How To Connect With Other Bloggers and Its Importance [Explained By 11 Experts]

Not aware of building connections with other bloggers?

If you are in the blogging field and you don’t know how to connect with other bloggers of your niche, then you are missing lots of amazing facilities and opportunities.

Nowadays blogging is becoming very competitive. So if you want to dominate blogging in a short time, you must have a strong bond with your fellow bloggers.

Through this article, you will learn

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  • How to connect with other bloggers of your niche?
  • How does connection help to grow your blog?
  • What should be the approach to communicate with other bloggers?
  • How to build a genuine connection with experts?

So if you also have these types of questions in your mind, after reading this post all your queries will be solved.

Experts Opinion On How To Connect With Other Bloggers and Its Importance

All the 10 experts here have explained deeply how to connect with other bloggers why should we build a strong connection with other bloggers of the same niche.

They also explained what mistakes they have made in their stage of networking. Make sure you read the whole article.

So without any further delay, let’s see their opinion one by one.

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Anil Agarwal From BloggersPassion

Connection With Other Bloggers

Networking is the key to blogging success. You should spend quality time to connect and engage with other bloggers. Share their work, comment on their posts, purchase their products, help each other out – that’s how you build a successful blog in the long run.

The best platform to connect with other bloggers?

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great to connect with other bloggers. I also recommend people to start connecting with other bloggers through email as everyone reads their emails.

How to build a genuine connection with experts?

The best way to build long-lasting relationships with experts is to help them generously. Give, give, give – don’t expect anything in return. Link to their posts. Share their stuff. Purchase their products. Just make sure to stay in touch with them regularly. It works like a charm 🙂

How connection with other bloggers helps to grow your blog?

Connecting with other bloggers gives you motivation. You can share your mistakes and knowledge with them. You can increase your traffic and profits together if you share a strong bond.

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Kirtish Vyas From BloggingOS

Connection With Other Bloggers

Google introduced the concept of EAT in the year 2018, which ensures or check, how authentic your information is?

If I expand the meaning of EAT, then it explains three things

E -Expertise
T – Trustworthiness

Google has billions of pages to rank from and shows only 10 pages or even less in the organic search.

But what gives that Google crawler (Google bot) a strong signal to rank any 1 page on another, of course, the authority of the blog.

So the best and most trusted way for Google is to check, how many places, the author or site owner got featured, or how many external sources pointing to that website or author.

And, the best way to gain EAT is to collaborate with niche related authentic sources, that pass a credit or link juice or strong signal to your content and make you an authentic source for the information in the eye of Google.

So feel free to have a strong connection within the same community and these days it becomes extremely important to have great collaborations.

I hope this crisp summary has answered your query.

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Santanu Debnath From BloggingJoy

Connection With Other Bloggers

Blogging is a very long process and it takes time. You just can’t consider blogging a time pass, if you are serious or want to pursue blogging as a career. Now whenever we talk about a career, we all know that we can’t do it alone. As it is an everyday life activity, you need good friends so that you can stick to your work, discuss similar things and stay motivated. In fact, there are various benefits of building a strong network with other bloggers.

But most people don’t understand that. Generally, people only connect with bloggers when they need backlinks or any kind of collaboration. That is fine, but this is where most bloggers make mistakes. One backlink may not change the fortune of your blog, but 1 friend can really make a difference in your blogging journey.

The biggest challenge in blogging is the motivation to do blogging continuously. And that’s where people fail in blogging and quit in their first year itself. But imagine, if you could have 3-4 online friends who are also bloggers, then you could have communicated with them in your success & failures and always get some motivation to come up strong. It’s like we do in our everyday life. Can we really live life happily with a target or focus alone?

So, whether it’s in your profession or real life. Make good friends without thinking about the outcome or the benefit of that relationship. It takes time, but a good friend always helps you to make the right decision in your life, always supports you, and helps you to make a comeback.

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Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj From BloggingQnA

Connection With Other Bloggers

Networking in your niche is necessary according to me. I ignored networking with fellow bloggers for a very long time.

And that was a big mistake. Networking with fellow bloggers will make your blogging journey easier and convenient.

You can ask your queries and doubts with fellow bloggers anytime if you have a good connection with fellow bloggers.

