Winston AI vs Originality AI: In-depth Comparison [2024]

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So, both are AI content detector tools that analyze huge quantities of data to determine whether a passage of text in the written content is actually written by a real human content writer or was produced by an AI-powered content writing tool!

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Winston AI vs Originality AI Battle

Well, let’s learn a little bit about both tools shortly before getting into the full detailed comparison between Winston AI & Originality AI.

Winston AIOriginality AI
It offers a free trial with up to 2000 words scanIt offers a free trial with up to 5000 words scan
Comes with email & chat supportOffers support via only email
No credit card is needed to start a free trialCredit card information is required to start a free trial 
Their Essential plan starts at $12 per month if billed annually You have to install the Chrome extension to get a free trial with 50 credits  
It doesn’t have a Chrome extensionWhile it comes with a Chrome extension
Winston AI looks more expensiveOriginality AI is more affordable & cheaper 
Trained on ChatGPT, GPT 3.5, Bard, GPT 3 & GPT 2Only GPT3.5, GPT 4, ChatGPT & QuillBot content detector
It doesn’t offer Google Docs integration & API accessWhile this tool comes with Google Docs integration, and AI API access.
Try Winston AITry Originality AI

1) Winston AI

winston ai vs originality ai

So, Winston AI is one of the premier & top AI-generated content detection tools which is built for publishers & bloggers who hire content writers!

It was launched in February 2023, Winston AI is currently the new AI content detection tool in the market. 

This innovative online AI tool detects AI-generated text and handwritten text with the help of optical character recognition technology.

Apart from this, Winston AI offers a 7-day free trial with a total 2000 word scan and the best thing is that you aren’t required to enter credit card details to start their 7-day free trial!

We approached the Winston AI team, and they said “Their AI-powered software is trained to detect both human content writer-produced and AI-generated content”.

The Winston AI team claims that “ its tool can identify content created by well-known AI writing tools such as ChatGPT, ChatSonic, CopyAI, and JasperAI. Therefore, the company’s co-founder said, “Our aim is to save the integrity of original content while ensuring the genuineness and legitimacy of text-based information”.

2) Originality AI is another most powerful & accurate AI content & plagiarism detector tool for serious content publishers and bloggers.

Well, this is the world’s first & only AI content detection software that takes advantage of GPT 4, OpenAI’s most recent AI language model.

According to my research, the majority of professional bloggers who hire content writers for their sites, use to determine whether the content is written with the help of AI tools or not!

In the current date, they come with GPT 4 and more accurate updates which makes more powerful and increases the accuracy. Now they are claiming that it can do the following things –

  • 83% accuracy on the content created by ChatGPT 
  • 99% accuracy on the content created by GPT-4
  • 95% accuracy on the content created by paraphrasing tools like QuillBot

Why are AI-detection tools important in blogging?

As a professional blogger, I have a lot of blogs and I can’t write content for every blog. That’s why I have to hire content writers but some content writers use AI tools to create content, then AI content detection tools come into the game.

By using an AI content detector tool you can test the loyalty of a content writer if he is creating content with his mind or not. 

If he uses AI-supported content writing tools to produce content for a blog, then he is cheating on you which means he is not valuing your investment. In simple words, these tools help you to find whether the content is written with the help of AI tools or not!

With the help of software, bloggers can identify spots where content writers are struggling and see where they need some guiding help, and you can prevent them from creating content via AI tools like Jasper AI or ChatGPT.

That’s why AI content detection tools have become necessary in blogging, and also in the written content publishing industry to identify which content writer creates content genuinely without the help of AI tools.

Plans & Pricing – Winston AI vs Originality AI

You already know that the right and affordable price can be game-changing for any company because most people buy any AI tool according to its price and see what features they get with that invested money.

Now, I’m going to compare the plans & pricing of both tools. That’s why I read this article till the end!

Originality AI Pricing doesn’t come up with plans & pricing models which are seen in the industry instead they come up with a credit-based model.

The costs $0.01 per 100 words scan which equals 1 credit & this is the only plan offers!

The following features are covered under only one plan –

  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited team members
  • Includes Plagiarism detector 
  • AI content tool detector 
  • It has simple pricing & renewal
  • Comes with AI detection API access 
  • It has a Chrome extension to get the content report

In the tool, you can add unlimited team members and perform an unlimited number of scans of content to know whether the content is written by AI tools if the content was plagiarised or copied, and if the content has a perfect readability score.

Commonly, it offers the following credits buying options:

  • For $20 – it offers 2,000 credits
  • For $50 – it offers 5,000 credits
  • For $100 – it offers 10,000 credits
  • For $250 – it offers 25,000 credits

Winston AI Pricing

Winston AI comes with 3 pricing plans on an annual & monthly basis which are as follows-

  • Free plan – Up to 2000 words scan, email & chat support.
  • Essential plan costs $12/month if billed annually – Up to 80,000 words scan, email & chat support ($18 per month).
  • Custom plan cost based on features- To get this plan, you need to contact their team & they will offer a custom quantity of scans under this plan.

The best thing about Winston AI is that they are offering a free trial with no credit card required policy & on the second side, doesn’t offer a free trial to new users.

