HeyGen Review 2024: A Game-Changing AI Video Generator?

Are you looking for an unbiased HeyGen review? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

For businesses and individuals requiring video content for their audience, it is time to switch to AI-powered tools that will cut down the cost of crew, studio, and editing.

Meet HeyGen, a dedicated tool made to create AI videos with a custom AI avatar feature that generates professional high-quality UHD videos for your businesses and websites.

HeyGen Review: At a Glance

Creating a high-quality video requires technical knowledge, skills, budget, and investments of time with necessary resources.

HeyGen AI addresses these challenges, by providing the basic resources with smart AI that creates and simplifies the video creation process.

Product NameHeyGen AI
PurposeCreates AI videos in just a few clicks with avatars
Custom AvatarAvailable
Talking PhotoYou can make videos from photographs using this feature
Video Templates400+
Free TrialAvailable (Activate Now)
Avatars120+ premium avatars
PricingStarts from $24/month
VoicesOver 300 voices in 40+ languages
Live Chat SupportAvailable
AlternativesPictory AI and Synthesia
My Ratings4.7/5

What is HeyGen?

heygen review

HeyGen is an AI video creation platform that helps to create high-quality animated videos for your businesses and websites.

You just have to choose an AI avatar and input your script, after a few seconds, your video will be ready.

HeyGen AI supports multiple video use cases to create stunning videos for every niche. This video generation tool is highly recommended to businesses and professionals who are in search of engaging, quality videos with interactive AI avatars.

With its easy-to-use interface and video customization capabilities, get a wide range of extensive video template libraries with premium stock elements for professional video creation.

Why Choose HeyGen AI?

No doubt, HeyGen is a great tool for creating AI videos. But what are the features that make it stand out among similar tools?

1. Suitable for video creators and editors:

As HeyGen runs through AI algorithms, you can create unlimited stunning videos by just entering the script and choosing the right digital avatar for your Video.

HeyGen will automatically process your choices to create relevant videos with the best suitable background templates.

2. Get 100+ AI Personalized Digital Avatars:

To create engaging videos, it’s time to make your audiences feel interactive, this can be done by adding an AI avatar to your videos because they assist, represent, and explain videos with suitable expressions and AI voices which sound just like humans.

3. Multiple AI voices and languages:

The HeyGen AI video generator tool has a huge collection of AI voices which include both (Males and Females). These AI voices can be lip-synced automatically with your chosen Digital AI Avatar for your videos. 

You can input your text script and convert it into AI voice with 40+ languages to target a global audience.

4. Convert your text into AI video:

Now your text can be transformed into digital videos with a clear, toned AI human-like voice, all you need is to input your text scripts and choose your AI avatar and voice to create amazing videos for your websites, social media, and businesses.

5. Support multiple video formats:

HeyGen AI supports multiple video output formats, you can choose to download and share according to your preferences.

HeyGen AI produces UHD-quality videos that look professional and classic. However, you can choose to download the videos in various video formats/qualities.

Who should use the HeyGen AI video creation tool?

HeyGen is developed with the aim to provide assistance and automate video creation to save your precious time and effort so that businesses can focus on other crucial activities.

It can do best in marketing, education, healthcare, entertainment, and other related sectors. It doesn’t follow traditional methods, it runs on AI algorithms that’s why it keeps updating with the trends to provide stunning videos.

Below are some of the prominent use cases of HeyGen AI video generator tool –

1) Marketing and Advertising

Promote your product/services with digital personalized AI avatars. You can make interactive videos that will leave an amazing impression on your audience.

  • Product Branding – HeyGen AI will assist in creating brand-related personalized videos by adding your business elements such as logos, themes, slogans, and various other styles into the video content.
  • Visual Advertisements – Get customized visual ads for your products which are created according to the customer preferences, which helps to boost engagement and get leads.
  • Service Visualization – Generate informative visuals of your services with different perspectives, this helps customers to get detailed valuable information about the services.

2) Promotion Videos

Sales professionals and individuals working in different industries can use HeyGen AI to create compelling promotional videos that will explain all the details and offerings of the products to potential customers.

3) E-learning Videos and Courses

Through HeyGen AI create educational videos and courses with detailed explanations and easy-to-understand structure for your students.

Create interactive topics explaining videos as HeyGen supports AI Avatar to enhance your video engagement for the viewers.

