5 Best Landing Page Builder Lifetime Deals In 2024 (Top Picks)

If you are looking for the best landing page builder lifetime deals in 2024, then you have landed in the right place.

Landing pages are websites with a single page useful for promoting the products as well as services by targeting the customers directly. Everything that is used for online interaction with customers and converting them from visitors to customers is the Landing page.

Completing the websites having landing pages may be a little difficult because we have to analyze what will attract customers and what will not!

Landing page builders make your task easier and you will get everything ready for landing pages.

What should the best Landing Page builder include?

Users should first be clear with the difference between Single Page website and Landing Page. Landing Page has only a single Call to Action (CTA).

landing page builder lifetime deals

CTA means calls for registering for a newsletter, calling, purchasing, or anything else which can convert visitors to customers. Single page website is just like a normal website providing more and more information.

  • Customization should be easier and without single coding will make that Landing Page builder tool more preferred. But there should be customized CSS options to make changes if someone wants.
  • The landing page builder template should have multiple templates for each category. If it doesn’t have multiple then whatever they are providing should be of the best quality.
  • Landing page designs should be ready and users should not need to try them from scratch. Generated landing page loading speed should be faster than normal website builders.
  • Call to Action should be flexible as per users’ requirements. Email subscription, phone call, and purchase options should be there.
  • A custom domain connection should be available. 
  • An analytics option for tracking customers should be provided by the builder for knowing how our landing page is performing.

Top 5 Landing Page Builder Lifetime Deals

Here I am going to share with you the best deals for landing page builders. All these deals are available on the AppSumo platform.

1) EpicPxls

EpicPxls is the best landing page builder providing faster project delivery of any category. Designing websites without any experience can be possible with EpicPxls. It will reduce the consumption timing without any proficiency.

EpicPixls have multiple different options like a library of templates, fonts, graphics, and more tools to create your own customized landing pages and websites. The best part of the EpicPxls developer team is that they are totally concentrating on providing the quality content mentioned above rather than providing quantity stuff. Every design gets updated with time according to improvements suggested by the users. 

EpicPxls are working on creating faster-loading landing pages mostly useful for growing businesses. Landing page ready-made templates are available on EpicPixls with every category and requirement. They update the templates and designs daily.

Customized fonts are also updated every time on this platform. The fonts are accessible for every device mobile, tablet, and laptop. Multiple icons are also available from EpicPxls. Templates can be integrated with the WordPress platform. EpicPxls is the best suggestion for Content creators, Small Businesses, and web designers.

EpicPxls Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Plan Updates
  • Unlimited Codes Stacking Possible
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 20 Premium Items Download Allowed in Single Code
  • Plus 20 were added with every code stack

EpicPxls Lifetime Deal Price

EpicPxls lifetime deal will cost $39 for a lifetime purchase. Adding one more code will increase more $39 and it can be unlimited stacking with 20 more premium items downloaded per month allowed for every code.

2) SupaPass

SupaPass is as easy as completing puzzles made for kids. SupaPass has the option to create Landing pages starting with templates and customizing the templates with drag-and-drop editors. SupaPass doesn’t require any coding for designing the Landing pages. It also doesn’t have any plugins for extra features as it already has multiple useful features.

Organizing your content is also easier in SupaPass. SupaPass also provides monetizable services. Users can create landing pages or websites through this platform which can have paid subscriptions, courses, and digital products. Paywall settings are easy to integrate with the SupaPass. Stripe is the main payment gateway provided by SupaPass. Client logins are also possible through this builder. Designed web pages can be used on Mobiles as well as TV screens also. 

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Mailing the latest updates to visitors can be possible internally through SupaPass. Integrating youtube podcasts with everything that you can upload on your website is possible here. Managing all the stuff on your websites from a single dashboard is possible with SupaPass.

SupaPass is a website builder that can be used as an alternative to the Kajabi, Patreon, and WordPress editors as well. SupaPass has options to integrate with Google Analytics for checking the analytics of your landing pages. All social media sites, Youtube videos, and Live features and Zapier can be integrated with SupaPass. SupaPass is the best suggestion for Content creators, Podcasters, and YouTubers for promoting their businesses and works.

