Scalenut Review 2023 – Unique From Other AI Copywriting Tools?

Are you looking for a detailed Scalenut review in 2023? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Scalenut is one of the fastest growing AI content writing software that changes the route of content produced. This tool can help you to get the high-quality content required to meet your business or website profit goals.

This tool is born to help small to large enterprises to generate content for their blogs, social media, websites, e-commerce stores, etc. The user interface of Scalenut is easy and straightforward that can be responsively used on any device.

You can generate high-quality content at every content structure you choose, through its Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology.

The guide to using Scalenut is straightforward and basic, the user simply inputs their requirements and the AI writer creates the significant content as per user instructions.

With its advanced features such as AI Copywriting and SEO Assistant, Scalenut performs a [SaaS] project intelligence solution that helps in boosting and growing content research.

What is Scalenut AI Tool?

scalenut review

If you own a business that needs powerful content that influences your audience, you must have good hand practice in content writing. Suppose you hire a writer for this service, and your business operating costs will increase by about 30%, which seems huge when your business is at its initial stage.

Implementing new technologies into your company is not easy at this stage due to heavy expenditures, but now it is possible to level up your content research strategy yourself without any writer. This tool acts as your content creator assistant that helps to boost the reach of your audience to your website.

It is not just limited to writing, but can perform all your basic to advanced SEO needs with the help of dedicated SEO tools that perform –

  • Lookout for target keywords
  • Understanding Audience Intent
  • Content updates
  • Identifying Competition and Volume

So basically, Scalenut is a Content Platform that is built with a combination of humans and technology, through this it discovered a sweet place in the online content market to provide optimum results, quickly and easily.

Specialties of Scalenut AI Tool

Scalenut is a perfect tool for all digital marketers and bloggers. Why perfect? The reasons are listed below:

1) Internet Marketplace Management

Get interacted with top experts and subject matter professionals to guide you on your projects so that you can achieve your target goals.

This service helps you to understand the competition and your competitor so that you can plan a perfect strategy to beat others through smart solutions.

2) Copywriter powered by AI+ML

scalenut review

Helps to generate unique, high-quality engaging content in multiple content templates with a single click.

The content generated is SEO friendly to rank top on the search engine, helps to provide the solution to user queries and relevant information which are being enquired by 1000+ users, through this technique you provide values to your visitors, and this way your business starts to scale up quickly.

3) SEO Assistance / Management

It is the core part of the digital website and online stores, with the help of Scalenut you can research and create quality articles that rank easily, with the help of SEO insight, you can change the settings based upon your project niche.

You can track and analyze your content results after it starts to grow.

Scalenut AI Working Mechanism

It is an online platform that helps users to create high-quality engaging content through [AI-ML]  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning mechanism that provides topic research and updated content. 

Scalenut uses marketing executives to generate quality content, and it enhances this process by using technological advancements that generate the content and further this is converted to [NLP] natural language processing. 

Its cutting-edge content development hub helps to handle and support the AI-powered content so that it sounds like human-friendly content. Not only this, but it also helps to connect businesses with expert freelance content writers who provide excellent service.

How does Scalenut Generate Optimized Contents?

Scalenut is able to generate high-quality optimized content because of the reasons listed below:

  • The smart AI & Ml technology fetches the required factors of all the ranking parameters, through which the content ranks on search engines.
  • It finds out parameters such as [Keywords, H tags, Content body, Images, FAQs, etc]
  • After initial research, it finds competitors’ top ranking, heavy traffic articles, posts, and social media content online.
  • Insight research is conducted in all the competitors’ posts and articles to find out the particular key points and strategies based on which the topic is viral and ranking on the search engine.
  • When all the steps are completed, here comes the final action in which high-quality content is generated in front of you.

Generate content with Scalenut in 3 easy steps

Here I have shared a step-by-step guide to using the Scalenut AI writing assistant tool and generating content with it.

