8 Best Free VPS Trials In 2024 [No Credit Card Required]

If you are looking for a free VPS trial then you have landed in the right place.

There are a lot of VPS providers that provide free trials but I have listed the market-leading and trusted VPS providers.

Most of them provide a 30-day free trial so that you can check their service before investing.

Through this article, I’ve shared the 8 best free VPS trials that can be claimed by any user. Some free VPS trials are without any credit card requirements so you can claim these offers without giving credit card details also.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Technology is used to break down Physical servers into different parts to proceed them to work as individual servers. 

Let me explain with an example, suppose your computer hard disk is the main server. So whenever you break it means to make a partition then each partition will act as a separate drive. A similar thing happens with VPS hosts.

A single virtual server is given to only one user in VPS. That means if you can’t afford Dedicated servers but want all features with privacy then you can go for VPS. VPS means Virtual Private Server. And the hosting that provides VPS is called VPS Hosting.

free vps trial

Here is a quick summary of the list:

VPS TrialsTrial PeriodActivate Free Trial
Kamatera30 DaysClick Here
DomainRacer60 DaysClick Here
Digital Ocean60 DaysClick Here
Ionos30 DaysClick Here
Cloudways14 DaysClick Here
Cloudsigma7 DaysClick Here
Linode60 DaysClick Here
Upcloud3 DaysClick Here

Features to look at before choosing a VPS Trial

Here I have listed some features of VPS that you should look at before you sign up for a VPS Trial. Also, I have shared some of the features of VPS.

1) Easy Setup

If you are going for a trial of VPS and it is difficult to set up, then your trial period gets over without any conclusion. So in our listing, we have taken care of the Setup process of VPS Trials.

2) Fast Server

If VPS is slower in speed then I might not recommend you to use its free trial. VPS is much faster than traditional hosting.

3) Technical Support

Considering the above point, we must need a responsive support team in any technical problem.

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4) Highly Customizable

Your VPS provider should give all customization access to users. Some trials limit users’ usage but these limits should not be that much higher which can affect your trial period work.

5) Trial Period

If you are getting a shorter trial period then it will not provide sufficient time to judge that host. So VPS free trials should be at least for 30 days.

6) No Credit Card

We have managed to list some free VPS trials without credit cards. So, if you don’t have a credit card still you can enjoy the free VPS trial.

7) Easy Cancellation

It’s a headache if we get lots of problems during the cancellation process. Some Free Trails provide a difficult cancellation process and they keep you in touch to continue their hosting. But if we don’t love it then we must cancel it with simple steps. 

While making the list of 8 Best Free Trial VPS I have taken care of all these points.

8 Best Free VPS Trials In 2024

Well, there may be lots of other VPS trials available but here I’ve listed only the trusted and powerful VPS in the market.

1. Kamatera Free Trial

Kamatera was established in 1995 as Cloud Hosting service Provider. They provide powerful VPS hosting servers with a large number of cloud servers clusters present all over the world.

Data Centers: New York, Texas, California, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Petach Tikva, Roshan Haayin, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem (Across 4 Continents and at 13 locations)

Operating System: CentOS, Debian, Free BSD, FreeNAS, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Windows Server, Windows, CloudLinux (Available with 9 OS)

Intel Xeon Platinum Processor is used by Kamatera Host so you can enjoy the impressive speed with great performance. Their server setup is faster but not that much easier as it requires some technical knowledge.

But the pro point is they have a dedicated account manager to help you with Server setup. Their technical support staff is also available 24/7. So about any problem, you don’t have to worry more as everyone helps you from their side.

Kamatera provides a 30-day free trial with $100 credits. This is a single Cloud VPS Trial. You can take advantage of any of their features that can come under 100$ pricing. You must take care about not exceeding the $100 limit as this can charge you through your provided details.

So to take full advantage of the free trial without paying single rupees you must add essential things and remove unwanted features. 

After the Free VPS trial, you can have affordable rates from Kamatera. VPS cloud plans of Kamatera Start from $4 per month. 

