that can be customized easily.

Choose from a wide range of accents, styles, tones, and languages to perfectly match your content and theme. The audio will get automatically synced with your video scripts.

Who should use ElevenLabs?

Elevenlabs provide valuable resources and services for a wide range of users working in different sectors and industries. It contains a huge variety of features related to audio creations and conversions.

Below are the people who should definitely use this tool for their respective benefits and to save heavy resources, effort, and time.

1. Social Media Agencies

Best for those agencies who work to create unique content for their customers. Elevenlabs provides exclusive audio, speech, and voice-overs options.

Audio creation has become much easier for agencies with the help of ElevenLabs.

2. Small Businesses and Enterprises

Businesses can use this tool to create unique audio clips to promote their products. It can generate audio advertisements via marketing scripts in various languages and tones.

3. Educators

Perfectly suitable for creators and educators who share quality content and explanations of complex topics and fields. Use your cloned voice and automatically generate your natural voice through the AI-powered speech model.

Now you can save time and focus on your content creation as this tool will automatically generate audio from your cloned voice.

4. Social Media Influencers

You can easily create instant YouTube shorts and Instagram Reel videos without recording your own voice. Simply upload a sample voice of yours and Elevenlabs voice cloning will automatically generate your voice in multiple accents, tones, and styles.

This tool can create a professional voice in seconds for your social media content with a single click.

Plans and Pricing of ElevenLabs

Elevenlabs offers multiple pricing plans based on your requirements so you should feel cost-effective while using this tool. While all the plans come with certain custom limitations, you can opt for or upgrade to any plan you want at any time.

Refer to the below information to get an overview of the price and character limitations for audio conversion:

  • FREE PLAN [@$0 per Month] – 10,000 Character Limits / 10 Mins
  • STARTER PLAN [@$1 per Month] – 30,000 Character Limits / 30 Mins
  • CREATOR PLAN [@$11 per Month] – 1,00,000 Character Limits / 120 Mins
  • PRO PLAN [@$99 per Month] – 5,00,000 Character Limits / 10 Hrs
  • SCALE PLAN [@$330 per Month] – 2,000,000 Character Limits / 40 Hrs
  • CUSTOM PLAN [@$- per Month] – Custom Character Limits


You can contact the custom executive of Elevenlabs to create customized plans based on your needs. To get the best price, you can choose customized features and restrictions.

If you choose to pay annually, then Elevenlabs will offer you a full 120 days of additional FREE access to all the features.


I hope you enjoyed reading this ElevenLabs review.

In general opinion, Elevenlabs AI tool provides a wide range of audio creation and text-to-audio conversion services to various creators, developers, and businesses. Overall, it offers a decent service as compared with its pricing.

You can stand out differently if you use this tool for creating engaging audio for your videos. One of the best advantages is that it can convert your entire blog into an audiobook or podcast directly.

It’s not only a platform for text-to-voice conversion, it has a dedicated community where users share their unique cloned voices for other users so that they can use it in their content without any restrictions.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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