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If you are looking for the Pictory free trial, then you have landed in the right place.

Pictory is an AI-powered video creation tool that has many use cases – Create videos from blog posts, transform scripts into engaging AI videos, generate short videos from long-form videos, and much more.

The purpose of this blog post is to guide you in activating the free trial plan of Pictory and learn about its features, pricing, etc.

Firstly, let’s know about Pictory AI in detail,

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory is designed and developed for digital content creators, business teams, and organizations to create and generate high-quality content and text in engaging video format.

Video content is considered to drive a highly engaging source of traffic for businesses and individuals, video presentations and explanations become easy for the audiences to get the information easily and understandable. 

With the Pictory.ai software tool, you can convert or create short + long-form content such as blogs / news articles / short notes / sales copy / scripts / webinars / subtitles /  letters to a high-quality longer duration video that can be used and shared among the audiences. 

You can upload these videos on YouTube or any other social media platforms to gain views and engagement, thus leading to an image and customer base of your brand, and you can get huge traffic, if your videos will go viral over social media.

How to activate Pictory Free Trial?

Pictory AI provides the collection of the latest Artificial Intelligence features and functions such as Text to Video / Auto Caption / HD updated Library. Pictory AI has a simple and user-friendly interface where you can navigate each feature easily.

Get to know how you can create stunning videos from your articles or text input that can be converted into fresh video content that is designed to get the most engagement and reach through its attractive visual graphics and valuable text representations.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the official page of Pictory AI. Then click on the “Free Trial” button on the right upper side menu and wait for a new pop-up window to open.

pictory free trial

Enter the required details such as Name / Email / Password etc., or Simply you can sign up with Google Account.

Step 2: We will show you to Sign up via Gmail Account, enter your desired Gmail Account Address, through which you can Log in to Pictory AI to claim your Free trial.

pictory free trial

After successfully choosing your Gmail Account, Pictory AI will send a confirmation to your Gmail, this will automatically fetch your basic information such as name, email, and contact.

Step 3: Pictory AI will ask your main video goal, through this it sets up a customized user experience to provide better services and features to its versatile users.

Select your relevant reason and click on the next button.

Step 4: Pictory AI will ask you about the number of members, you can select as per your project members.

If you are working with a large team or a business organization, then you can select more than 1000 employees.

Step 5: Now, Pictory will ask about the job role of the primary user. This helps to provide personalized features and services so that you can take the maximum advantage based on your requirement.

Done, now you are ready to explore the features of Pictory AI for Free.

How to create a video with Pictory?

Let’s start exploring the “Script to video” use case of Pictory AI.

Pictory AI offers you a detailed tutorial tour and explanation of the creation of a video by converting or extracting your written scripts. You can watch a dedicated video on how to convert your script to video via Pictory AI.

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A new window will open in which you can type your script, Pictory offers a dedicated spell check and highlight in the text editor, so that it can make a distinctive video appearance of certain points. 

Refer to the below image as an example –

Click on the Proceed Button after you have successfully written your text script.

You can select the desired template, based on the tone of your script, Pictory AI provides a huge collection of Video Templates to choose from for different niches and tones of the content. 

After selecting the desired video template, Pictory will ask you to choose the desired Video Aspect Ratio so that you can use or share it easily.

After selecting the template aspect ratio, Pictory AI will start to process and render the video, it analyzes the text, creates relevant visuals, and divides the scripts into scenes in order to create a professional engaging video.

You can convert the video preview of the different scenes and edit each accordingly based on your needs and preferences.

This is the Final Step, after you are done with converting, editing, and making the relevant adjustments to the videos, click on the Download Button to start the Download of your Video.

Pictory AI offers faster processing and downloading interface, you can select to run the operation in the background if you are working on multiple video projects. 

Kudos, Now you’re ready to discover the magic of Pictory AI, you can start using various AI-enabled features that help to create stunning videos of your businesses. You can convert and create any type of video you want without having any prior video editing experience. 

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With smart AI cloud-based services, Pictory doesn’t require any high-end devices or bulky RAM, to use Pictory AI, you just require a stable internet connection and a pc.

Pictory AI offers a dedicated user dashboard where you can access all your projects and use different AI video creation and conversion features to create high-quality, stunning videos for your audiences.

Who should use Pictory AI?

Well, if your profession belongs to any of the categories listed below then you can definitely give a try to Pictory AI.

1) Online Marketers

Pictory is a handful of tools for product-based and software-based marketers who are looking to create promotional content for their products or software programs, you can create branded videos in a few clicks, you can use thousands of stock files for product demonstration, create videos with captions. 

2) YouTube Channel Owners / Creators 

If you want an engaging video for your YouTube channel, you can create it in less time with Pictory.

Choose the ready-to-go video templates and write your script or upload it from your pc, edit the script with the text editor, choose the background audio or song, and you can even add AI voice-overs in your videos. 

3) Website Owners / Bloggers / Social Media Marketers 

Pictory can ease your work, through its advanced AṣI technology, you can convert your blog post or website articles (long form or short) into high-quality videos (short/long) if you want to grow your social media page or profile, and you can create stunning posts, upload short videos, reels, teasers, etc. to get audience engagement. 