Plan 11 vCPU (2667 MHz)20 GB SSD5 TB1 GB$4/ Month
Plan 21 vCPU (2667 MHz)20 GB SSD5 TB2 GB$6/ Month
Plan 32 vCPU (5333 MHz)30 GB SSD5 TB2 GB$12/ Month

*Additional charges applied for additional traffic and storage use.

2. DomainRacer Free Trial

DomainRacer hosting is an incredibly hearty supplier of VPS hosting in the market. Their speed, execution, and security make DomainRacer the ideal answer for developing organizations.

Data Center: DomainRacer offers Standard VPS, Storage VPS, KVM Linux VPS, KVM Windows VPS hosting. DomainRacer VPS hosting data centers are located in Europe (Lithuania)

Operating SystemAvailable operating systems are CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian.

VPS Characteristics: DomainRacer gives 20GB storage space to 80GB SSD with 8TB bandwidth, VPS configuration of 1 CPU and 2048 MB RAM up to 2 CPU and 8192 MB RAM and cloud-based infrastructure. Also, you get powerful servers like Multi-Core and Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 Processors.

All the VPS hosting plans bounded with root access, free SSL certificate, 99.99% uptime time, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, 21x LiteSpeed cache technology, free weekly JetBackup, latest security tools, unlimited CPU cores, powerful hardware, free website migration.

Latest Security Features: You will get a highly secured server with Imunify360, ImunifyAV+, DDoS protection, Email spam protection, Magic Spam Protection, and Firewall 

VPS Hosting Customer Support Team is available 24/7/365 via phone, live chat, ticket, email, and social media. Also YouTube video series is available for users.

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VPS-L2 Plan  1 CPU Core20GB SSD Storage2TB Bandwidth2048 MB RAM$ 8.22 /Month
VPS-L4 Plan  1 CPU Core40GB SSD Storage4TB Bandwidth4096 MB RAM$ 12.39 /Month
VPS-L8 Plan  2 CPU Core80GB SSD Storage8TB Bandwidth8192 MB RAM$ 22.39 /Month

All VPS hosting plans are cost-effective. Cheap VPS hosting plans are available with full root access to your hosting account, on-demand upgrade VPS hosting plans, DDR4-RAM, low latency infrastructure, OS installation and server reboot, and much more valuable support.

3. Digital Ocean Free Trial

Reputation comes with the digital ocean name! They are a reputed brand in providing Hosting services. Almost a large number of startups went with Digital Ocean due to trust only.

Data Centers: New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bangalore

They provide ideal SSD Cloud-based Virtual Private Server hosting for developers. VPS plans come with 1 GB RAM and a single CPU to highest up to 196 GB RAM and 32 CPUs. It’s really amazing!

Cloud VPS servers provided by Digital Ocean are 100% highly customizable in the trial period also. This thing makes their free trial more impressive. 

Wait! One more surprise for you,

Digital Ocean provides you with a 60 day free VPS trial with a $100 credit through which you can buy any of their services! It’s amazing…

This is only because they have confidence in their services and they are the best in the market of VPS hosts.

You don’t have a limit about credit use and you can set up up to 10 different VPS through this credit. Someone also tried to run 20 static sites in trial period credit and it’s amazing!

If you are working on static sites then after the end of the trial period you can also host 3 static sites free of cost! On the Droplet feature, you can try different kinds of open source software like VPNs and Minecraft. Like normal hosting providers, they have cPanel and CMS support with one-click installation.

They have a large number of plans after the free trial ends. Here are some of the basic Droplet Plans.

PlanMemory RAMCPUStorageTransferPrice
Plan 11 GB1 Intel CPU25 GB1000 GB$6/ Month
Plan 2 2 GB1 Intel CPU50 GB2 TB$12/ Month
Plan 32 GB2 Intel CPU60 GB3 TB$18/ Month
Plan 44 GB2 Intel CPU80 GB4 TB$24/ Month
Plan 58 GB4 Intel CPU160 GB5 TB$48/ Month
Plan 616 GB8 Intel CPU320 GB6 TB$96/ Month
Plan 7 (General Purpose)8 GB2 vCPU25 GB4 TB$60/ Month

Droplets are Virtual Machines. Rather than this Digital Ocean also provides Managed Kubernetes, App Platforms, Managed Databases, Spaces object Storage, Volumes, Load Balancers like hosting plans.

