Rytr Pricing and Plans 2023 – How Much Does Rytr Cost?

Are you looking for Rytr pricing 2023?

Then you have landed in the right place. Because in this article you will get to know everything about Rytr plans.

Rytr comes in two premium plans: the Saver plan will cost $9 per month where you can generate 50,000 characters per month and the Unlimited plan will cost $29 per month.

Apart from the Rytr.me pricing, you will get to know the features and advantages of using this AI tool.

Rytr Pricing and Plans In 2023

Currently, Rytr offers two premium plans – the Saver plan and the Unlimited plan. Let’s go through the features and pricing of each plan.

Rytr PlansCharacters Limit Per MonthMonthly Billing PriceAnnual Billing Price
Saver Plan50,000$9$90
Unlimited PlanUnlimited$29$290

1) Saver Plan

You can purchase all the Rytr plans in both monthly billing and yearly billing system. 

If you go for the Saver plan it will cost you $9/mo and for annual billing, it will cost you $90/year. That means you will get two months of free access to Rytr premium for annual billing.

The features of the Rytr Saver plan are mentioned below:

  • You can generate up to 50,000 characters per month
  • Access to 30+ use cases
  • You can write in 30+ languages
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community
  • Create custom use cases according to your needs

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2) Unlimited Plan

As the name suggests, in this plan you can generate unlimited characters per month.

So, if you run an agency or own multiple blogs then you should go for the Rytr Unlimited plan. Talking about the pricing of this plan it comes at $29/mo and for yearly billing, it will cost $290/year. 

The features of the Rytr Unlimited plan are:

  • Everything in the Saver plan +
  • Generate Unlimited characters per month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority email and chat support

Rytr Free Plan

Rytr also offers a free trial to every user where you can generate up to 5000 characters per month. Once you finish this character limit, you have to wait for the next month to get the free credits.

If you are just starting with Rytr then you should first try the free trial

You can check the quality of the content generated by Rytr and if you get satisfied with the free trial then upgrade the free trial to any premium plan.

Apart from the low character limit, there is not much difference in the features of the Rytr free plan and premium plans. 

Well, the Rytr free plan does not allow you to create your own custom use cases.

Rytr Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, Rytr does not provide any money-back guarantee on its premium plans.

That is why they provide a lifetime free trial to all users. Those who get satisfied with the free trial only should upgrade to the premium plans.

Well, the Rytr team also believes that refunds may lead to potential misuse and abuse of their service. One can generate lots of content in the refund period and then cancel the plan.

So to overcome this type of misuse they do not provide any money-back guarantee for their premium plans.

Rytr Monthly vs Annual Billing: Which one to prefer?

rytr pricing

Well, it totally depends on you whether you want to go for the monthly billing or yearly billing system.

But you should know that you will get 2 months of free access to Rytr premium if you purchase Rytr premium for a year. This is the only advantage of the annual subscription.

Rytr Unlimited plan comes at $29/mo. So if you purchase this plan on a monthly basis for 12 months then you have to pay 29*12=$348.

The same plan for annual billing comes at $290/year. That is, you can save $58 on the Rytr Unlimited plan for paying annually.

Rytr.me Features: Why Choose Rytr?

There are lots of AI writing assistant tools available in 2023, but why choose Rytr? Here I’ve mentioned a few reasons.

#1. Most affordable in the market

Rytr is one of the cheapest, cost-effective GPT-3 based AI writing assistant tools currently available in the market.

The pricing of Rytr premium plans starts at just $9/mo and the Unlimited plan comes at $29/mo. Apart from that Rytr offers a lifetime free trial for all users. 

#2. Generate content in 30+ languages

Rytr has versatility in writing content in more than 30 languages, this is really a huge number. Also, it supports 20+ writing tones.

Some of the popular languages that Rytr supports are: 

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (S), Chinese (T), Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.

#3. Live chat support for all

No matter whether you are a free trial user or a premium plan user, you will get live chat support from the Rytr team.

They usually reply in a few minutes in the live chat support. From the live chat, you can also directly connect with them through email, messenger, and Twitter.

If you subscribe to the Rytr Unlimited plan you will get a dedicated account manager and priority email support.

#4. Great tools for business owners

Rytr offers some excellent tools for online business owners.

You can use this AI tool to generate a creative, unique, and catchy Brand Name for your business.

With the help of this tool, you can also write a clear and engaging Business Idea Pitch. It also allows for the generation of product descriptions and writing reviews of services.

#5. Built-in plagiarism checker

If you generate content using Rytr then you don’t have to worry about plagiarism. Because Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker with all the premium as well as a free trial.

FAQs on Rytr Pricing and Plans

There are lots of frequently asked questions related to the Rytr pricing and plans. Here I’ve tried to answer a few of them.

How much does Rytr cost?

Currently, Rytr offers two premium plans. The pricing of the Saver plan starts at just $9/mo and the Unlimited plan will cost you $29/mo.

Does Rytr offer any free plan?

Yes, Rytr offers a lifetime free trial for all users. But you can only use 5000 characters per month in the free trial.

Does Rytr accept PayPal payment?

Rytr does not support PayPal at present. They only use Stripe for payment processing.

Can I add team members to my Rytr account?

Yes, Rytr allows you to invite and manage your team members. To do that go to the Team tab in your Account. Enter the email address of your team member and click on Invite.

Does Rytr offer any refund policy?

Rytr does offer a refund policy. Once you subscribe to any premium plan, you can’t get a refund for canceling it.


Rytr is definitely one of the most affordable and easy-to-use AI writing assistant tools in 2023.

If you want to use Rytr for some basic works then you can try the Saver plan at $9/mo and generate up to 50,000 characters. But if you want to create unlimited content using Rytr then you should go for the Unlimited plan where there are no character limits per month.

You can use this exclusive link to grab the latest deals from Rytr.

If you did not yet experience this tool then I will recommend you to first try the free trial and if it is worth it then only invest in a premium plan.

In the free trial, you can generate up to 5000 characters per month.  

I hope this article helped you to know everything about the Rytr pricing and plans for 2023.

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  1. I just found out that ryter,me is being charging me 9 dollars per month, since May 2022, and i have no PLAN, !! i only haver a FREE account, and they have been charging me all this time, now they are not answering the online chat, they sday they will email me ! this sounds like a SCAM!

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