Fliki Lifetime Deal 2024 → Does Fliki Offer Any LTD?

Fliki is one of the best AI text-to-speech software. If you want to grab this tool at the lowest price, then this is a perfect time.

Because the Fliki lifetime deal is currently live on the AppSumo platform. You can grab this tool for just $189 for a lifetime.

Here in this article, I have also shared a detailed review of the tool, its pros and cons, features, and pricing of Fliki AI. So, you will also get a proper overview of this software.

What is Fliki?

Fliki ai is the AI-powered tool working in text-to-speech technology. Fliki is useful for all content creators who want to create audio and video content. In today’s era, Youtube shorts and Instagram reels are getting popular with time.

Their popularity provides an opportunity to attract more users and engage them with your content. That’s why Shorts and Reels are said to have higher potential. 

But having a voice-over artist for creators is challenging in terms of their charges and their availability. So it’s better to have personal AI-based voice artist software which can work better like a Human Voice artist.

Fliki Lifetime Deal 2024

Update: Fliki AppSumo lifetime deal has ended now!

fliki lifetime deal

Fliki lifetime deal is available on the AppSumo platform. Here are the features and details of the Lifetime Deal of Fliki AI.

  • Fliki AI Lifetime Deal offers lifetime access to Fliki
  • One coupon code is provided for all the users which are needed to be redeemed within 60 days of purchase
  • All upcoming updates for Fliki AI are offered in lifetime deal purchases
  • This deal is not stackable

Note – 60 Days Money Back Guarantee is provided with the Lifetime Deal. That means users can get 2 Month of usage trial for trying all its features.

Basic Features Of Fliki Lifetime Deal

The basic features that you will get with Fliki are listed below:

  • Access to all 640+ High-Quality AI Voices
  • Access 65+ Languages
  • Access to 100+ Dialects
  • Advanced Script Editors
  • Multiple Voices in One Script
  • Audio uploading in between scripts
  • Create and Host Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • Create and Host unlimited Audiobooks
  • Embeddable Audio Players
  • Beautiful Public Pages for Podcasts and audiobooks
  • 30,000 Words per Month conversion access allowed
  • Create videos by adding images

Pricing of Fliki Lifetime Deal

Fliki AI is offering a Lifetime deal for $1899. Wondered about pricing?

This pricing is regular and now it’s $189 offer pricing. So users are getting the plan at just 10% pricing of the regular one.

What can be created with Fliki?

You must have tried AI-based assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa. These all are the AI-powered Text To Speech Online software or assistants. Fliki ai is somewhat similar to them but its usage is different from Assistants.

1) Voice Over Creator

We can create the voiceovers with the help of Fliki ai. You have to write and submit the script as input to fliki ai and within a short period of time, it will generate the AI Voice over for you.

The best part of the voiceovers generated through Fliki AI is that its voiceover doesn’t sound like a robotic one, but it’s natural human sounding. 

2) Video Maker

Fliki AI provides timeline manipulated video maker inbuilt software. With the help of this, users can arrange clips, images, generated voiceovers, background music, and much more video editing stuff. Video rendering can be done through Fliki within a short period of time.

3) Podcast Maker

Podcasts are taking over all platforms nowadays. Dedicated audience base target and analysis can be done through the platform of fliki. Users can post the podcast to any other platforms and one more positive thing is that you get the page to showcase all your podcasts from Fliki AI. 

4) AudioBook Creator

Users have the option to convert their ebooks to audiobooks. Creating an audiobook from an eBook doesn’t take more than a minute.

Key Features of Fliki AI

Well, Fliki comes with lots of features. Some of the interesting features are explained here.

1) Support 65+ Languages

In the current situation, Fliki AI is offering 65 plus languages support for AI voice-over. Creating videos in local languages can be possible with Fliki AI.

Not just 65 languages but it also has an option of different voice tones and we can listen to them first and can use it after listening to them. 

2) Different Dialects and Accents

Different Dialects and accents options are available in all languages. In the English language, Fliki offers 100 plus Accents with different tones and voice notes.

Voiceovers have different options of Male and Female voiceovers with tonnes of excitement and whispering.

Child Voiceovers are another best-advanced feature to make children’s videos.

