Rank Math Content AI Review 2024 – How Good Is This AI SEO Optimizer?

Are you searching for a detailed Rank Math Content AI review 2024? Then you have landed in the right place.

In this article, I’m going to share my own experience with Content AI in this unbiased Rank Math Content AI review, as well as how it functions and other things.

So, I must admit that I am a great fan of Rank Math because it has been beneficial in helping us rank for thousands of keywords in many of our blog posts.

Well, Rank Math SEO is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress that allows anyone, regardless of experience level, to easily boost the SEO of their website.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in,

What is Rank Math Content AI?

Well, Rank Math Content AI offers suggestions that can be fully implemented based on the user-provided keyword and target country. It will also advise you of the number of links to insert and the number of media to upload.

In short, Rank Math Content AI is your personalized AI Assistant for writing SEO-friendly content.

This brand-new feature from RankMath serves as your own personal writing assistant and helps in getting your articles highly ranked on search engines like Google and Bing.

According to the Rank Math team,” Content AI will guide you through the writing process and ensure that the content you create is suitable for the highest search engine rank”.

Let me tell you, What is Rank Math?

So, Rank Math is an excellent SEO plugin for WordPress because it assists you in optimizing your WordPress website for better ranking. 

In 2018, MyThemeShop in India launched the well-known SEO plugin Rank Math. 

Later, in 2022, it introduced a new feature called Content AI, which uses its own AI engine to “learn” from data from multiple sources in order to streamline the process of creating SEO content.

Ultimately, writing is made simple by RankMath Content AI. It makes sure that the content you produce is excellent for both readers and search engines.

Is it Worth Using Rank Math Content AI?

Yes, it is worthwhile to use because it can do everything from search engine optimization to targeting a specific audience in just a click.

This function will provide you with effective recommendations for word count, backlinks, headings, and media usage, allowing you to optimize your content for your specific keyword. 

If you are a new user of Rank Math premium SEO plugin then you can try Content AI free for 7 days.

How does Rank Math Content AI work exactly?

You already know how difficult it is to create content that ranks, which is why you need the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin with the new Content AI feature.

Their content AI eliminates all the burden of writing and makes sure that the article you produce is fantastic for both your readers and search engines like Google.

In a nutshell, it will guide you through the writing process and make sure the content you produce is deserving of receiving high Search Engine Rankings.

It functions by giving advice on how to make your content more appealing to both your audience and search engines.

These recommendations are based on real information from the SERPs for your target keyword.

You can now develop your content based on reliable data and climb to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages because now you don’t need to make any more guesswork due to Rank Math Content AI.

Content AI is integrated into the on-page SEO menu on your post page. It’s just above the Rank Math Pillar Content checkbox. If you like scoring systems as much as we do, you’ll like using them to help you generate great content.

It should be noted that this is not an AI copywriting tool. To boost your chances of ranking for your selected keyword, you must still have to write content on your own and follow Content AI’s instructions.

If you want to understand more about Content AI, you may watch the video above.

What are the features of Rank Math Content AI?

The popularity of Rank Math’s Content AI among WordPress users can be explained by a variety of factors.

In this section, we will showcase some features of Content AI and how you may effectively apply them in your next article. Because Rank Math is the best SEO plugin, you can utilize this function even if you are a free Rank Math user.

1. Extremely affordable and budget-friendly

The fact that Rank Math Content AI is a cost-effective method for optimizing online content for search engines; using this tool, you may learn how to write SEO-friendly articles based on its recommendations.

You can try out the plugin and discover how it can enhance the content with the free credits that come with the Rank Math plugin.

There are several affordable plans designed to satisfy different needs and budgets if you decide to buy more credits.

In general, Rank Math Content AI is a reasonably priced choice for enhancing the SEO of website content and bringing in organic visitors.

2. It helps to find the right keywords

Including relevant and related keywords to your content is one of the finest techniques to rank on a Search engine results page. 

That is why conducting keyword research before you begin writing your post is important. There are numerous keyword research tools available to help you with this.

rankmath content ai review

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a WordPress SEO plugin could tell you which keywords are important to your content and save you time?

So, Content AI will find it for you and tell you how many times you should include it in your content.

In brief, with this keyword suggestion feature, you can develop content that is better optimized for search engines and more likely to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

3. Related questions about keyword

One of the most effective ways to deliver valuable content to your target audience is to answer related queries. 

Although it can be found on search engines, Rank Math Content AI displays it immediately in your WordPress menu.

