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If you are looking for the InVideo free trial then you have landed in the right place.

Are you tired of sitting for long hours editing videos or creating videos for your businesses or social media, is made delicately for the users like you. 

Now, you can try InVideo for free as they offer a free trial for all newly registered users.

In this article, you will get to know its working, features, and tutorials to generate high-quality HD videos in a few seconds by simply providing text inputs, and you will get Video Outputs through AI-driven technology.

How to activate InVideo Free Trial?

The Invideo software tool makes it possible to create outstanding text input to video output for your targeting customers as it’s now become an essential medium to connect with your global audience.

Follow the steps given below to activate the free trial of InVideo:

Step 1: Click on this exclusive link to visit official page. Now click on the sign-up button to continue.

Step 2: A pop-up form will appear on your screen. Enter your name and email address to sign up. After that click on the “Create Account” button.

invideo free trial

It also allows to sign-up using a Google account and a Facebook account.

That’s it! You have successfully activated the Invideo free trial. Now you can start creating videos for your business.

What is is a trending platform that provides businesses and content creators to create & improve their video marketing targeting and strategies, as the world is now a digital globe, video contents help customers & users to understand the products and instructions easily. 

An online video editing tool that inspires users to create and edit professional videos in quick time, through its wide range of features, it is designed to cater to the engaging video requirements of businesses and content creators. 

invideo free trial

It offers a wide library of content templates that are pre-designed to use instantly for different purposes like – product demos, social media, YouTube shorts/ads, Instagram reels, intros, and outros

The video templates provide the users to choose suitable videos for their requirements, thus after selecting the templates, the base of the video is already dedicated to design as per the user’s choice on the go. From Text to Images, Music to Voice-overs, modify anything you want.

How InVideo can help video creators?

This cloud-based AI tool provides an easy-to-use interface, which allows users who don’t have much experience in video editing software tools, through its easy interface it becomes comfortable for all types of users to use this AI tool for generating high-quality professional videos on any niche. 

The most important factor of any video editing tool is its performance and interface, with you get both of these and additionally, the video generation process is very quick, even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can generate awesome engaging videos in just a few clicks. 

Whether you want to create a video for a product promotion process or an explanation of any topic/idea or description of any story, through the wide range of tools offered by such as templates/audio/animations/graphics, etc., you can craft engaging professional videos. 

How to use the InVideo AI video editing tool?

Well, you can follow the steps given below to effectively use InVideo for editing videos.

Step-1: User Registration and Account

Open your browser, type ‘’ on any search engine, click on the website, and wait for a few seconds to open the interface. 

Click on the right top side ‘SIGN UP’ button, after that, you can enter your personal details like – Name / Email / Password / Contact, or Simply Sign Up with your Google Account.

Step-2: Defining your Goals / Purpose

You will be asked to select your role or your purpose to use the tool, this helps the AI to enhance the interaction and generate relevant videos based upon the roles and requirements.

Suppose you are a Professional Video Editor, then you can select the option, and click on the Continue button.

Step-3: Adding Team Members [Optional]

As has multiple-user access support, so if you are a large enterprise or set of team members working on a certain project together, you can access the project from anywhere you want through the Invite or Add Member option.

Give a unique or specific name to your team and add multiple people through their active Email Addresses, or simply just click on the Copy Invite Link option to share the link on any social platform you want. 

However, if you are an individual or using for personal use, then you can skip this feature.

Step-4: Targeting the Audience 

InVideo works on the combination of AI algorithms thus it helps to customize the user experience, through this, you get auto-generated relevant ideas and templates.

Choose any of the following options provided by the InVideo tool, if you want to create videos for personal purposes you can simply describe them in the box available.

Step-5: Exploring the User Dashboard 

When you are done after the Signing Up process, Invideo greets you with the customized dashboard that provides central control to all the video creation, editing, processing, and downloading.

All the video projects can be accessed through the “My Projects” section. You can access all the tools and functions at this interface, and choose the video project type such as – Video Templates / AI TEXT to VIDEO / Commercial Videos / Video Editor.

Step-6: Choosing the Video Templates provides a vast library of custom pre-designed video templates for social media, blogs, websites, reviews, etc. You can browse and select the variety of video templates available.

Apart from the above video template options, you can explore many more categories. For each category, Invideo offers updated trending templates so that you can increase audience engagement on your websites or social media through powerful videos.

Step-7: Template Customization 

Once you have selected a preferred template, you can re-edit the design easily with the smart editing tools and integrations available in Invideo, and choose unlimited photos, videos, animations, or audio/voice-overs from the stock library. 