SupaPass Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Premium updates
  • No Codes, No Stacking
  • Downgrade possible
  • GDPR Compliant

SupaPass Lifetime Deal price

SupaPass Lifetime deal will cost starting at $69 one-time purchase. It includes 1 Hosted website, 1 Admin user, 100 audiences, and 1 content feed. 

Another plan will have improvements as 3 hosted websites, 3 admin users, 500 audiences, and 5 content feeds costing $139 one-time purchase.

For unlimited audience members and content feeds we have to purchase License Tier 3 plan costing $299 one-time purchase with 10 hosted websites and 6 admin users.

3) Banna.com

Banaa.com is specially designed for e-store creation. It can be helpful for creating landing pages with products and cart options. This can be used as a different web stack platform to redirect for purchasing the products from your websites. There are predesigned blocks available on Banaa.com which allow users to design, build and launch websites and landing pages. All the generated contents are responsive enough for all platforms and screen sizes.

Banaa.com promotes its business using the tagline of the No code website and eCommerce Builder. Banaa.com provides headless CMS to create e-stores from any chosen stack.

Multiple blocks like covers, features, slideshows, countdown timers, and flip boxes are provided in its drag-and-drop editor. Navigation bars and other controls are also provided by Banaa.com. The designed pages are cross-device compatible while there is a Built-in HTML Builder for all those who wanted to make changes using coding. Code blocks generated with an eCommerce stores generator in Banaa.com can be easily used in any other platform for making your own eCommerce store.

No URL redirections and faster checkouts like multiple options are available in the Banaa.com editor for higher conversion rates of sales. Merchants and developers have multiple benefits from this builder as it has its own e-store website stacking and connection facility with any payment gateway. Merchants can increase their sales by saving time as well as money through this platform.

Banaa.com Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • All Future updates
  • Unlimited pages with free SSL and Custom Domains
  • Lower Transaction fees of 2% for a lifetime
  • Stacking of codes is possible

Banaa.com Lifetime deal price

Banaa.com lifetime deal pricing is $49 for a one-time purchase. All the above features are included in this code. Stacking one more code will reduce the transaction charges to 1% for a lifetime.

4) Popify

Building professional landing pages with pre-built templates is possible with just drag and drop no coding landing page builder Popify. Popify has some special features like getting feedback for your services through landing pages, the launch of new products, and sharing exciting deals.

Popify provides popup creators which are helpful to create multiple popups that can be helpful to showcase offers or some important attractive details. Popify also provides a statistics backend dashboard helping us to track our landing page working and conversions. 

The backend dashboard of the data provided like impressions and clicks will be helpful for further usage. Customization options in the notifications provide users more usefulness for all users in customer-attracting leads.

Popify is specially made for eCommerce, marketing agencies, and SaaS service providers. It can be used as an alternative option for Optinmonster and poptin tools. Popify is something that sounds like Shopify! It can be integrated with any API, Pabbly Connect, Webhooks, WordPress, and Zapier like CMS platforms and tools.

Popify Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access
  • All Future Plan Updates
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Stacking of codes accepted
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Personal Branding
  • Triggering of Popups

Popify Lifetime deal price

Popify single code stacking is available at $79 for a one-time purchase. Stacking codes is possible. For unlimited access, users need to stack 10 codes in total.

5) Stacky

Stacky provides Micro landing pages for all users that can be used for social media account promotions and grabbing visitors from different media platforms. You must have heard about the bio links in Instagram which lands you on one more web page where users get multiple social media links in one place of that user. These things can be done through the Stacky landing page builder.

Stacky provides all the facilities like promoting some services or products with all the audiences from various audience bases. Drag and drop builder option provides customization features. Integrative feature of the tracking of the links which can help to monitor the activities. 

Stacky’s Backend statistics dashboard is great enough capable of providing all the details like impressions and clicks with platforms used as well as locations and age groups like important statistics. 

Stacky Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access to Stacky Features
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • The deal is not Stackable
  • All future Plan Updates
  • Custom fonts, colors, and templates
  • Link Scheduling Feature
  • Advanced Analytics

Stacky Lifetime Deal Price

Stacky Lifetime deal is available on AppSumo at $49 for a one-time purchase. No stacking is allowed with the Stacky Lifetime deal.


These are some best landing page builder lifetime deals. You can choose any of these tools and create an attractive landing page for your business.

All these deals come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the features of the tool you purchase, you can claim for refund.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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