Following is an example of an “Affiliate Marketing” keyword –

Based on your target keyword, you can discover a wide range of questions to include in your content and respond to in order to provide significant information to your audience.

You can use these related questions to generate questions for your FAQ section or to create an outline for your article. In fact, we frequently use it in our posts, and the addition of these ideas offered us the inspiration to increase the worth of our content by expanding it.

As Google prioritizes PAA (People Also Ask) more and more, Rank Math Content AI presents related queries to address based on the keyword, and this feature is going to be very helpful for your website.

4. Gets related keywords easily

A topic-related keyword list is a collection of keywords that you may wish to include in your article. This is beneficial for optimizing content for related keywords connected to the main topic.

By putting those related keywords in the article, you may boost your site’s overall SEO and improve the possibility that your content will perform well in Search engines such as Google, and Bing.

That’s why I recommend that you begin including similar keywords in your articles that assist you to achieve high rankings on Google SERP!

5. Get valuable keyword metrics

Rank Math Content AI’s Keywords also include other information such as Search Volume, CPC, and Ad Competition, which can assist you to decide which keywords to utilize and which to avoid.

This covers key metrics such as:

  • Ad Competition
  • Search Volume
  • & CPC means Cost Per Click of that keyword

This kind of insight might be useful in determining which keywords to target in your article. You may produce content that is more likely to rank well in search engine result pages and drive organic traffic by using proven data rather than depending on speculation.

6. You will get related links and insight

While creating interesting blog content, it is essential to include related external links to your article that drive your audience to an amazing website where they can learn more about that topic.

Always remember that when you publish an article for your WordPress site, you must include two kinds of links in your content: external links and internal links!

When providing an external link to another website, ensure that it is a high authority site. This method will improve your Google SERP ranking and provide a more targeted audience to your website.

7. Content AI offers full control and Client support

The next aspect of this Rank Math Content AI review is that it offers a full control system!

As an admin, you have complete control over the use of Content AI credits diversification for each of your authors on your own WordPress site.

This means you may choose which authors will have access to the tool and how many credits will be spent in the most profitable way for your website.

Apart from that, Business & Agency license holders can choose the number of credits that can be issued to any site in their portfolio.

With this benefit, tracking the tool’s usage across many websites is simple, and ensuring that the credits are spent wisely is possible.

Ultimately, this type of control can be beneficial for increasing the efficiency of Rank Math Content AI!

How to get started with the Rank Math Content AI?

To get started with the Rank Math Content AI you have to follow 3 steps mentioned here.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the official page of Content AI. Scroll down to find its plans and pricing.

Step 02: Select a plan and hit the Buy button. You will be redirected to the Payment page, where you must make your payment! All required fields must be filled.

Well, Rank Math typically accepts 3 ways of payment: credit card, debit card, PayPal, and Amazon Pay!

Step 03: Select a payment method and enter the necessary details. Now click on the Pay button.

After you’ve entered all of the necessary information, click the Pay button!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the purchase of Credit for Rank Math Content AI.

Plans and Pricing – Which plan is best for you?

RankMath SEO plugin and Content AI has separate pricing structure.

You have three choices when it comes to Content AI plans: Starter, Creator, and Expert plan. The plans are designed in terms of monthly credit limits.

Each credit will allow you to research a specific keyword. When you search for the same keyword again, it won’t cost you more credits because it will be saved against your email.

Here is an overview of Content AI plans –

  • Starter Plan: This plan is ideal for beginners just starting with SEO and content creation. The Starter plan costs $2.99/month and you will get 7,500 monthly credits.
  • Creator Plan: Mid size content creators can use this plan as it offers 18,000 credits per month. The pricing of this plan is $5.99/month.
  • Expert Plan: The expert plan comes at $9.99/month and users will get access to 45,000 credits per month.

Content AI credits can be used to analyze the SEO of your WordPress website and determine where you can improve.

All of these plans have a one-year validity period rather than having a monthly subscription and offer premium support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the credit system in Rank Math Content AI?

You must exchange Content AI credits for a focus keyword before Content AI can be put to play and demonstrate its wonders. 

A credit is equal to one focus keyword, so you cannot get it back once you’ve used it. Thus, be sure to use it responsibly.

The data gathered will offer SEO tips such as:

  • Appropriate keyword suggestions for use in the Content, Title, and SEO Meta, as well as data on ad competition, CPC, and search traffic.
  • For the researched keyword, the Content AI system calculated the word count, link count, header count, and media count.
  • It includes related questions and external links that you can integrate into your content.
  • The researched content will be saved on your server so that you can reuse it in future posts or pages on your website without spending more credits.

