Pictory Lifetime Deal (July 2024) – Does That LTD Exist?

Are you searching for the Pictory lifetime deal 2024? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

Pictory AI has rapidly become the most powerful video producer and editor in the business, allowing users to create and distribute professional-quality videos such as YouTube Shorts, and Reels in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, the Pictory lifetime deal has ended now. But I have an exclusive coupon code that can save up to 50% on your premium plan subscription to Pictory AI.

I’ll also discuss my experience with the Pictory.ai tool, including how it works and how effective their AI Video Editor is.

Let’s dive into the main content,

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that transforms lengthy content, such as blogs, webinars, podcasts, and white papers, into high-value, highly visible short videos for easy sharing.

Pictory is changing how we make videos. With this cloud-based AI video maker, you can easily create professional-quality videos in less time!

Even if you lack technical or video editing knowledge, it quickly converts text into high-quality films. You won’t need to worry about tiresome editing if you let this software streamline and polish your text.

Whether they are a newbie or a pro, anyone can use Pictory to make amazing videos and YouTube short videos!

How to activate Pictory Discount?

You’re only a few steps away from having access to one of the most fantastic Pictory AI video creation tools in the world.

Don’t miss the 5th step (the most important step) to activate the discount code.

Step 1: Click on this exclusive link to visit the official discount page of Pictory AI.

Step 2: After that, click on the “Get Started For Free” button to be redirected to the account registration page!

Enter your Name, Email, and Password now and click “Sign up” to create a completely new account.

Step 3: After creating an account, Pictory.ai will take you to the dashboard. The pricing of Pictory AI will be displayed when you tap the Upgrade button right away!

pictory lifetime deal

Step 4: You’ve reached the Pictory AI Pricing page, where you must choose a plan that satisfies your needs and your budget.

Step 5: After you’ve chosen your plan, hit the “Buy Now” button to be directed to the payment page, where you can enter our PIctory.ai coupon code “BLOGGINGFIX” to get an extra 20% discount.

Honestly, I recommend their Premium plan, which includes 15,000 audio tracks and fantastic features at an affordable price!

Step 6: You must now pay the invoice, so click the “Proceed” button, which will lead you to the Payment page!

Well, Pictory AI accepts two payment methods: PayPal and credit card. So, choose a payment method, and I’ll use a credit card to make my payment!

Congratulations! So, now you have activated their Pictory Coupon Code successfully on their Premium plan and you can use it to create amazing AI-generated videos.

What are the features of Pictory AI?

Pictory AI has a lot of amazing features that make it worthy of spending money on. Some of the benefits listed below are reasons your company might want to consider using Pictory AI’s tool to generate videos:

1) Create captivating videos from blog posts

By using Pictory AI’s video creation tool, long blog content can be transformed into engaging short videos for social media. This AI-powered tool would be very useful for bloggers and companies with blogs.

Thus, Pictory AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically turn your blog content into shorter videos.

You can select from 3 million images, video clips, and music tracks to create a fantastic video. Realistic artificial intelligence voice-overs, speech, or your own voice are all available.

2) You can quickly produce videos using a script

You can make a video in a matter of seconds. With Pictory’s ground-breaking ReelFast technology, you can create stunning videos from scripts in minutes as opposed to hours, as if they were created with the aim of moving at astounding speeds.

You can create a video in only a few seconds. With Pictory’s remarkable ReelFast technology, you can turn scripts into truly stunning videos in a matter of minutes rather than hours, as if they were written with the aim of operating at rapid speeds.

3) It can automatically add captions to videos

Therefore, on platforms like YouTube, captions and subtitles contribute to increased engagement and average view duration.

Because Pictory makes video captioning simple, it can be used for YouTube, webinars, product demonstrations, e-learning, video podcasts, and other purposes.

You don’t need to manually create captions or spend a lot of money outsourcing captioning because it is done automatically in Pictory.ai.

4) 30-day risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee

Well, If this tool doesn’t work properly, there’s no need to worry.

Its premium packages all come with 30-day refund policies. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the product. 

Hence, Stripe and Paypal, two of the most renowned payment processors in the world, provide help for Pictory’s payment system, which also contains cutting-edge security technologies. Its payment system is therefore completely secure.

5) Edit and create videos quickly using text

You can edit webinar recordings, podcasts, and Zoom recordings using this software.

Even if you are a complete newbie with no prior knowledge of video editing, it allows you to create text-based videos.

You can edit lengthy videos using the lightning-fast Pictory AI tool in a matter of minutes. To give videos a branded feel, you may customize them with your logos, colors, and fonts.

Who can use the Pictory AI tool?

Pictory AI is the best choice for anybody searching for a quick and simple way to produce engaging video content.

You can use it to translate text into visually striking stories that can be shared with loved ones and followers on any platform.

In summary, it is used by a wide variety of people, including content producers (both seasoned and up-and-coming), who need to create a faceless video or simply want to add text to their videos.