STEP 1: Select Content type

You can choose over 30+ content templates based on your requirements, business, or service types such as – 

  • Social Media Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Google My Business Descriptions
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Reviews
  • Google News

STEP 2: Describe your Brand and its Description

Input the information about your brand and its niche, you will also need to describe a full overview of your requirements.

Based on your inputs, the AI writer works and gathers information and through its advanced mechanism, it converts the data into valuable information after a few checks.

STEP 3: Edit or change your settings/preferences and Save

You can view, edit or remove the information and settings, and you can filter from the available settings. To save time, this tool provides an option to save your favorites and template settings. To view all your previous projects, you can browse project history anytime you want.

Features of Scalenut AI writing tool

This AI tool offers the best content management tools like- (Website Analysis, Blog Article Analysis, Marketing Research, and SEO). You can go through the in-depth feature description below.

1) AI-powered Content Generation

Copywriting the content requires time and focus on your goals, you are required to explain the simple ideas deeply so that the audience can obtain some value from it.

Scalenut creates valuable content through which your audience increases, plus it also takes care of Google search algorithms to rank your article and make your online business presence more authoritative. 

It also designs the generated content into a readable format so that the user doesn’t face any readability issues. Here natural language processing plays an important role to convert the generated content into a human-readable format and the rest technologies perform their respective tasks such as SEO, Structure, User Guidelines, etc.

2) Generating Fascinating Product Reviews / Descriptions

With the help of a Product Description template, you can generate unbiased in-depth honest reviews of the product in order to get greater conversions. The AI-powered article has all the basic information about the product and its features with genuine reviews. 

This feature is very helpful for those who own an eCommerce store or affiliate website, through the product descriptions template you can get well-structured articles along with your custom settings of SEO and Target Keywords.

You can increase your sales and achieve positive affiliate conversions through Scalenut’s product reviews generator template.

3) Real-time Content Writing Assistance

Scalenut has a real-time content assistant that helps you to write high-quality long-form content to attract maximum audiences and higher conversions.

This feature enables an AI assistant to assist you while you are writing the content itself, the AI generates and notifies quality reports and SEO issues in the article

This tool offers users to create their own custom settings for writing or generating the content, and you can further save your settings for future projects, it helps you to set up your own custom rules and structures in the article.

4) Generate Long Form Contents

Here machine learning plays an important and understanding the type and structure of the content that you are creating.

Scalenut analyzes the pattern and style after certain content generation settings are made by you. By the chance, if any of your employees don’t know your preferences, scalenut automatically applies and corrects the content for you. 

It automatically generates an outline based upon your settings so that the content generations can be faster and easier, it helps a lot in saving time and focusing on the rest of the things.

5) SEO-friendly Contents

Scalenut has also a dedicated SEO assistant that helps to start your growth, refine and research keywords, niches, and other SEO parameters.

Finding and choosing the correct keywords can be a hassle if you are not aware of certain SEO frameworks and ranking algorithms. Scalenut helps to generate SEO responsive content that can be edited to follow any SEO rules which is required or plays a role in getting high traffic to your blogs and websites. 

It also handles off-page SEO factors like backlinks, competitors’ backlink sources, and many other things that contribute to ranking your website on the very first of the search engines.

6) Scalenut Chrome extension

It has a dedicated Chrome extension, you can add to your chrome by visiting the Chrome web store and typing Scalenut on the search bar.

The functions supported in the extension tool are – Rephrase, Command, Writing Assistant, etc. It can come in handy when you are writing your content on your own on other platforms, and automatically adjusting a few settings, you are good to go.

Scalenut SEO Hub

Scalenut is not just a simple AI writing assistant tool. This tool can also be used for search engine optimization. 

Just enter the keyword you want to rank for and select the country, then click on “create SEO doc”. This will provide you all the information that needs to rank a particular keyword.

In my case, I have created an SEO doc for the keyword “Content marketing”. Let me share with you all the information I got from that report.

Competition overview – Scalenut analyzes the top 30 URL ranking on google and shares necessary information like word count, number of headings, number of images, etc, that are present on the top articles.