Do you want to try Rank Math Content AI for free? Download the Rank Math plugin now to take advantage of your launch credits.

What are the Pros and Cons of Rank Math Content AI?

So now I’ll go over all of the advantages and disadvantages to assist you to decide whether or not to use Rank Math Content AI.

Any AI tool platform has advantages and disadvantages, and Content AI is no exception. 

Pros of Content AI

  • Install the free version of Rank Math SEO and then test it with 5 free credits
  • Relevant and related terms are extracted directly from the search engine’s database.
  • Everything is contained within the on-page SEO menu
  • It features reasonable pricing of only $19/year for 50 credits, making it the best deal for any blogger.

Cons of Content AI

  • It may not work for a new product because it is dependent on a search engine database
  • Content AI’s recommendations may not always be related to your desired keyword

So, if you found this Rank Math Content AI review valuable, then tell me in the comment box! 

How to activate the Content AI module on the WordPress site?

You must enable the Content AI Module in your WordPress admin area by going to Rank Math > Dashboard > Modules before you can use Rank Math Content AI.

After you’ve enabled the Content AI module, go to Rank Math > General Settings > Content AI or click the Settings icon to make site-wide modifications.

Well, You can configure the following options under the Content AI settings:

  • Default Country: Users can select a default country from the drop-down menu. This default country can be altered for each post, but I recommend staying with the Worldwide option, which means you don’t have to change here!
  • Select Post Type: This option allows users to pick specific post kinds, such as pages or blog posts, and Content AI will only be enabled for such posts.
  • Credit Left: This is a straightforward notice that displays the number of credits remaining in your account.

You may also read Rank Math’s comprehensive guide on the use of Content AI, which will provide you even more insight into how to easily optimize your content for a higher Google rank!

Why is Rank Math Content AI the finest SEO tool for WordPress?

RankMath is an advanced and powerful WordPress SEO plugin that assists website owners in improving their search engine ranks and increasing traffic to their sites.

Well, Bhanu Aluwalia, Nimit Kashyap, and Suraj Vibhute, three Indian entrepreneurs, launched Rank Math in 2018. 

The plugin has quickly gained a reputation among SEO plugins, becoming one of the industry’s top performers.

There are various reasons why RankMath is a popular choice for a website’s SEO plugin.

The following are the factors that make RankMath the best SEO plugin for bloggers:

  • It helps in the improvement of search engine rankings
  • RankMath optimized blog posts for keyword
  • It also monitors keyword rankings in SERPs
  • This plugin comes with Social media integration
  • RankMath’s free plan has more features than Yoast SEO
  • Its redirection manager tool lets you configure redirects on your website
  • Many of RankMath’s features can be customized to your individual needs
  • Rank Math offers a huge and active user community, as well as a committed support team.

FAQs on Rank Math Content AI Review

If you’re considering using RankMath Content AI for SEO, you should look through this section because it contains the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is Rank Math Content AI?

In short, Rank Math Content AI is your personalized AI Assistant for writing SEO-friendly content.

Is it possible to try the Content AI before buying?

You can use Rank Math free for 15 days if you take a subscription to the Rank Math premium plugin.

What is Content AI Credit exactly?

Well, Credits are required to optimize the content using Content AI. Every time you explore a new keyword or refresh the existing researched data with new data, RankMath Content AI will deduct one credit.

Can I purchase Content AI credits while using the free version?

Yes, you may purchase individual Content AI plans and use them with the free Rank Math version. To purchase credits, go to the Content AI pricing area.

What is the pricing of Rank Math Content AI credit?

Rank Math Content AI offers three plans according to your requirements. Their plans start from $2.99/month and go up to $9.99/month.

Conclusion: Rank Math Content AI Review

Do I recommend the Rank Math Content AI feature?

Yes, I strongly advise individuals looking for the best WordPress plugin for SEO with a scoring system for their websites to use it.

To summarise our Rank Math Content AI review, using Rank Math Content AI is completely beneficial. With all of the advantages, there’s no reason not to use Content AI to assist you in creating better content for your website.

Being Rank Math Pro users, we are still impressed by the fact that you can access Content AI for free.

Also, you can purchase additional credits at a minimal price. This feature distinguishes Rank Math from the rest of the SEO plugin marketplace.

If you’ve not already, I strongly advise you to download the RankMath WordPress plugin for free and experience Content AI in action.

So, what’s keeping you waiting?

If you have any other questions about the Rank Math Content AI Review, please leave them in the comments section below!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links on our site. If you purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us.

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