4. Ionos Free Trial

Lots of us don’t know about Ionos but we are well known about 1 & 1.  1&1 is the best-reputed hosting service provider in the US market. Ionos is a sub-branch of 1&1.

Data Centers: Las Vegas, New Jersey, Gloucester, London, Baden Airpark, Logrono, Berlin, Frankfurt

Ionos provides a 30 day free VPS trial but you have to pay first for it. There is an option of Pay Later through a credit card also. They claim that Ionos have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t love their service. The special thing about them is that they provide no questions asked at refund.

Ionos has risk-free and free VPS plans in a trial period also. You don’t have to worry about anything in the trial as they are well aware of customer satisfaction.

The best thing about their service is that you can change the operating system at any time with a plan also.

About Ionos, they have more than 30 years plus experience in this industry. So they are strong at their base and service. Like other VPS hosting providers, Ionos also has a dedicated account manager to help you with any technical issues.

After the free trial expires you can go for the following plans which are affordable at first-time purchase. At renewal, their costs are a little bit higher.

VPS S1 vCore512 MB10 GB$2/ Month
VPS M2 vCores2 GB80 GB$4/ Month
VPS L2 vCores4 GB120 GB$8/ Month
VPS XL (OFFER)4 vCores8 GB160 GB$2/ Month (Offer) (Usually 12$ per month)
VPS XLL6 vCores12 GB240 GB$18/ Month

In free VPS Trial hosting, you will get a VPS S plan.

5. Cloudways Free Trial

The best thing about Cloudways Free VPS Trial is you don’t require a credit card for Free Trials. Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting services.

Usually, they provide only 14 days free trial but this requires credit card details while if you want 3 days free trial then no credit card details are required. It’s not in our categorization part but if you don’t want to provide credit card details then you have to compromise with your trial period.

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You can just work with Linux OS in your free VPS trial. So they also compromised the OS in a free trial.

You will get 1 GB RAM and 1 Core CPU with your free trial. This will have Unlimited sites installation permission without any traffic limits. All usual support features and one-click installation features are available on priority to paid users. Free trial users have to wait for more support.

The best part of Cloudways is that you have the option to choose your Cloud provider from options like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Aws, Google Cloud.

After Free Trial, their plans are not that affordable but due to their best service and a large number of opportunities in customization, we can invest in it.

DO1GB1 GB1 CORE25 GB1 TB$10/ Month
DO2GB2 GB1 CORE50 GB2 TB$22/ Month
DO4GB4 GB2 CORE80 GB4 TB$42/ Month
DO8GB8 GB4 CORE160 GB5 TB$80/ Month
DO16GB16 GB6 CORE320 GB8 TB$135/ Month
DO32GB32 GB8 CORE640 GB16 TB$230/ Month
DO48GB48 GB12 CORE960 GB8 TB$315/ Month
DO64GB64 GB16 CORE1280 GB20 TB$395/ Month
DO96GB96 GB20 CORE1920 GB10 TB$555/ Month
DO128GB128 GB24 CORE2560 GB20 TB$715/ Month
DO192GB192 GB32 CORE3840 GB20 TB$1035/ Month

*These all are DigitalOcean cloud provider-based plans. Plans vary according to your choice of Cloud Provider.

6. CloudSigma Free Trial

Cloud Sigma also provides free VPS Trial hosting without a credit card. As we already saw if we don’t provide credit card details then we have to compromise about the Free Trial period. 

Data Centers: Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, England, Honolulu, San Jose, Washington DC, Philippines, Perth, Riyadh, Tokyo.