They are always ready to help you, share your content, and appreciate your hard work, also gives you feedback if necessary.

If you are not doing networking then you are missing lots of knowledge and benefits or I can say support from your fellow bloggers.

So start doing networking today if you are not doing it.

I want to mention some of my amazing fellow bloggers who are always there to help me, support me at any time.

Chayan Chakrabarti, Sumit Sao, Ravi Dixit, Ramesh Rawat, Deepak Kumar, Vishwajeet Kumar, Santosh Bhai, Ayush Mishra, Shubham Sharma, Santanu Debnath, and many more. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

So guys if you are reading this and got some knowledge about networking then start doing it now and see the amazing results after some time.

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Ryan Biddulph From BloggingFromParadise

Connection With Other Bloggers

Building strong bonds with bloggers in your niche makes your blogging life easier. 10, 20 or 50 blogging buddies tweeting your blog posts around the clock beats one person tweeting the posts, that person being you. Be generous and genuine in serving bloggers from your niche. Help them freely. Expect nothing in return. Observe how your blogging friends accelerate your blogging success.

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Ravi Dixit From StayMeOnline

Connection With Other Bloggers

First of all, thanks Atanu for inviting me to this roundup post.

The topic of this post is very important because many newbies ignore it. Connecting with others from the same niche does not only help you in sharpening your knowledge rather there are many other benefits you will get.

First and most important is, you will learn many new things from the others who work in the same niche where you do also. You can learn from their experience and mistakes. And trust me, this knowledge is GOLDMINE.

1) Get a Sneak-Peek of your Competitors’ Strategy

By this connection, ultimately you are connecting with your competitors who are working on the same niche. You can keep an eye on their strategies, know what they are working for them, and ultimately working for your niche.

Replicate the same strategies on your blog to get better results.

2) Build Some Quality Relevant Backlinks

Connecting with others from the same niche also helps you to build backlinks, Yes! You can build backlinks just by connecting with others.

I made some good numbers of backlinks just by collaborating with others from the same niche. I get invitations from Interviews and round-up posts (just like this one).

3) Drive Some Niche-Relevant Traffic To Your Blog

When you are connected with other bloggers from the same niche, you get access to their already-built audience(by don’t mean just start spamming your post URL everywhere).

Instead of this kind of spamming, start helping their audience and letting them know that you also have good knowledge about the same topic and also a blog about that.

That’s pretty good! With this consistency, you will start getting a good no. of new followers and regular visitors to your blog.

I’ve seen lots of beginners ignoring the power of collaboration which eventually impacts their blog growth. If you are starting, don’t ignore this.

I’ve also seen many bloggers growing just because of the power of collaboration with others. You can take advantage of this and accelerate your blog’s growth.

Now decide which side you want to be… 😀

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Vishwajeet Kumar From BloggingGate

Connection With Other Bloggers

Building Networking with fellow bloggers in the same niche is very important to grow your blog and build your authority online. However, this does not happen overnight. You need to build a good relationship and trust with fellow bloggers.

Many newbie bloggers just flooded other bloggers’ Inbox with messages. This is not a good way to connect with bloggers. You need to choose the right approach to build your network.

Start with sharing other bloggers’ content on your social media. Drop detailed and authentic comments on their blog. Feature them on your blog. This will definitely attract their attention and they identify you as a good person. Later they will also give a favor to you. This will take some time. I personally use these techniques to connect with fellow bloggers in my niche. It will definitely help you build a strong bond and trust with other bloggers.

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Santosh Gairola From BloggingCosmos

Connection With Other Bloggers

Thanks, Atanu, for inviting me for this roundup post. Friends, blogging is one of the most emerging profitable businesses in digital marketing. It is the reason every day new blogs are getting started. Due to this, competition is getting harder every day. In such a competitive environment, it is time-consuming for novices to make a big name instantly. It requires the right push to hit the bull’s eyes. Otherwise, it is a long process.

Life becomes more manageable when you know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Hence, seeking help from mentors who are masters in their work can be a convenient option. But most of the mentors are busy sustaining their brands, which they have established in years. Therefore, they cannot give you dedicated time. In those circumstances networking with those big shots is a way to get connected with them.