Well, Winston AI free trial plan contains the following features,

  • Up to 2000 words scan
  • Chat & Email support
  • Upload documents like PDF or Word
  • Upload photos of documents with their OCR tech.

In simple words, this free plan is for those people who want to try the tool before making an investment in their paid plan which costs $12 per month for 80,000 words scan.  

As compared to OriginalityAI’s pricing & plan, Winston AI plans to look more expensive & unaffordable.

Which one is superior in terms of pricing & plans?

So, Winson AI has one plus point in pricing is that they come up with a free trial plan which offers up to 2000 words scan free, while does not offer any free trial plan!

But here is one thing to pay attention to, WinstonAI’s Essential plan costs $12 per month if billed annually for only up to 80,000 words scan per month which becomes more expensive than pricing!

However, also comes with a free trial but here is the condition first you need to install their free AI detection Chrome extension then you will get 50 credits to test Originality.AI’s detection features.

My research indicates that is a clear winner because at $100 you will get 10,000 credits which means you can scan a total of 10 lac words, while WinstonAI’s Essential plans charged you $144 for a single year and you can scan a total 9,60,000 in a single year!

When compared to Winston AI, the OriginalityAI tool is more affordable and scans more words. Along with Ai content detection, it also has a plagiarism detection tool that tells you whether the content is copied from other websites or not!

Overall, is a clear winner in pricing & click here to get started with right now!

Winner of the Battle: Originality AI vs Winston AI

According to my research and personal experience, is the No.1 tool for AI content detection because it comes with a Google Chrome extension so while writing in Google Docs you can take advantage of this tool.

It shows the readability score, plagiarism percentage, & which part of the content is written by an AI tool, you can also download PDF reports of that content.

While Winston AI does not offer Chrome extension, has expensive pricing as compared to, and it doesn’t offer advanced plagiarism detectors.

Because of these three reasons, has an edge over other AI content detector tools, while it also comes with a free trial which gives up to 5000 words scan free but you have to install their Chrome extension! 

After trying out this amazing tool, you can buy credits and use it as a paid AI content detector.

So, why are you waiting for?

Click here to get started with! 

In this Winston AI vs Originality AI battle, is a clear winner and first choice AI content detector tool which offers a lot more attractive features at an affordable price than WistonAI.

Well, is an excellent, reasonably-priced tool! Whether you’re a blogger, content publisher, digital marketer, or web developer, then is a worthwhile investment!

FAQs on Winston AI vs Originality AI

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions around the Winston AI vs Originality AI battle, and read the questions carefully and get your issues resolved:

What is an AI content detector?

In simple terms, You can evaluate a content writer’s loyalty by using an AI content detector tool to see if he is writing content with his own mind or AI writing tools.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, click here to get started with an free trial! You will get a free trial but you have to install their free Chrome extension then you get 50 credits to test

What is the pricing of Winston AI?

It offers a free trial and you can scan up to 2000 words for free! Then, you have to buy their Essential plan which costs $12 per month if billed annually and you can scan up to 80,000 words.

What languages does support?

Their AI detection tool has only been trained and tested on English language text as of now. But their plagiarism detector works with multiple languages!

Does Google recognize AI generated content?

Yes, Google improved a lot about its compatibility of detecting AI-generated content now! It uses a range of methods, such as the NLP algorithm to identify AI-produced content which analyses the text for pattern and grammar which generally looks AI-generated.

Google said, ““Using automation-including AI-to generate content with the primary purpose of manipulating ranking in search results is a violation of our spam policies.”

What is the difference between AI content & Plagiarism?

Here, Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s content or works without properly giving them credit. You can plagiarise anyone’s text, image, and media!

Well, Detecting a piece of content generated by AI tools such as Jasper AI or ChatGPT is called AI detection.

What is the accuracy of the tool?

Well, AI detection is different for every model from GPT-Neo to GPT-4, and the following are percentage data about the accuracy of

  • 83% accuracy on the content created by ChatGPT 
  • 99% accuracy on the content created by GPT-4
  • 95% accuracy on the content created by paraphrasing tools like QuillBot
Who can use Originality AI and Winston AI tools?

Anyone who wants to detect AI-generated & plagiarised content can use both of these tools but in my opinion, is the best tool at an affordable price than others in the market!

So, bloggers, content creators, digital marketers, and teachers, can use an AI content detector tool for various purposes.

Which one tool is better in Winston AI vs Originality AI battle?

According to research, is the best tool because it has affordable pricing, Chrome extension, and Google Docs integration, and It can detect the content of the QuillBot AI-powered paraphrasing tool.

What type of content detect?

Basically, it can detect content created by ChatGPT, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Bard, and QuillBot!


Overall, both tools are good but has more edge in this Winston AI vs Originality AI battle!

Note that WinstonAI comes with a free trial where you don’t require a credit card to get started with it, while’s free trial needs their Chrome extension installed and also requires credit card info to get started with their free trial!

However, always won with its cheap pricing, trustworthy accuracy, AI content detection capabilities, best plagiarism detection feature, and impressive interface.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to get started with right now & get a discount on the first bill!

If you have any further queries regarding Winston AI vs Originality AI battle, kindly ask them in the comment box below, and we will reply to you back.

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