Step-8: Video Sharing / Collaboration: 

As supports collaboration with multiple users, you provide access to multiple users to work on the same project or on a different task, users can also share feedback, so that relevant changes can be performed as per requirement. 

Once your Video is created and finalized, you can download it in HD resolution to share across various platforms. 

Hence, through this way, you can create, choose, edit, and share custom videos for your businesses or social media through individual or adding team members.

Features of the InVideo tool offers comprehensive video editing utilities that contain various customization options through which users can adjust and edit the videos for giving a professional touch, thus it helps the users to fasten the video creation process! 

Below are some of the best features of the video editing tool –

1) Easy-to-use interface

InVideo AI video editing tool cares for each background of people, even if you don’t know much about video editing, you can easily navigate through the entire interface with prior knowledge of video creation or editing. 

The layout of is simple and easy, you can access each editing tool and integration to create a stunning video for your audiences.

The interface is responsive, even if you are using it on a smaller screen you can operate the functions easily.

2) Smart AI Technology runs on smart AI technology, thus the video creation process goes in a streamlined manner, and the complex rendering processes of the videos are performed quickly, through this the video optimization is done easily, thus you get what you want to create. 

The AI model renders the commands and understands the user’s idea, thus it provides the relevant editing options and accessories such as templates, graphics, icons, etc.

You can generate TEXT to VIDEO output instantly by giving a few instructions, and the AI will work to give you the best output.

3) Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Storage not only provides a secure and dependable way to store all your video collections, but it also enables you to access them from anywhere in the world.

This means you can work on your videos from home, the office, or even on the go, without having to worry about moving around with bulky hard drives or USB sticks. saves all your video content safely to the cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your projects due to any system failure or disaster. Invideo uses complex storage mechanisms that store your data in multiple master servers, thus it helps to increase the protection from data loss.

4) Multiple editing tools and utilities

Invideo offers decent tools and video editing add-ons, as it is integrated with third-party services to provide each piece of video elements such as image, audio, graphics, text, etc.

It has a huge stock library of each video element, so you can choose any of them through the drag-drop editor, thus you can create trending designs for your websites or businesses.

5) Supports multi-user access

This video editing AI tool has the capability to provide multiple interfaces to multiple users so that the teams can work on a certain project quickly, thus this saves time, and video creation is performed very easily. 

You can invite or remove the members, create a team for a dedicated project, and also create separate teams for each project.

Invideo offers a great interface for large team members working on the same project or multiple projects simultaneously.

6) Digital media collection offers a huge collection of stock photos, videos, graphics, animations, audio, GIFs, etc.

You can use these video assets to make professional videos for your businesses or websites, these collections are all time available at media collections and are regularly updated to add the latest trending digital stock assets to improve the quality of videos.

7) Customer support

Invideo offers customer support options, through various mediums such as Chat / Email / Call, you can ask your doubts or talk with the executive about the issues or errors in the tool, they are available to assist you based upon your needs.

Plans and Pricing of InVideo offers three types of pricing options based on the user’s requirements and type of members.

Free Trial Plan

Get a preview of all the basic features with free templates/video editing tools to create engaging videos for your business. 

  • Multiple User Support 
  • AI Text to Video / Script Generator
  • Over 2.5 Million Stock Images / Videos / Audio 
  • Get 6000+ Video Templates

Business Plan ($15/month)

Get all the standard features available in the free plan along with these premium services. 

  • 60+ HD quality Video Exports per Month
  • Get Over 1 Million Media files (images/videos/animations)
  • Remove Background Effects (20 times)
  • No Brand Watermark
  • Get 10 iStock Media per month

Unlimited Plan ($30/month)

A dedicated pricing option for large teams/enterprises who want bulk video creation and members to work on dedicated video projects.

You get all the features of a Business Plan, and in addition – 

  • No Limit HD quality Video Export per Month
  • Get 120+ iStock Media / Month
  • Remove Background Effects (40 times)
  • Customization Options
  • Cloud Storage Limit – Up to 100 GB


Based on the user experience and reviews from several individual content creators and small teams, they highlighted that is an excellent video editing tool with a wide customization facility. 

The Integrations and Team Collaborations work fine, through the AI working mechanism the Video Processing is done quickly, thus it helps to create quick engaging video content on a daily basis. 

Hence, is an ideal choice for individuals to enterprises with its affordable pricing and amazing features, it helps to promote brand awareness by creating high-quality engaging video content, if you want to achieve success in this digital competition, can be your powerful tool.

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