3) Script Editor

Editing script for text-to-speech software makes it more useful. Users can edit the script by changing its tunes, adding pauses, and pronunciation trials. That means users can fine-tune each and every sentence. 

4) Pronunciation Map

Adding your own voice and dictionary can be possible with fliki ai. Users can use that pronunciation in the next videos also.

Plans & Pricing of Fliki

Fliki comes with 2 plans and one free trial plan. Let’s discuss more about the free trial plan and the other two paid plans’ features and pricing.

Free Trial Plan

A Free Trial plan is available for all users to try the features of Fliki AI. In a free trial plan, users can generate 1000 words of text-to-speech every month. Users can generate realistic voiceovers using the AI of Fliki, can create the podcast and host it, can create audiobooks, and create videos using text.

Users have access to 700+ voices and 65+ languages with 100+ dialects in a free trial. Which is almost 100% access to all features of fliki AI.

Not only just about features but users also have access to premium communities in Free Plan.

Saver Plan ($29 per month)

The Saver plan is made for individual creators. Users can generate 10,000 words every month.

Creating realistic Voice Overs using AI is easier with the Saver plan. Users can create and host podcasts and audiobooks through Fliki AI.

An important feature of creating videos from the Saver plan of Fliki AI is that you don’t have any watermark on the video. Access to 700+ voices, 65+ Languages, and 100+ Dialects with all commercial rights are given with Saver Plan. Access to Premium Community is provided in the Saver plan.

Premium Plan ($89 per month)

Premium Plan is the highest limit plan from Fliki AI. Using the Premium Plan users can generate 50,000 words every month.

Generating creative realistic voiceovers, Creating and hosting podcasts and audiobooks, without watermark videos creation is also possible in a professional plan.

Access to 700+ voices, 65+ Languages, and 100+ Dialects with all commercial rights are given with Premium Plan.

A dedicated account manager is provided with Premium Plan for users with dedicated priority support on email and chats. Every new feature is provided for all premium plan users.

Pros and Cons of Fliki AI

As I have mentioned in earlier stages of the article, now here I have listed out the best and worst things of Fliki AI.


  • Video editing tool with the timeline. It’s not a tool like pro tools but not worse than it.
  • Free forever plan available. The free plan doesn’t have a problem in it but in video editing software it will show a watermark.
  • Easy to use UI and Not technical so can be used by non-tech geeks.
  • Horizontal Timeline for video editing and Vertical Timelines are provided for scripts.
  • Voiceovers can be customized according to users. So a highly customized facility was provided.
  • The Saver Plan is affordable for everyone but for those who want lifetime access to those lifetime deals is best to purchase.
  • Multiple languages and voice stones support make the Fliki AI different from other Text To Speech AI Tools.
  • Multiple accents and dialects are provided with men’s and women’s voice tones options and child voice options. 


  • Monthly subscription plans are comparatively expansive
  • Don’t have multiple background music options.
  • Video Transitions are limited as it’s not special video editing made software.

FAQs Related to Fliki Lifetime Deal

There are many frequently asked questions related to the Fliki lifetime deal, here I have answered few of them.

Does Fliki AI offer a free trial?

Fliki AI offers a free trial for all users and the free trial is available for a lifetime. Free Trial consists of 1000 words generation of text to speech every month with access to all features and languages and details.

Does Fliki AI offer any lifetime Deal?

Fliki AI offers Lifetime deals for all its users through the Appsumo platform. The lifetime deal of Fliki AI is live now.

Can we create videos with longer durations with Fliki?

Long videos can be created using Fliki AI but it’s limited by the word generation limitations. So with a lifetime deal purchase, we can generate a video containing 30,000 words.

Does Fliki Lifetime Deal have Refund Guarantee?

Fliki AI lifetime deal has a 60-day refundable Guarantee. 60 Days code redemption is available with this plan. If we don’t love their services then we can avail a refund within 2 months.


Fliki’s official plans are costly when you compare them with its lifetime deal. So claiming the lifetime deal is a better option for all the users. Fliki AI is the best text-to-speech AI-powered tool for all new beginners and it’s easy to use for all newbies also. 

We personally strongly recommend you to use the Fliki AI and grab this lifetime deal for better growth as a creator of Short videos and reels also.

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