For each article ranking in the top 30, you can see the SEO report in detail. 

Scalenut will also prepare a general guideline you need to follow to rank for the keyword. In this guideline you will get:

  • The average number of images you should include in your article
  • Suggested word count
  • Number of heading that needs to include

A metric trend for readability level, content grade, word count, images, and heading tags is also available.

Outlines – Here you will find the outlines of the top 30 ranking URLs. You can drag and drop any heading from any of these article outlines and prepare your final outline.

You can sort the outlines according to rank and grade of content from the drop-down menu.

Questions – This section finds all the FAQs from quora, Reddit, Google, and some AI-generated faqs from Scalenut.

Citations – Another important information is citations. All the citation websites that are added in the top 30 articles are listed here. 

You can also see the total occurrence count of each citation website in the top 30 articles. For each citation, the anchor text and citation URL is also available.

Key Terms – Scalenut scans all the top articles using NLP and finds the frequently used terms. 

Adding these terms to your article gives a better chance of ranking in the top positions.

Scalenut Cruise Mode

Scalenut Cruise mode can help you to create a 100% plagiarism-free blog post within 5 minutes. Yes, that’s true, you just need to follow a few steps to create a blog post using the cruise mode.

Cruise Mode is available only in the Growth plan and Pro plan of Scalenut. Here are the 5 steps for creating a blog post using the cruise mode.

Step 1: Blog Context

In this step, you need to enter the overview of the topic. You can enter up to 500 characters. Provide as much as information possible to get the best output.

There is also a field to enter the “Additional Keywords”, here you can insert all the keywords you want your article to rank for.

Step 2: Title

Enter the title of your article. The best thing about Scalenut Cruise mode is it provides you a list of AI-generated titles based on your keywords.

Also, it provides the list of Top ranked titles on that keywords. You can also Rephrase the top-ranking titles.

Step 3: Outline

Now it’s time to generate the outline for your article. Finalize your blog outline by choosing suitable headings and subheadings.

You can add a heading by yourself or you can simply click on generate option. Scalenut also scans the “Top ranking outlines”, you can click on each heading you want to add to your article. You can customize each tag simply by drag and drop.

In this section, you will also get the option to add FAQs to your blog post. FAQs can be scanned from Google, Quora, Reddit, and similar platforms.

Step 4: Writing Points

This section is for adding writing points for each heading of the previous step. Writing points are generated automatically. You can also add points by yourself.

Options to delete and regenerate points are also available. Try to choose the points that best match your headings.

Step 5: Frist Draft

Here you get the draft of your article. You can make necessary changes like regenerating a particular section. Download the draft in a pdf, HTML, or word doc file. The option to export to the editor is also there.

How to create a product description using Scalenut?

Generating a product description will hardly take a few minutes. Firstly, you have to select the Product Descriptions use case from your dashboard.

Enter the brand name and description of your product.

Then click on the generate button. That’s it, Scalenut will create 7-8 versions of the description for your product.

Plans and Pricing of Scalenut

Along with the Scalenut free trial, they provide 3 premium plans according to the needs of the user. The subscription to this tool comes in both monthly plans and annual plans.

The comparison of features of all the plans is given below:

Individual PlanGrowth PlanPro Plan
$29 (monthly) / $144 (yearly)$79 (monthly) / $384 (yearly)$149 (monthly) / $720 (yearly)
Best suitable for Single Creators / ConsultantsBest suitable for Startups and Growing BusinessesBest suitable for large teams / enterprise / agency
Writing AssistanceWrite in Cruise ModeIncluded Growth Plans +
Try 40+ AI Writing templatesGet 30+ Topic Ideas / AssistanceGet Unlimited SEO reports
Get up to 100000 AI-generated wordsGet Unlimited AI-generated wordsSupports more than 1 user
Get up to 5 SEO reports Get up to 30 SEO reportsDedicated Customer Strategy Management Service
24×7 Customer Support ServiceGet information about SERPGet up to 100+ Topic Ideas / Assistance

If you subscribe to any yearly premium plan of Scalenut, you will get an instant 60% discount. This offer is available for a limited time interval.