CloudSigma provides a 7-day free trial. It’s easy to set up a free trial with just an email and a password with a mobile number. Your number will be blacklisted after you don’t continue their plan of 7 days free trial.

So make sure that if you want to purchase the same VPS from Cloud Sigma then use the same email and phone number while login in.

Small 21 CORE1 GB50 GB$58/ Month
Small 31 CORE2 GB50 GB$75/ Month
Medium 12 CORE2 GB50 GB$103/ Month
Medium 34 CORE8 GB80 GB$268/ Month
Large 18 CORE16 GB160 GB$537/ Month
Large 212 CORE32 GB320 GB$962/ Month
Large 316 CORE48 GB480 GB$1387/ Month
X Large20 CORE64 GB640 GB$1812/ Month

Literally, their plans are too expensive but due to their service and if you want to handle large traffic then this one is good for investment.

7. Linode Free Trial


If you are looking for beginner-friendly VPS cloud hosting then Linode is one of the best. Here you can manage and install servers with very easy steps.

Data Centers: London, Tokyo, Fremont, Frankfurt, Singapore, Newark, Mumbai, Sydney, Dallas, Toronto, Atlanta

Linode provides a 60 day free VPS trial with a $100 Credit. You can use this credit for all features whatever you want. But make sure that you have to pay extra charges if you exceed your limit.

During the process of claiming a free trial, you have to provide some details. This is only for identifying customers. They never charge a single rupee for a free trial.

Linode is genuinely reliable as they have the best support staff with technical knowledge. They have been awarded in past years for Easiest Setup and Best Usability.

Overall other VPS providers are best in some factors like pricing. Their plans after the free trial are also affordable enough for the features they provide.

Plan 14 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB$30/ Month
Plan 28 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB$60/ Month
Plan 316 GB8 Core320 GB6 TB$120/ Month
Plan 432 GB6 Core640 GB7 TB$240/ Month
Plan 564 GB32 Core1280 GB8 TB$480/ Month
Plan 696 GB48 Core1920 GB9 TB$720/ Month
Plan 7128 GB50 Core2500 GB10 TB$960/ Month
Plan 8256 GB56 Core5000 GB11 TB$1920/ Month
Plan 9512 GB64 Core7200 GB12 TB$3840/ Month

8. UpCloud Free Trial

UpCloud started its journey in 2012 from Helsinki. They are a European cloud-based hosting service provider with a fast and reliable cloud platform.

Data Centers: San Jose, Chicago, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Madrid, Helsinki, Poland, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London

In general, free trial users will get 3 days free VPS trial from the period of account creation. But using some external factors you can claim a 60 day free VPS trial with a $100 Credit. But you have to deposit $10 on Upload for it. 

Coupon Code for $100 Credit and 60 Days Free VPS Trial: UC100

In the free VPS Trial users will get access to a $5 simple VPS plan with 1GB Transfer, 1 Core CPU, 25 GB storage with 1 TB Transfer.

After the trial period, you can purchase any VPS hosting plan from UpCloud and in that, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee also. 

Plan 11 GB1 GB25 GB1 TB$5/ Month
Plan 22 GB1 GB 50 GB2 TB$10/ Month
Plan 34 GB2 GB 80 GB4 TB$20/ Month
Plan 48 GB4 GB 160 GB5 TB$40/ Month
Plan 516 GB6 GB320 GB6 TB$80/ Month
Plan 632 GB8 Core640 GB7 TB$160/ Month
Plan 748 GB12 Core960 GB9 TB$240/ Month
Plan 864 GB16 Core1280 GB10 TB$320/ Month
Plan 996 GB20 Core1920 GB12 TB$480/ Month
Plan 10128 GB20 Core2048 GB24 TB$640/ Month


That it’s for the day!

We have listed all the best free VPN trial providers with their plans after the end of free trials. 2 VPS from our list does not require any credit card details but due to that their trial period is also short.

I hope you got all the details that we want to provide you. Just don’t get scammed by lifetime free VPS hosting providers!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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