4) News Reporting Videos

You can create news videos and updates with the “HeyGen AI news video template” that looks as realistic as a real-world news studio.

You can add floating banners and background custom videos. You can even set incident images as custom scenes to make them look more engaging.

5) Training Videos

If you are a trainer or an employer who wants to train their employees then you can use HeyGen for this purpose.

It can create informative training videos to facilitate your employees to scale up their skills and knowledge to enhance their performance.

HeyGen provides visually animated digital video content with AI humans like Avatar, personalized graphics, and much more.

6) Tutorial Videos

Create step-by-step detailed explainers and how-to videos on complex topics, and instruct your audience from basic to advanced tutorials on various topics.

HeyGen generates videos by analyzing each input script, arrange and coordinate it with step-by-step detailed instructions.

HeyGen Review and Ratings

Several users across the globe have tested this tool and have been using it for a long time. Below I will be highlighting some of the factors on which this AI tool is ranked.

I have provided you the analyzed and average point scale for each factor. All the factors are examined on the basis of features, functions, and interface of the HeyGen AI video tool.

Factor 1: AI Video (Rated 4.4/5)

The quality, design, and custom effects of the AI video generated by the HeyGen tool are best in class.

If you are looking for a responsive video for your social media content or businesses, you can go with HeyGen AI.

Factor 2: Content Creation (Rated 4.1/5)

HeyGen AI Script Generator tool automatically analyzes your theme and idea of what you want to input.

While writing the text script, you get an option to generate an AI script which works only when you write a minimum of 2-3 lines about the script.

When you select “Generate AI Script” it fetches and generates the relevant scripts.

Factor 3: AI Voices (Rated 4.3/5)

HeyGen’s voice-over feature is something that most users love to apply to their videos.

It not only provides various AI voices to choose from different languages and accents, but it also gives the option to customize and upload your own natural voice-overs in the videos.

Factor 4: AI Avatars (Rated 4.5/5)

HeyGen AI provides human-like avatars for your videos with multiple generative outfits and various other customization options.

It also provides avatars based on different ages, genders, professions, ethnicities, etc. This helps to find out the relevant avatar for videos quickly.

Factor 5: Interface Experience (Rated 4.4/5)

Many users reported that creating their first video was not so complex, as HeyGen AI provides a simple interface for the users.

Simply log in to your account, and it will directly take you to the video creation dashboard, where just by selecting the AI avatar and inputting the text scripts your video starts to process instantly.

Features of the HeyGen Video Generation Tool

HeyGen AI is an advanced video creation platform that comes with various functionalities and features. You can create videos with multiple customizations, and you can even add your brand voices and recognitions.

You can showcase your products and services with detailed explanations and tutorials for your customers using HeyGen.

Below are the detailed features of the HeyGen AI tool, by which you can explore this revolutionary tool to automate your video creation.

1) Text to Speech – Transform text into AI voices

Convert your text into AI human-like voices in just a few clicks.

HeyGen AI supports 300+ different male and female voices, across 40+ global languages. You will get clear voice-over for the videos which will be auto-synced to your Digital Avatar.

You can even choose diverse voice accents (100+)  with multiple languages. Type the desired text scripts after choosing your digital avatar, select the desired male or female voices, and you can even add a pause to the speech so that it gets aligned with the avatar.

Speech is under all your control, you can also adjust the speech and pitch level to make it sound suitable for your videos.

2) Realistic AI Avatars

HeyGen AI video generator tool supports more than 100+ human-like AI avatars that demonstrate the videos with their natural AI voices in multiple languages and accents.

You can choose AI avatars on the basis of age, profession, ethnicity, and style.

Input your desired text scripts, and it will get auto lip-synced with the AI avatar instantly. You can create talking videos in a few minutes with personalized effects and themes.

You can even preview/add custom gestures and impressions of the Avatar, by just hovering over them. Through this, you can get a clear idea of whom to select for your video.

3) Customized Outfit with Avatar Pro

You can now change the looks of the default AI Avatar. HeyGen AI provides customizable options to change the appearance, clothing style, and ethnicities of the AI avatar based on your preferences.

Just select your desired AI Avatar from the list, select customize, and write a command prompt to change the dress of the AI avatar. All you need is to type the desired clothes like – Navy Blue Shirt or Black Blazer, etc.

