PiPiADS Coupon Code 2024 (50% OFF) Verified Deal

If you are looking for the PipiAds coupon code 2024, then you have landed in the right place.

PiPiAds is the TikTok Ads spying tool growing more rapidly than its competitors because of its best features. It is one of the best tools in this category, but the pricing is comparatively higher.

So, I talked with the PipiAds team and brings for you an exclusive coupon code that will save up to $433 on the annual purchase of this tool.

Below I have shared a step-by-step guide to activate the coupon code and get an instant 50% discount.

PiPiADS Coupon Code 2024

20% OFF
100% Working PiPiADS Coupon Code
This is an exclusive coupon code for my blog readers. You can use this code to get an instant 20% discount on your subscription.
This is an exclusive coupon code for my blog readers. You can use this code to get an instant 20% discount on your subscription. Show Less
50% OFF
Grab 50% Discount on PiPiADS
To get an instant 50% discount on PiPiADS, you have to choose annual billing to get 30% OFF and use our coupon "BLOGGINGFIX" to get 20% OFF. In total, you will get a 50% discount.
To get an instant 50% discount on PiPiADS, you have to choose annual billing to get 30% OFF and use our coupon "BLOGGINGFIX" to get 20% OFF. In total, you will get a 50% discount. Show Less

You can get an exclusive 50% discount by paying annually and applying the coupon code.

You are getting a 30% discount for paying annually and a 20% discount for applying the coupon code. That is a total of 50% savings on your purchase.

How to Activate the PipiADS Coupon Code

Make sure you properly follow all the steps to claim the discount on your purchase. You can also refer to the screenshots for better clarity of the steps.

Step 1: Click on the exclusive link for reaching the PiPiAds Landing page. Users can also visit the PiPiAds website but then you have to enter coupon code manually.

Step 2: Now you have to register to the PiPiAds platform first. For this just scroll down the page and enter the email in the email box and click on Get Started- Its Free tab. 

This will take you to the Registration Page. 

Step 3: Reaching the Sign-up page will pop up something in front of you. Users have to enter their Email and Password here as they are required fields. Other fields like company and Phone are optional but if you want then you can fill them. 

Step 4: Click on the Button to Start verification for verifying the email through OTP. After verification of OTP proceeds to Create My Account. 

Step 5: Activate your account by clicking on the verification link shared in your email. In the email, there are two options Activate or another option link to click or copy and paste it.

Now it’s time to apply for the Applying Discount Coupon code…

Step 6: In the right top corner of your dashboard you will get the option to go for the Pricing Page. On that page, you will get all plans with their features and pricing. Users can choose between monthly billing and annual billing subscription. 

There is an extra 30% discount benefit on the Annual billing cycle offered officially by PiPiAds. 

Step 7: Whatever discount you got till now is just a normal user discount but if you want to get an extra 20% discount then apply the PiPiAds Coupon code “BLOGGINGFIX”. It will enable the extra 20% discount on your purchase.

pipiads coupon code

Step 8: In payment options there are multiple modes like Credit Card through Stripe, PayPal, AliPay, etc. Use any of them and proceed with your payment.

Step 9: Your discount offer was enabled in the 7th step itself. Just Make your payment to complete this discount deal and grab it at the best price.

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Why choose PiPiADS?

PiPIAds is the best and most used TikTok ads spying app mostly used for dropshipping and many more online businesses.

Let’s have a look at the features of PiPiAds so we can make judgments about the statement Why PiPiAds?

1) Best filterable TikTok Ads Search

TikTok ads are the main thing covered in PiPiAds. PiPiAds provides the facility to search TikTok ads according to keywords, landing pages, and Advertisers.

Multiple search options with categorization facility available in PiPiAds. Country filter, Customers filter according to eCommerce, Games, Apps, Dropship, and TikTok Shop ads are available for more customer-centric ads generation.

In the E-Commerce field, there are top leading giants like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and Magento targeted by ads through PiPiAds. 

2) Best TikTok Ads for higher Click rates

Top winning products of the day are provided for every user that is trending on TikTok in Ads for that day.