Few add-ons are available in all the plans:

  • Content Grading / Improvement Suggestions
  • Assistance in writing or creating a format
  • Provides Competitive Research
  • Social Listening
  • Content Briefing
  • Google Chrome Extension

Scalenut Coupon Code

If you are going for the annual billing system then you don’t have to enter any promo code. As there is already a 60% discount available.

Well, if you want to subscribe to Scalenut on monthly basis then you can use the promo code FIRST10 to get an exclusive 10% discount on all the plans.

Scalenut Affiliate Program

Scalenut pays up to 60% recurring commission to its affiliates. It is one of the highest-paying AI tools affiliate programs.

The commission tier of the Scalenut affiliate program are:

  • Starting affiliates will get a 40% recurring commission
  • Affiliates with 50+ referrals will get a 50% recurring commission
  • Affiliates with 100+ referrals will get a 60% recurring commission

Scalenut affiliate program also offers 60 day long cookie life. That is, your affiliate link tracking is valid for up to 60 days.

FAQs on Scalenut Review

Now, let’s have a look at all the frequently asked questions related to the Scalenut review.

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is a new AI writing assistant tool for copywriters and digital marketers, that can generate high-quality content in just a few seconds. It can help you to write a detailed blog post in under 5 minutes.

Does Scalenut offer any free trial?

Scalenut provides a 7-day free trial to all new users. No credit card information is required to access the free trial of Scalenut.

Do they offer any live char support?

Yes, Scalenut offers live chat support to their customer. This chat is powered by Intercom. Free trial users will also get live chat support.

Which is the best premium plan of Scalenut?

Well, the best plan depends on your requirement. But if you are a lightweight user then initially you can go for the Individual plan, else, the Growth plan is the best premium plan of Scalenut.

Is there any live offer on Scalenut pricing?

You will get an instant 60% discount on Scalenut if you go for the annual subscription. This deal is available for a limited time, so act fast and grab the discount.

Pros and Cons of Scalenut

Let’s discuss some good and bad things about this tool –


  • Scalenut helps the business to scale up in very less time, you can initiate the project with a small team, and you will see visible results
  • With the one-time affordable pricing plan, you don’t need to pay per article or content generated
  • It helps to save time on creating engaging content, the AI model constantly updates the algorithm of Scalenut to produce the best human-friendly content all the time
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that creates content in a few seconds with just a single click
  • The generated content is well-optimized based on your audience requirements, and the scalenut always tries to add values to the content so that your business starts to scale up soon


  • The usual disadvantage is that you can’t simply rely on AI to handle your content at every moment, human editing is still advised to do as there can be some errors due to software glitches or update failure
  • Provides basic features as compared with its competitors, however, it has free plans, but there are many differences between paid plans
  • Sometimes unreliable content can be generated due to some latest niche that still does not have a proper place in the market


I hope this Scalenut review is helpful for you. I have covered extensive key features and advantages of using the Scalenut AI writing tool.

If you’re in search of an AI-powered tool that does content writing and relevant essential research which helps to generate great quality content for your audience, then you can try this AI tool and experience the positive success route for your business/service.

If you are a team of two or more, Scalenut offers to join additional team members in its Pro plan. This is very helpful to manage things equally so that your business gets constant growth without any hassle. 

Get a FREE chance to try a 7-Day Trial if you want to try out the features of AI tools, if your paid plan’s period is over, you will automatically shift to the free plan.

Quick Scalenut Review

Scalenut is a new tool in the market but the result it is providing is really impressive. I have personally tested this tool and am totally satisfied with it.

– Atanu Das

AI Copywriting
SEO Report
Pricing & Features


The SEO report feature makes this tool unique from other AI copywriting tools. If you want a perfect combination of a writing assistant tool and an SEO tool then Scalenut is for you.


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