It provides customizable options for both male and female AI digital avatars separately. You can even store your desired generative outfits for up to 10 variations.

4) Wide Range of Video Templates

HeyGen AI has an integrated library of various video templates for diverse use cases. It has 400+ video templates with customizable video elements. HeyGen constantly updates these templates regularly to make your videos look more engaging and amazing.

Templates are designed for all the use cases like YouTube intro videos, Social media videos, Corporate training videos, etc.

You can select eye-catching video templates for every niche like – Sales, Tutorials, News, Product Demonstration, Reviews, Presentations, etc. Just select the desired templates, choose your custom or default AI avatar, input the script, and get your video ready in a few seconds.

5) Convert Portraits into Live Talking Photo

Convert photos into taking photos with the “HeyGen AI Talking Photo” feature. You can choose and convert unlimited photos into talking with over 100+ supportable languages and accents.

Just enter your text script, and it will get auto-lip-synced with the photos in over 300+ supportable voices. You can even add custom AI voices with adjustable pitch and tone.

It is just like giving your picture a life.

Simply select your desired video templates and replace your Digital AI avatar with your custom portrait or photo. Now input your script and choose the desired language and accent, then sit back as HeyGen will process and generate a talking photo instantly.

6) Integration with Zapier

You can get Zapier Integration to enhance the work process and functionalities by enabling the automation of HeyGen tasks without any manual action.

HeyGen and Zapier integration can help to perform multiple activities and can make connections with HeyGen with over 5000+ other applications through Zapier. Enjoy the seamless workflow with a single integration.

This integration helps to save time by avoiding repetitive tasks on HeyGen.

7) Add Your Own Avatar

You can now be part of your video without shooting your face. All you need to do is to upload your desired portrait photo. HeyGen AI will convert your photo into a talking photo. 

You can even customize your Photo Avatar with different clothes and voices. Input your desired script, choose your video template and there you are ready to host your videos for your audience without any studio setup.

How to Create an AI Video with HeyGen?

HeyGen AI offers a variety of video creation features and elements to generate high-quality videos for your different purposes.

Here I am sharing a step-by-step guide to creating a video using the HeyGen AI tool:

Step 1: Sign up for HeyGen

Click on the link to visit the official website of HeyGen video creation tool. Now click on the “Try HeyGen for Free” button to proceed with a fresh user login.

A new window page will open. Tap on the Sign In option in the top left corner of the window, and then you will be required to enter some details to proceed.

You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Google account.

Step 2: Claim your free credits

After successfully creating an account with HeyGen, you can claim the free trial credits for video creation.

You can try creating your first AI avatar and first AI video in this free trial.

Step 3: Choose a video orientation

Click on the desired video orientation, here we have chosen landscape.

After selecting it you will see a dedicated dashboard with all the basic to advanced functions and features available to create premium videos.

Step 4: Select AI Avatar

HeyGen AI provides more than 100+ realistic AI avatars.

You can select any of them based on your video goals and preferences, and you can even change and edit the outfit, voice, etc.

Step 5: Input your Script

When you are done customizing your AI avatar and now a text pad will open to input your desired scripts in any language you want. Simply type your script in the script box.

You can add long-form scripts, and you can even use the dedicated script assistance tool provided by HeyGen AI. You can also use Text Translation, AI GPT Script Writer, and Script Pause.

If you have a script in the form of audio then you can directly add it by choosing the “Audio Script” option.

Step 6: Select your desired AI voice

You can choose multiple voices in different accents. HeyGen AI provides a huge collection of voices of males and females, and you can find suitable voices of all age groups.

After choosing and uploading the Voice-over you can adjust various settings of AI voices such as Pause, Speed, and Pitch after you are done finalizing the script. You can test it by playing just the script.

Step 7: Submit the video script

After submitting the video, HeyGen AI will process the instructions within seconds, and it will create the desired video quickly.

You can browse the video in the saved project section, where all your videos will save automatically.

Final Step: Download your AI-generated video

You can download the videos in various formats and can share the videos to your social media platforms and other external websites instantly by clicking on the menu.

You can find your saved video in the draft section, where you can join the video editing from where you left off.

HeyGen Plans and Pricing

heygen review

HeyGen comes with 4 different plans – Free Trial Plan, Creator Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

These plans are designed to meet the requirements of all types of users from individuals to professionals.