If you are using some platform like Shopify then the Shopify product can be advertised through PiPiAds as users can find that product which you are advertising easily by clicking there.

Trending ads get analyzed here and you can get all details about that ad to make your own.

3) Spy on top Trending TikTok Ads through Adspy Tool

PiPiAds is the Tiktok ads spying tool providing all features to track trending ads on TikTok. PiPIAds have multiple TikTok ads in its library for creators and also different top ad examples.

4) TikTok Ads analysis

If you want to go on trend then look for a trend and implement that trend in your portfolio. It’s just simple through PiPiAds to look at trending and viral products and analyze them.

Through the PiPiAds tool, users can see impressions, Likes, and Comments with its internal popularity details for better analysis. 

5) Information about highly promising dropshipping products

Users of PiPIAds can get access to the winning drop shipping products which are selling with high conversion rates.

We can view that product also at that platform from where it’s going to be sold. That means we can get products with its ad materials for more efficient usage.

PiPiAds Plans and Pricing

PiPiAds comes with three different plans from the basic range to the advanced range according to usage. We will enlist them all and get more details about every plan one by one.

  • Starter Plan
  • VIP Plan
  • PRO Plan

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan itself tells us that its beginner’s plan has access to beginner-level features. The starter Plan from PiPiAds costs $77 every month. When users go with annual billing then it will cost $54 every month. 

The starter plan consists of features like 200 ad views on a monthly basis and 50 ad views on a daily basis. The plan includes 50 Advertiser query results, 50 product details daily, and 50 advertisers details limitation on daily basis.

Users have access to Unlimited winning products in this plan with single-person usage.

2. VIP Plan

VIP Plan is made for medium-level businesses and startups with agencies. The majority of the people go with the VIP plan from PiPiAds. VIP Plans cost $155 every month for all users and in annual billing with a 30% discount offer it will be $128 every month.

VIP Plans have some features with increased limitations than the starter plan in 2000 Ads viewed on a monthly basis and 200 ad details every day. Users can take out 200 product details each day with 1000 advertisers’ searches through queries. Through the same feature, users can take out the details of 200 advertisers every day.

VIP Plan allows unlimited winning product access with single-person usage.

3. PRO Plan

Its highest facilitated plan from PiPiAds is used by bigger companies and agencies for their huge usage. eCommerce marketers and advertisers use this plan because it allows the 5 users access to the PiPiAds account. 

PRO Plan from PiPiAds will cost $263 every month when paid on monthly basis and $181 every month if paid on an annual basis with a 30% discount offer. 

PRO plan is not unlimited but has multiple extra features starting from 5000 ads viewed on a monthly basis and 1000 ad details viewed on a daily basis. Users can watch the 1000 product details each day, 3000 advertisers’ search queries, and 1000 advertisers’ details every day. Users have the option to search for unlimited winning products in a month.

FAQs on PiPiAds Coupon Code

Here I have listed some frequently asked questions about the Pipiads coupon code.

Does PiPiAds Offers Free Trial?

No, PiPiAds don’t offer a free trial but they have one option to try them by paying $1 for 3 days of testing. In that test period, users can try all its features.

Is there any refund policy?

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy. PiPiAds mentioned the details at top of plans and purchases that no refund will be offered from PiPiAds.

What is the Coupon code for PiPiAds?

You can use the exclusive coupon code for our blog readers “BLOGGINGFIX” to get an instant 20% discount and save up to $433 on your purchase.


PiPiAds is one of the best TikTok analyzer tools in the market providing business help to all drop shipping and eCommerce businesses.

The Winning product details, TikTok Ads Details, and Advertisers’ details help all the users better analyze and run the TikTok Ads. It also helps out in getting the winning products with its details to promote highly clickable products in the market.

On PiPiAds normal users are getting a 30% discount on the annual billing of all plans. If you want some more discount offers then our mentioned coupon code will help all the users. That normal 30% Discount with a 20% Extra benefit will save you 50% of your money while purchasing the PiPiAds plan. 

Beginners without any strategies in Advertising can claim this offer with PiPiAds help for the best results at a great discount!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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