Is ChatSonic Free? 10K Words Free Trial

Is ChatSonic free? Do you also have that question in your mind, then you have landed in the right place.

Many people are right now aware of the ChatGPT tool conquering all sectors. But the issue with the most promising tool, ChatGPT, is related to its training data. It creates some limitations for the generation of content. ChatGPT is trained up to 2021 and hence the problem with the reliability of newly introduced data.

Wondering for a reliable alternative that can render the real-time content of ChatGPT? ChatSonic is the super-performing alternative for generating AI-based content. 

In this article, we are going to look forward to some basic information about Chatsonic, the Chatsonic coupon code, and the free trial.

Is ChatSonic Free?

Users can try the Chatsonic free of cost. Users can also try out the Writesonic features in this free trial. 

A single user can use this plan for getting a taste of AI from Writesonic. The free trial plan includes the generation of 10,000 words. 

chatsonic free

The free trial plan not just includes access to Chatsonic but it has other features like –

  • Botsonic: No code AI chatbot builder with a limitation of 1 bot and 1 file upload
  • 100+ AI Templates
  • AI Article Writer
  • Browser Extensions
  • 1 Click WordPress Export
  • Zapier Integration
  • Landing page generator
  • Sonic editor (Google Docs Like editor)
  • 25+ languages support

ChatSonic Coupon Code and Discounts

Unfortunately, there is no active coupon code for Chatsonic but you can use the deals listed below:

Chatsonic is a product of Writesonic and has the same pricing structure. You can get an exclusive 33% discount if you choose the annual billing subscription of Writesonic. For details, read our Writesonic coupon code article.

Firstly, you should try the free trial of Writesonic where you will get access to 10,000 free words. Activate this free trial to test the features and outputs of Chatsonic.

Well, if you are a student or non-profit you can claim an additional 30% discount on annual plans of Chatsonic.

What is ChatSonic?

is chatsonic free

Writesonic is the parent of Chatsonic. You might have heard about Writesonic. It’s an AI-based content creation tool. Chatsonic is also an AI content generator like Writesonic but Writesonic has limitations about the type of content. While Chatsonic doesn’t have any limitations about content type like ChatGPT. 

Chatsonic also uses OpenAI’d GPT-3 Technology with the ChatGPT models. That means it has a content base of ChatGPT with earlier content modules based on GPT-3. Normal content for social media, emails, and marketing stuff can be generated through Chatsonic with other content like keywords, and codes can also be generated. 

The best thing about Chatsonic is related to the real-time Google search. Real-time Google search query helps out to generate hyper-relevant content related to the latest news as well as new topics also.

Features of Chatsonic

Chatsonic comes with multiple features including Toggler to provide real-time data with Google Search, the ability to Generate Art with AI, Voice commands compatibility, and many more. We will go through the top features of ChatSonic.

1. Content Generation with Google Search

This is the top-notch feature making Chatsonic lead ahead of ChatGPT. As we already know that ChatGPT has trained up to data available till 2021. So it has some limitations in content Generation. 

ChatSonic has an AI-based chatbot that is integrated with Google Search. Google search integration makes Chatsonic powerful enough to generate the Latest real-time content regarding the topic. Users can toggle for this option. Up-to-date data and accuracy are improved when we enable Google search. 

For enabling the Google Search Integration, Chatsonic has an option on top with “Include Latest Google Data”.

2. Art Generation based on AI

Photosonic is Writesonic’s AI Art generator technology used and integrated with Chatsonic for generating the arts based on AI.

ChatGPT doesn’t have such a facility and users have to use another tool for generating the arts. Not just art it is a technology tool that can able to generate images of all categories like abstract, realistic, futuristic, etc.

Users just have to use an image generation prompt for generating any art. You can take help from the internet for such effective prompts. Providing input correctly can generate the best image according to your descriptions.

3. Playing with Generated Content

ChatGPT also lacks this feature. Users can play with the generated content of the same generation. But Chatsonic offers this great facility. 

Users can easily copy the content in a clipboard as other platforms also provide. It can generate the Arts also so users have the option to download them. For normal text content, it has the facility to edit the generated one.

AI is a technology that can get messed up in some instances. At that time users can edit the same prompt and reinstruct AI for generating more accurate stuff.   

Reading out aloud is one more distinguishing feature that can read the text. Chatsonic integrated with Writesonic’s sonic editor like Google Docs. Sonic editor is used for generated content here. 