Pricing and features of these plans are provided below:

1. Free Plan

HeyGen has a free trial plan for newbies who want to explore the interface, features, and video quality of this tool.

Without entering any credit card information you can activate this free trial.

Features of the Free plan:

  • Single User Support
  • One Credit
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Video Limit < 1 minute
  • Get 120+ AI Avatars
  • Get 300+ AI Voices in Multiple Languages
  • Voice Cloning (Available on Additional Add On)

2. Creator Plan

If you are a digital creator or a working professional for your social media and websites, you can choose this plan. You will get all the necessary features for video creation.

The pricing of the HeyGen creator plan starts from $24 per month.

Features of the Creator Plan:

  • Single User Support
  • Video Limit < 5 minute
  • Get 300+ AI Premium Voices in Multiple Languages 
  • Voice Cloning (Available on Additional Add On)
  • Auto Captions for Videos
  • No Watermark

3. Business Plan

HeyGen AI brings a structured offering for business owners to create their product and service related videos such as reviews, descriptions, tutorials, etc.

The pricing of the HeyGen business plan starts from $72 per month.

Features of the Business Plan:

  • Creator plan features +
  • Up to 3 User Support
  • Video Limit < 20 minutes
  • 4K UHD Resolution Video Format
  • Get a Brand Welcome Kit
  • Faster Video Processing

4. Enterprise Plan

HeyGen has a custom plan for fulfilling the requirements and demands of enterprises. You can book a consultation with the HeyGen AI team to suggest better custom plans for your enterprise.

Features of the Enterprise Plan:

  • Business plan features +
  • Custom Number of User Support
  • Get all versions of AI Avatar (Pro / Lite)
  • Customized Query Solution
  • Dedicated Account & Data Management
  • Get Solution Engineer


HeyGen AI uses a credit allocation system with every paid plan. You will get some credit that is used for creating videos with this tool.

You can purchase custom credits for Creator and Business Plans, and based on that the bill amount will be generated.

Pros and Cons of HeyGen

No doubt, HeyGen is a great tool for creating AI videos with multiple customization options.

However, there are some things that HeyGen needs to improve. Below are some Pros and Cons to make your decision more accurate.


  • It provides a variety of customization options for each video element such as video templates, AI voices, and AI avatars.
  • Huge collection of 120+ premium AI avatars that support 300+ voices.
  • “AI Script Writer” allows you to write scripts for your videos just by entering 2-3 lines of information.
  • Convert your audio script to text script or directly add your audio script to the videos.
  • Compared to other AI Video generator tools, HeyGen provides various features on a low budget. All the features and functions help to generate premium-quality videos.


  • HeyGen links its functioning with a credit purchasing limit. It provides a certain number of credits to each plan and when it’s over you will need to renew it.
  • It follows the rule of priority, so if you are on the free or creator plan you will get slow processing speed on your videos.

FAQs Related to HeyGen Review

I have collected some frequently asked questions related to the HeyGen AI tool and provided the answers below.

How to save an incomplete video on HeyGen?

All the incomplete videos get saved into HeyGen’s Video Draft folder. Your video will get saved on the last edit.

Avatar Pro vs Avatar Lite – which one to choose?

You will need to record your session in front of the green screen if you choose Avatar Pro. HeyGen AI will automatically create a virtual studio and it will automatically get synced. 

However, in Avatar Lite, video recording is much easier. Choose your one-time background and AI avatar, and all your videos will get synced to the same settings. Thus reducing the time to choose the effects.

Can I upload my own voice and sync with AI Avatar?

Yes, you can upload your voice. HeyGen AI allows you to upload custom audio files and even you can convert your natural voice to AI voice with the HeyGen AI voice cloning feature for free.

Can I select unlimited generative outfits for an AI avatar?

No. However, it provides unlimited options to choose the range of outfits available for the AI avatars, but you can only up to 10 outfits at one time.

These outfits will get automatically stored, and you will be required to remove an outfit to add a new one.


HeyGen is a great tool for creating videos using AI Avatars. I personally like its talking photo features. Overall, AI video creation with HeyGen is pretty comfortable and easy.

Initially, you can try out their free trial where you can taste the functions and features of this tool. If it meets your requirements you can upgrade to its premium versions.

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