The following individuals are competent to use Pictory AI –

  • Content Creators
  • YouTuber, & Video Creators
  • Bloggers, & Marketers
  • Course Creators
  • Video Marketing Agency

Hence, Pictory AI is ideal for swiftly turning text into visually appealing videos, turning scripts or blog posts into videos, and adding your own voice or authentic AI voices to your videos.

Pictory AI Plans and Pricing

Their free trial package allows you to create three ten-minute video projects! 

So, Pictory AI mainly offers three special plans, which are as follows:

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan
  • Enterprise plan

Let’s look at the plans in-depth,

1. Standard Plan

This Standard plan is perfect for inexperienced video creators. This plan costs $23 per month, but if you pay yearly, it just costs $19 per month.

This plan limits you to 30 videos per month and does not permit you to use your own voice-overs.

The following are the features of the Standard plan:

  • 25 artificial intelligence-powered voices
  • It provides 5,000 music tracks.
  • 30 videos are released each month.
  • Up to ten minutes of text-to-video conversion
  • 10 hours of video transcription every month
  • 720p video output with a maximum video file size of 1 GB

2. Premium Plan

As a result, professional creators and small to medium-sized businesses should buy the Premium plan.

This plan costs $47/month, but if you pay yearly, it costs only $39/month.

You can create up to 60 videos per month with the premium plan and you can use your own voiceover work with auto-sync. 

Well, You can also export your videos at 1080p if you have the premium plan.

The following are the features of the Premium plan:

  • Video resolutions of up to 720p and 1080p are available.
  • Collaborate with voiceover and auto-sync
  • Monthly video transcription duration of 20 hours
  • Includes integration with Hootsuite
  • There are a total of 15000 music tracks included.
  • There are 42 AI-powered voices available.
  • Build and store up to ten unique templates.

3. Enterprise Plan

Everything from the basic and premium plans is included in this package. Well, Customized pricing depending on your needs is part of the enterprise plan!

All plans have a 33% discount if you choose to pay yearly.

If you’re a new user or content creator, I suggest starting with the Standard subscription and then switching to the Premium plan once you’ve seen how well Pictory AI performs for you.

The following are the features of the Enterprise plan –

  • Custom length restriction for text-to-video projects
  • Custom video transcription/month
  • Per-upload video duration customization
  • 15,000 songs
  • There are 42 text-to-speech AI voices available.
  • Voice-over synchronization is done automatically.
  • Intro and outro branding
  • Highlights from videos are automatically generated.
  • integration with Hootsuite
  • Batch video download to CSV invoice-based payment
  • Account manager assigned to you

What makes Pictory AI different from other tools?

Here are some features that make Pictory AI one of the best AI video marketing tools and ahead of its competitors.

  • Advanced artificial intelligence technology is used to generate automated videos
  • It does not require any technical knowledge to use. After you submit your text, Pictory will handle the rest.
  • Because it is cloud-based, there is no need to download or install the software. You can start making beautiful videos with just a few clicks.
  • There are no limits on the length or quantity of videos that can be created. Pictory can assist you at any stage of your marketing career!
  • Make long-form video content accessible by reducing it into small, digestible bits.
  • You can add your own branding with a logo, intro, and outro.
  • Upload your own images and videos or choose from our library.
  • By picking the best graphics and sounds, a magnificent summary video may be made automatically.
  • Without any faults, captions will be added automatically.

FAQs on Pictory Lifetime Deal 2024

The following are a few of the Pictory lifetime deal’s most frequently asked questions. Take a quick glance at them so you can easily buy their Premium plan:

What is Pictory AI?

Well, Pictory.ai, a cloud-based video creation platform, allows you to create professional-looking videos quickly and easily.

Is there any lifetime deal on Pictory AI?

Pictory AI AppSumo lifetime deal is sold out. But you can use my coupon code “BLOGGINGFIX” to get an instant 20% discount on premium plans.

How does Pictory.ai work, and create videos?

In any case, PictoryAI evaluates your written content and chooses appropriate visuals, photos, and audio samples. Simply enter your text into Pictory’s online editor, select a template, and pick a visual filter to quickly produce video summaries.

Is there a refund policy at Pictory.ai tool?

Well, All Pictory AI plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can request a refund.

Which payment methods are available in Pictory?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Stripe, a secure online payment system, handles all transactions. Aside from credit cards, PayPal is the only payment option they accept.


It is a helpful tool for podcasters, bloggers, online course providers, and digital marketers. With this Pictory AI tool, you may produce informative movies quickly and effectively.

Hence, if you want your films to be flawless every time, you need Pictory.ai! Well, People love Pictory.ai because of its user-friendly layout and abundance of functions.

There is, of course, a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you can use their template to produce stunning videos.

What exactly are you waiting for? Access this tool and start making some amazing videos.

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