4) Online Educational Course Creators 

Use your productivity in text and Pictory AI will automatically convert your text lectures and instructions to tutorial-based videos so that the audience can understand each piece of information carefully. You can create long explanatory videos and tutorials with Pictory in just a few minutes. 

5) Digital Service Agencies

If you are a group of members or an agency, you can use Pictory AI as your video-creating or editing software that will save you time in creating unique, stunning videos for your clients, you can instruct Pictory AI to create relevant videos through written text, also, you can download the video in HD quality.

Features of Pictory AI

Pictory AI is one of the best video creation tools powered by artificial intelligence. Well, the features of this tool are listed below:

Turn Your Written Scripts into Videos: 

Now, you can convert your written script or text into videos, this feature is very popular among content creators who have a business of dedicated educational content courses, through this you can create your video course for free, in a few minutes. 

You also get a dedicated text editor while inputting your script so that you can highlight the important phrases or words, you can even add your voice-over or an AI voice, Pictory provides a variety of AI voices and templates from its wide range of libraries. 

Video Summarization / Convert Long Videos to Short: 

With Pictory AI, you can create and convert long-form videos into short ones, through its AI mechanism it detects the important part of the videos and skips the useless frames so that you can get the best summary of the content. 

Pictory AI summarizes long Zoom videos or meetings / third-party online conferences / longer podcasts / any long-duration video or news. 

Transform your Blog into Videos: 

If you hate reading long blogs or hate researching the content in the text, you can use Pictory AI to convert the text into videos to understand the content easily and effectively. 

Pictory extracts all the relevant and important text and converts the following into effective visuals so that you can understand the information easily. 

You can also add background music/voice-overs / AI voice-overs / customized video templates. 

Add Video Captions / Subtitles:

If you want to add video captions or subtitles to your videos, you can upload the video to Pictory ṣand add the dedicated caption, you can add the caption in any language you want to seek the maximum targeted audience. 

Through video captioning, you can also add dedicated keywords to boost the SEO and rank your content higher in relevant query searches on Google. 

This feature is very handy if your video is based on tutorial/webinar discussion / online learning videos, etc. 

Create Teasers / Trailers / Short Highlight Videos from Long Videos:

Want to provide stunning short insights into your videos, with Pictory AI you can now create small teaser or trailer videos of your dance or live performances or any other kind of videos, it creates attractive videos by extracting the highlighted moment of the video.

You can post these types of Videos on Social Media to get high engagement and more traffic to your social media or website. 

Pictory Inbuilt Guides and Tutorials:

Pictory AI is not just a software tool to provide you with videos, it also acts as a mentor in providing practical guidance and knowledge related to personal branding/video creation/video marketing strategies. 

Pictory AI also shares users’ live case studies on how they got high traffic and sales using the Pictory AI text-to-video converter tool. 

Friendly Interface for Beginners: 

Pictory AI offers a decent and modern easy-to-use navigation interface that makes it easy for freshers who don’t have much experience in video editing and video creation, you can explore the features easily through Pictory AI’s dedicated guidance program. 

This tool provides a simple/clean / easy-to-use layout for each user and also creates a personalized user interface based on the user experience, with its easy-to-understand features and control options you can create high-quality stunning videos for your businesses and products.

Pictory AI Pricing & Plans

Pictory AI offers three different pricing plans on the basis of user requirements/features and types of users. 

1. Standard Plan – $19 / month

  • Single User Support
  • Up to 10 Hours of Video Transcription 
  • Text to Video Maximum Duration (10 minutes)
  • Up to 30 Videos
  • Up to 34 AI voices
  • Maximum, 5000 audio tracks
  • Only 3 Branded Templates Customization

2. Premium Plan – $39 / month

  • Single User Support
  • Up to 20 Hours of Video Transcription
  • Text to Video Maximum Duration (20 minutes)
  • Up to 60 Videos
  • Up to 60 AI voices
  • Maximum, 10000 audio tracks
  • Hootsuite Integration Facility
  • Only 10 Branded Templates Customization
  • Bulk Download Option

3. Team/Group Plan – $99 / month

  • 3 User Access
  • Up to 90 Videos
  • Up to 80+ AI voices
  • Maximum, 15000 audio tracks
  • 20 Branded Templates Customization
  • Bulk Download Option
  • Sharing + Collaboration

Pros and Cons of Pictory AI

There are some upsides and downsides to using Pictory Ai for video creation. Let’s have a look at them:


  • Easy-to-Use Interface 
  • Inbuilt Text / Script Editor
  • Supports Multiple Users 
  • Customizable Videos 
  • SEO boost Captioned videos
  • Fast video Processing
  • Multiple Video Templates
  • Multiple AI voices / Audio


  • Supports Less Number of Languages
  • Some AI voices sound like a robot
  • Video Summarization may not provide accuracy


This is all about the Pictory free trial and the features of this AI tool. Pictory is no doubt an amazing tool for video creation.

It is affordable and very easy to use. Initially, you can try the Pictory free trial and once you are satisfied with this tool you can upgrade to its premium versions.

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