In the Blogging universe, mentors love to support new bloggers, but you need to prove that you are worth helping. Mentors did not instantly add random people to their network. Most of them are very mindful of picking people in their networks. They can have hundreds and thousands of networking requests pending on their social media.

Therefore, if you want to enter their network, take the following steps.

1 – Make a list of the most influential people in the blogging universe.

2 – Follow them on all the social media wherever they are active.

3- Never send them a random text or help requests. It is the most annoying thing to do. Never do that.

4 – Help them by liking, sharing, and commenting on their post.

5 – Make them realize that you value their hard work.

6 – They are your seniors doesn’t matter what their age is.

Soon, you will realize that they will start returning all the favor to you. It is the best way to penetrate such stagnant networks. Once you get into such a network, you will start observing the power of the right networking.

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Saurabh Tiwari From TechiBhai

Connection With Other Bloggers

Building connections with the bloggers in your niche will open many doors, such as knowledge, opportunities, growth, and much more.

For example,

As a blogger myself, some of my closest relationships are with famous Indian bloggers i.e. Anil Agrawal, Sumit Sao, Santanu, Navin Rao, Viswajeet, Chayan, and many more. They know about my blogging style and the freelancing services I do offer. I discuss with them about marketing trends and SEO strategies to gain more organic traffic to blog, and even Sometimes they promote my freelancing work with other bloggers

In simple words,

If you have strong relationships with them, Bloggers can be excellent resources for your brand or your service promotion. Or if you are new in the blogging field you always think about your blog instant popularity, so the more niche blogger you have the better you can expose yourself.

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Amit Garg From BloggingBeats

Connection With Other Bloggers

Marketing and promotions are the wheels that help you take your business to the next heights, and blogger outreach is the most modern form of marketing.

So, building a strong connection with other bloggers is extremely important if you want to grow your blogging business exponentially and rise above the others.

What I like the most about building connections with fellow bloggers is that you may get advice on the best practices that will help you run your blog in the right direction.

For beginners, roundup posts and interview posts work very well to increase brand visibility. But to do so, you will have to approach the bloggers in your niche, right?

And if you don’t have a prior connection with other bloggers of the same niche then you may not be entertained by them.

Social media also plays a crucial role in your blogging success. And if you want to increase your reach, genuine mentions by fellow bloggers can do that also.

Moreover, you can also ask them for guest posts that will help you to get quality backlinks and more targeted audiences for your blog.

Not only this, but new connections can also result in lasting friendships and business alliances.

At last, I would say, they are a support system and the greatest source of motivation & inspiration that will further make your blogging journey much easier.

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Nikola Roza From Nikolaroza

You need to connect with other bloggers in your niche if you’re going to succeed online.

There are no two ways about 

But, there’s a right way to do it, and there’s a wrong way to go about it.

The wrong way is you spending 3+ hours every day engaging with other bloggers on all possible social networks. 

It’s both exhausting and ineffective.

The right way is to combine Twitter and outbound linking and this is a streamlined process of connecting with other bloggers.

Why Twiter?

Because it’s easy and fast. 

  • You tweet and you go;
  • They thank you for tweeting;
  • you engage back.

Repeat 10 times in a span of 40 days, and voila, now you’re on the radar of the said blogger.

To speed up the process, you also want to write a post (or update an existing one) and link to them. And then of course let them know about their backlink.

This works like a charm because on the one hand, you’re sharing their stuff constantly and consistently. And on the other, you’re even linking to them and helping their SEO.

They’re bound to feel grateful and will quickly start linking to you and sharing your content. 

And that’s how you grow online because the process I described can and should be repeated with hundreds of bloggers, not just one or two.

As for the importance of building relationships with other bloggers, well, let me show you an example. My Grammarly student coupon page got 20+ links from bloggers and now ranks much higher because of it.

The crazy part?

These links happened organically. I promote that page all the time on social media and other bloggers must have realized it’s important to me. So they started linking to it like crazy.

Thank you all! Your links helped a lot 🙂

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These are the opinions of 11 expert bloggers on the “how to connect with other bloggers and its importance”.

In 2021, blogging is not just writing new content and publish it to your blog. You need to promote your blog as well, for that you should have a good bond with other bloggers.

I hope this post adds value to your blogging journey. If you like this post please SHARE this with your blogger friends.

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