The amazing thing about generated content is that it can be directly shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without any extension directly from Chatsonic.

4. Voice Input Commands

Now Chatsonic can also take your commands through voice messages. It’s something like Siri or Alexa but it generates the output in the form of text first and if you add some settings then it can turn back the voice also. 

The voice commands feature makes Chatsonic different from alternatives of ChatGPT. Generating content quickly and on the go can be possible with the Voice Commands feature. 

Chatsonic has an option for voice commands input with a mic symbol on top. For using this feature the user must have enabled the browser setting of speech recognition.

5. Specialized Personal Modes

Want some specialized advice according to different fields or want to generate content according to the specialized person’s point of view then it’s easier with chatsonic. Chatsonic has 15 different specialized Persona modes. 

It has an English Translator mode which can help you to translate your documents well. Interviewer mode will be providing a facility to act AI like an interviewer and it will go on asking questions to you. Mode poet will generate the poems on your topics according to your input prompt. 

Here is a list of some other modes and their names describe themselves:

  • Math Teacher
  • Travel Guide
  • Stand up comedian
  • Motivational coach
  • Relationship coach
  • Philosopher
  • Astrology
  • Career counselor
  • Personal trainer
  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Accountant

Plans and Pricing of ChatSonic

Other AI competitors of Chatsonic and Writesonic have high pricing as compared to their features. Chatsonic has affordable and worth-it pricing plans. 

Chatsonic doesn’t come with separate pricing plans. It’s included in the parent Writesonic pricing plans. So user required the Writesonic account for accessing the Chatsonic. 

Chatsonic comes with 2 main different plans and one custom pan according to user requirements.

  • Free Trial Plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

1. Pro Plan

It’s a plan made for all bloggers, freelancers, and businesses. It can able to generate any type of short-form content to long-form content. 

Here are some of the highlighting features of Pro Plan,

  • All features of the Free Trial Plan Plus
  • GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K Supported
  • Factual and Personalized content writing service with the use of GPT-4 32K
  • For Botsonic, Unlimited chatbots with a number of files are allowed
  • Complete article rewriter
  • API Access
  • Bulk processing
  • Surfer integration
  • Priority access is given to all new features
  • Priority based support

The pro plan starts from &19 per month if you pay on a monthly basis and for an annual purchase it will cost &12.67 per month.

Users can generate 1 lakh Premium words with this plan. In terms of superior words, it will be 33,334 words per month. 

2. Enterprise Plan

As the name suggests this plan is made for custom requirements. You can choose the pricing and features as per your requirements.

Pros and Cons and ChatSonic

Looking for the advantages and disadvantages of using ChatSonic? You can have a look at these below:


  • More relevant and real-time factual content generation
  • Access to multiple features like Sonic editor and Botsonic in the plan itself
  • Real-time data reliability with Google Search Integration Toggle
  • Threads are used to remember the earlier conversation. Helping out to backtrack and generating links for next content generation
  • The export facility of content to PDF or Word documents.
  • Voice Command Input and output also
  • Personalized prompt for expert content


  • Content formatting is a little bit distorted
  • Some people might find it’s costly

FAQs on ChatSonic Free Trial

Here we have listed some frequently asked questions related to the Chatsonic coupon code and Chatsonic free trial.

Is Chatsonic Free?

Chatsonic offers a free trial for an unlimited period with a limitation of single users and 10K premium word generation. You can click on the link to claim your free trial.

What is difference in between Chatsonic and ChatGPT?

ChatSonic and ChatGPT both are AI-based content Generation tools but in some factor, Chatsonic has different functionalities from ChatGPT. Both are OpenAI-based AI tools built on GPT-3 and GPT-4 technologies respectively.

What are the distinguishing features ChatSonic have over ChatGPT?

Chatsonic has the following distinguishing features over ChatGPT:

  • Voice Command Input Support (voice output)
  • Google Search Integration for Hyper Real-time Content
  • AI art genartion Feature
  • Play with the generated content
  • Specialized modes according to different personalities like a math teacher, accountant, interviewer, etc.
Is there any coupon code of Chatsonic?

Unfortunately, there is no active coupon code for Chatsonic. But you can use the 33% discount deal on annual plans.


As compared to other alternatives of ChatGPT, Chatsonic is the most affordable and reliable tool for personal use as well as for generating marketing content. But it’s not good from a Coding perspective. 

Its features are more distinguished than any other AI tool for competition. Those who want reliable factful and real-time content can definitely go with the Chatsonic without any hesitation.

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